Sunday, July 30, 2006

mindless indulgence

after a long and tedious afternoon of cleaning up my parent's place (cuz my dad is coming back from the states tomorrow night), i decided to partake in my twice yearly ritual of mindless indulgence:

spoils of shopping

the main objective was to buy a new pair of shoes cuz my old ones were getting a bit worn out, so we started off at zara (liat towers) to check out the sale items...but since i recently tore a pair of jeans that i bought only a few months ago...don't ask me how...i came away from the spanish clothing line with only this:

moby-street-wear (front)

moby-street-wear (back)

i liked the logo. hehe. =)

moby-street-wear (logo)

moby-street-wear damage: S$59.90

i heard from jaime's husband, rothman, about this place in pacific plaza that sells pretty decent looking i checked it out, and ended up with more than i wanted...although i did manage to get a reasonable discount for buying 2 instead of 1 (20% off each, instead of 10% each).


yeah lah, yeah lah...i know that they're the same design, but i like! you can see the difference better with flash...really!

moby-peds (with flash)

moby-peds damage: S$135.20 each = S$270.40 spent at malebox (pacific plaza)

for good measure, i dropped by topshop @ wisma atria to check out some work clothes...and since office pants are not much different everywhere around, this is that:


moby-office-wear damage: S$56.00

total damage: S$386.30 sigh.

i bought so much that i was even forced to ask pei hwan to help me take some of the stuff...hehe. other guys have to hold all those girly handbags for their chics, while i get help with my that, suckers! muahaha!

i'm happy...hehe. cheers. =)

Thursday, July 27, 2006


i hate waiting.

my supplier made me wait for 2 hours at a meeting with my client before finally not bothering to come at all.

my customer made me wait for 45 minutes in a stuffy room to do a presentation before coming over to tell me that my product wasn't what they actually wanted.

my colleague made me wait for 30 minutes to eat lunch...which was eventually cancelled cuz of her tardiness.

what the hell man...3 hours and 15 minutes of my day was wasted waiting for people and things to happen. i hate this. i need to be in motion...i need speed...i want to rule the world!!! muahahaha!!!

sigh. i think i'm going crazy. stressed out. speaking of stress, in this week alone, 3 people from my office have picked up smoking. scary. =|

i can't wait to leave. haha. cheers. =)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

aromatic dinner

whichever family that is staying directly above me on the 24th or 25th floors of my block is damn freaking lucky...the smells that come from their kitchen at mealtimes are so tantilizingly aromatic that i am always getting the urge to find out the origin of the scent, in the hopes of getting a warm, hot home-cooked meal.

the craving for freshly cooked food is so powerful, and yet so unattainable, that i am now going to rush down to ntuc and buy some squid and prawns to make my own spaghetti marinara dinner for tonight.

but i doubt if i can replicate the sensational and alluring scent from what must be the best tasting cuisine ever...

damn it. knn, i bet that they're all fat...that's my only respite. muahahaha. >=)

cheers. =)

word of the day

escapism (es·cap·ism)

1. the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.

2. an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy

let me out. sigh.

Monday, July 24, 2006

videographsky - ballet under the stars

i had an eventful saturday night...

how about you? cheers. =)

Saturday, July 22, 2006


i let my baby go out just around 11pm...she wanted to check out the nightlife scene...this was mainly cuz i've been keeping her in this whole week...she says she felt "stuffy"...whatever.

it's now 2.32am and she still hasn't returned any of my calls...i've watched a total of:

1 x 2.5 hour long vcd from my parents' oldies collection
0.5 x episodes of national geographic
0.5 x episodes of the discovery channel

and she's still out there gallivanting with god-knows-what...

most of the time, she'll respond and come home almost immediately, but sometimes i can get so frustrated with her...and it's no use looking for her cuz there are too many places to look...argh.

come home soon gingin!

don't worry baby...pei hwan and i won't punish you with a long-deserved bath tomorrow...we promise. really!

*update @ 2.48am: baby gingin comes back home after a simple "meow meow" call from pei hwan...sheesh...but good thing she's safe and sound now...cheers. =)*

Thursday, July 20, 2006

tomorrow tomorrow

continuation of the series to "where the hell is matt"...

brilliant man...this guy has been everywhere...

it kinda makes me think about my life in general...why am i working so hard? to earn more money which evaporates with each vapour of alcohol and each whisp of smoke? or should i be realigning my goals and objectives in life instead...

maybe i really have been stuck in singapore for far too long...more than half my life already...and with each passing day, with each "hmm...what's there to do today?", another 24 hours bites the dust.

don't know why i'm in such a contemplative mood...maybe it's cuz i've cut down on my tigers...haha. but chin up sky, tomorrow is always only one day away. cheers. =)

Monday, July 17, 2006


two colleagues just resigned the same time some more.

i'm kinda sad...but also kinda happy for least they had the strength and courage to uproot and leave...i seem to be far too embedded in my work to be helped...sigh...time does make breaking away harder...

it's almost kinda like being in a relationship...but let's not go into that lah hor? a lot of mending hearts and egos around...

one friend said that it should be a joyous time for the two of them...and that they should rejoice and bathe in the shock-of-resignation-afterglow from their boss...but they seem to be more stressed out from the proceedings than anything...what with handing over accounts and blah blah blah...

but frankly ah, if you ask me...i wouldn't really give a damn. if you treat me like shit...then don't expect anything good when i'm finished. full stop.

