Monday, January 08, 2007

photographsky - roadtrip california (shasta dam)

greetings from california! =)

as mentioned in my previous post, we rented a car back in san francisco...a 2007 ford taurus...

it's the first 3.0L car i've ever driven...but power is nothing without's really shaky when i'm driving at high speeds, and the brakes are pretty darn unresponsive. oh least we have our own transportation.

next up on our trip was shasta dam. as the name suggests, it's a dam on shasta lake that's probably best described by wikipedia:

"Shasta Dam is a curved gravity concrete dam on the Sacramento River above Redding, California built between 1938 and 1945. Like another curved gravity dam (Hoover Dam), is was a continuous pour concrete project, and in its day, ranked as one of the great civil engineering feats of the world. The dam is 602 ft (183 m) high and 3,460 ft (1,055 m) long, with a base width or thickness of 543 ft (165.5 m). The reservoir created behind Shasta Dam is known as Shasta Lake and is a popular recreational boating area."

it's damn windy up there. serious. i nearly got blown over...but luckily for you (and me), i braved the gusts of gale to take these pictures. serious.

very scenic...just like the rest of the road along the way...

with the sunset, another day went by...

and another day to come...cheers. =)

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furfur_angel said...

FWAH! very nice can! I'm sure u didn't want to come back!