Monday, July 11, 2005

photographsky - home

i think that photography is a very spontaneous kinda thing. as and when i see beautiful, scenic, unusal, or interesting scenes, i am compelled to take out my camera and start shooting. i wish i had my camera with me more are some photos that i took when i was at home (farrer court):

for some reason, i liken this picture to the movie "independence day". i guess that the backdrop seems so similar to the one in the movie...the sky was just brilliant.

farrer court home Posted by Picasa

this picture was taken on another day at the same spot. i love getting home before the sun sets.

farrer court home 2 Posted by Picasa

another angle from the view in my room...bukit timah hill and it's serenity.

farrer court home 3 Posted by Picasa

as a kid, i used to think that photography was for wussies...but as you grow older and more mature, you realise that time is flying by way too fast, and the only way to make it stop, is to capture it in a photo. =)

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mykrobe said...

hi i just dropped by and i like ur photos and the scenery.. esp the first one. Agree with your comment that time is flying too fast and taking a photo is a good way of preserving that moment in time. Still, the problem is having the camera at the RIGHT time. Cheers.