Friday, January 25, 2008

what would you choose?

there's this application on facebook that asked me the following:

and i had a lot of difficulty answering this question...cuz so many things are important to me in life...

but in the end, i chose the selection on the top right corner.

i'm not saying that it's wrong to choose otherwise, but i felt that all the other things were material...which can be bought by everyone and anyone else at the right price...

but love and loyalty cannot be purchased...that's why it would be my most prized possesion...

cheers. =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

impossible is nothing

i've been feeling a bit down as of late...partly cuz of work...partly cuz of the lack of sex...but mostly cuz this body of mine has been weighing me down. haha.

so i went and did some girly retail therapy shit with jay and jo sportslink. introducing the instrument that will keep me from being down...and being weighed down...

adidas adizero breeze wide

i have no idea what adiprene and adizero mean...but jo, being the sucker for, i mean, being the expert on marketing terms, insisted that they were good...and that it was worth the extra $20 on top of the normal, plain adidas shoes. the sportslink salesman agreed emphatically.

(having said that...i'm very disappointed with the nike designs...with or without their marketing ploys. they're just plain awful!!! nike just doesn't do it for me anymore. sigh. sad.)

anyway...i tried out the adidas adizero / adiprene stuff today after see if it's my route.

4.88km in about 30mins...not too bad for the first run of the year...

oh btw, speaking of firsts, did i mention that i'm training for my first ever marathon this year? =)

before you say anything...for your information, my new slogan for this year is "impossible is nothing".

cheers. =)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

breakfast craving

i've been having this craving every morning for the longest time...

but my inability to wake up early enough on weekdays meant that i could not satisfy this craving before i go to the office...(which also means that i normally miss the most important meal of the day..bad).

so, i made it a point to wake up before 12pm today...and i went downstairs to queen's hawker centre to buy some stuff...

introducing my breakfast craving...

you tiao (油条)

and his sidekick...

soya bean juice, dou jiang (豆浆), or dou nai (豆奶)

they work well together...hehe.

i remember the days back in taiwan, when we would wake up to the wonderful aromas of breakfast in the kitchen...we'd not only have you tiao and dou jiang, but also dan bing (蛋饼), luo bo gao (萝卜糕) and other taiwanese delicacies from time to time.

but my favourite was the simple you tiao / dou jiang combination...add a newspapaer, and you get the perfect saturday morning breakfast. =)

cheers. =)

Monday, January 14, 2008

another one bites the dust

it was a sad sad day.

not only was it a monday...but it was also one when i realised that it was the end of yet another failed relationship...

we got together on the 11th of november, 2006. i had been checking her out for months before that already. and initially, she gave me much hope and optimism with her smooth looks and tanned body. she rang me every day in fact...and even had a good eye for photography at times...

but gradually, the faults and cracks started appearing, although i was to blame mostly...cuz i simply wasn't there to catch her when she fell. and...i'm ashamed to admit...i abused her when i felt the strain of the bullshit at work.

so for all it was worth, and for all the times that i left you sitting at the table alone...for all the times that i shouted at you...and for every single heart-wrenching time that i threw you down in despair...this is the the biggest honour that i could ever give to you and our relationship...

i...i will let you appear on my blog.


it was fun for the past 14 months and 3 days...but i just can't stand your stubborness anymore. you automatically answer my calls without consulting me...and then you hang up when they're important people...basically, your buttons just don't work for me anymore.

but if it makes you feel any better, the bitch that my housemate, tim, introduced me to (cuz he had a spare one lying around) ain't much better...although she's slim, she really sucks.

motorola razr v3

(call it a rebound or what you like, but at least she's serves my needs.)

i still do think of you once in a while...after all, it HAS only been 8 hours since we parted...but your younger sister seems to be a better choice for for the future at least...


and oh, by the way, i might have to trade you in for her though...but you don't mind right? i'm sure that your makers will be more than happy that i've stayed so loyal to the family...unlike those norwegian makers that continue to disappoint me time and again with their offspring.

but i've always preferred asian anyway...pan-asian at least.

haha...cheers. =)

(note: no offense to any potentially over-sensitive people or non-electronic ex-girlfriends out there reading this)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

k800i pictures and short stories

it's been a while since i've posted some here're some random pictures...along with some random stories...

1. i bought 20 new tetras for my fish tank about 3 weeks ago. last night, that number dwindled down to a measely 6 for no apparent carcasses, no nothing.

so last night, i did a little detective work...and i had the misfortune of witnessing the most unexpected behaviour from chua en lai (my pleco, aka sucker fish...go figure).

anyway, i saw him sucking one of the tetras right into his mouth while it was still sleeping! i bluff you not! i think i have a monster on my hands...

the culprit

chua en lai is getting too big for my tank...and plus, i don't think he's getting along with his tankmates very well...they're quite petrified actually...all 6 inches of him. i might have to sentence him to the botanic gardens' swan lake if he keeps this up. i'll give him another 6 chances at most to prove himself herbivorous.

2. i discovered a function on my camera phone that i hadn't used before...this effect called "negative".

having snapple at the wheelock coffee bean...

for some strange reason, the ballerina thingy that they placed outside of wheelock place during the christmas period was very popular...

3. on christmas eve, jason, wayne, joseph and i went back to nus to see see look look. this used to be my playground...

i could almost see the outline of my sweat on the ground from 5-10 years ago...those that probably would have been better placed in the library studying...haha.

4. i saw this delorean dmc-12 at my mechanic's shop a few months ago...and if you're wondering why it looks so familiar, that's cuz it's the same car in the movie "back to the future", starring michael j. fox *cringe* as marty mcfly.

don't we all wish we had a time machine at some point in our lives?

anyway, this is a pretty rare car...there're only like 6,500 of them left according to, the fact that my mechanic can fix it gives me a feeling that the skymobile is in good hands. haha.

alrighty...that's all for now...have yourselves a good day / night...excuse me while i go keep an eye on chua en lai.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

tuesdays with morton's

tuesdays have always been kinda tough and stressful for me.

tuesday is the day after monday, which traditionally is the most favourite day of the week for people like me to take mc...($5 to the first person who correctly guesses the excuse i came up with at the doctor's office yesterday...)

and tuesday has also been labelled as "pms day" in my office...due to the uncanny coincidence of this being the specific day of the week when my boss chooses to unleash her fury on us at our sales meeting.

so, on this first tuesday of the new year...(technically new year's day doesn't count cuz it's a public holiday)...a couple of old raffles hall buddies and i decided to unwind at morton's (oriental hotel) for some happy hour fun. =)

and let me tell you appletini ($10.95++) and a little portion (9 each for me and jason to be exact) of filet mignon steak sandwiches (free of charge!), can ease so much tension...

but then again, at the end of the day, it's always the company that's important...i mean, we could have been in freaking sengkang st. 74 having a cup of bitter gourd juice at the wet market for all we cared...ok, for all i cared at least. haha.

anyway, my point is probably best reflected in this quote from the book "tuesdays with morrie":

"we've had thirty-five years of friendship. you don't need speech or hearing to feel that."

so to nelle, jean, and jason who were at morton's today, and also to all my other great friends out there...i feel you. (aiyah, i know you know what i mean lah. haha.)

cheers. =)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

new year, first flame

happy new year everyone!

"should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days o’ lang syne..."

with this in mind, i logged onto facebook and messaged my very first girlfriend on new year's eve to wish her happy birthday. well, actually, in truth, i logged onto facebook on the 2nd of january to wish her a happy belated birthday...

background: my first real girlfriend happened when i was in jc. she was my everything: i skipped school to spend time with her, i took mc from school to be with her, i was basically hooked on this thing called "puppy love".

and to show you how really crazy i was...there was this time when i found an envelope left behind in a cab that i took...inside there was a $1,000 note. this "discovery" to a teenager like me back then, was the equivalent of striking toto...(and no, i didn't tell the cab driver that i found the envelope...are you crazy?)

so what did i do with the money you might ask? i bought two silver platinum rings, each costing $490, and engraved both me and my ex-gf's names on the insides. apparently, this would be a sign of my undying love for her, in my prepubescent mind at least...

and then after that, i think i bought us a nice romantic dinner at macdonald's with the spare change. haha.

there were a lot of memories from that era. mostly too personal to share on this platform, but just know that i was a puppy-lover once. haha.

so anyway, we decided to meet today to catch up...and obviously, we've gone our separate ways for quite some time already...she's gotten married, stayed in hong kong for the past 2.5 years, etc when she told me that she had a belated birthday / christmas present for me, i was a bit shocked.

but then when i got it, i was completely flabbergasted...

this was the very first medal of any sort that i have ever was from a 3-on-3 basketball tournament way back in 1996 while i was still in njc.

i had completely forgotten that i gave it to her...

i was just speechless when she handed it back to's been more than a decade...i can't believe that she kept it for so long...

it's one of the best gifts i've received in a long time...and well, quite frankly, it's quite hard to beat lah. haha. but please don't let that stop you from trying hor! haha.

what a great start to the new year...i hope there's more to come. =)

cheers. =)