"finito. good luck with the rest of the crap that you laid on me...goodbye!"

all the best, girls. cheers. =)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


there're so many different places that i wanna go...things to see, food to eat, cultures to experience...

i'm so glad that pei hwan is an experienced traveller. she was actually abroad for 2 years backpacking in south east asia...seeing the sights, tasting the cuisines, and mixing with the was a pretty arduous task convincing her (when i was wooing her at least) that i'm a well travelled individual myself, given her credentials, but maybe for once, the predator becomes the prey...hahaha.

i digress...

i went to the singapore science centre the other day, with the intention of watching an imax movie at the omni-theatre...but since they didn't have anything good on, we (pei hwan and i) ended up in the science centre gift shop...which had an impressive range of telescopes on sale. there were some really huge suckers going for a few hundred dollars only (of which i didn't have the strength to fork out for)...but anyway, there were a lot of pictures in the shop of mother earth taken from outer space...that made me think yet again of how big our planet is...and how much of it i still haven't seen...

check out this video i saw from billy's's inspiring.

i can't wait to begin my journey(s)...

cheers. =)

Saturday, July 15, 2006


moby swings into car park at club street.

car park auntie 1 (cpa1): let's get him good.
car park auntie 2 (cpa2): yeah!

moby finds a shaded area to park.

cpa1: wait...wait...he's reversing...steady...steady...
cpa2: yeah!

moby finally parks car.

cpa1: don't show yourself just yet my dear...
cpa2: yeah!

moby puts $2 parking coupons which lasts for one hour.

cpa1: damn it.
cpa2: damn it.

moby leaves for appointment.

cpa1: no worries, we just hang around till the idiot's coupon expires...
cpa2: yeah!

*57 minutes later*

moby comes back to the car park to replenish parking coupon.

cpa1: shit. this guy is good.
cpa2: yeah!

moby puts an additional $1 parking coupon for another 30 minutes parking.

cpa1: so it's a test of endurance now huh?
cpa2: yeah!
cpa1: shut up. we'll outlast him if it's the last thing we do on our underpaid but overworked shift!
cpa2: yeah!

moby gets delayed for 30 minutes at customer's office cuz of unnecessary nonsense from crazy customer.

cpa2: shall we move in now? shall we move in now??
cpa1: no, my dear grasshopper...we's much too early. are you drunk by the way?

moby's customer continues his charade of complaints.

cpa2: now? now?
cpa1: ok, ok...i know this is your first time, so i'll let you issue the ticket even though it's just 21 minutes late...
cpa2: wow! yeah!

moby comes back to:


sigh. =|

Thursday, July 13, 2006


women are such a difficult species to understand:

1. they want attention
2. they want freedom
3. they want to be pampered
4. they want challenges
5. they want independence
6. they can't drive
7. they want you to act the way they want you to act
8. they want you to look the way they want you to look
9. they want your room to look the way they want it to look
10. you cannot change, god forbid

got more to add? haha.


cheers. =)

Monday, July 10, 2006

no regrets

we all have had instances in our lives when we would wish for a time machine...a contraption which could take us back a few years, a few months, a few days, or even just a few minutes in the undo / redo / erase something that went wrong. i know i would have begged, borrowed and / or killed for such a machine more than a few times in my life...

but on retrospect, i feel that if those things didn't happen to me, if i didn't make those mistakes and learned from them, and if i had made every single decision correctly, i wouldn't be the person that i am today...what doesn't kill you, blah blah's true.

it's tough accepting defeat, and it's always painful especially with matters of the heart. a male's ego is very fragile, and can be burst with the slightest touch. the important thing is knowing how to get up, dust off the anguish, and start learning the life lessons...and to keep learning...

no regrets. you can do it.

cheers. =)


another world cup ends...
another captain retires in tears...
another four more years till south africa 2010...

but don't fret all you fellow liverpool fans...
30 more days until the champions league qualifier (8/9 aug)...
34 more days until the community shield opener against chelsea (13 aug)...
40 more days until the opening premier league match against sheffield united (19 aug)...

and the countdown begins...

go reds!

cheers. =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

birthday poem

on fields of green, lay our sleeping heads,
grasshoppers roam, through our nestled beds.
has our childhood passed so fast,
has the distance between us become so vast?

i look out to find one day,
you and me, san francisco bay.
discovering again the youth we once had,
when things were simple...both good and bad.

it is with these hopes i have so high,
on this day, on the sixth of july.
may you have happiness, and may you glow,
happy birthday, my dear brother tien yeo.

- moby sky

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

videographsky - lunch with blinkymummy

i took the day off today cuz of the world cup semi-finals last guess who i met for lunch today?

it's easy to be happy and to have fun when you're out with the right people... =)

cheers. =)

(p.s. - go france...preferrably win by 1-0...hehe)

hk escape

i'm looking for a cheap way to get to hong kong...preferably in early or mid august cuz my brother won't be there for that much longer...anyone got good lobangs to share? (btw, please don't bother to reply if you are going to suggest travel means other than by airplane hor)

i've never gone to hong kong's been a place that i've always wanted to visit for some time now...what with the new disneyland, the better service, the excitable yet stressful uncles on buses and all...what's there not to see?!!

i believe that touring other countries and places can only widen my horizon by exposing myself to new cultures and people. without these insights, i think that i'd get more and more engrossed in the mundane routine that has ruled my life for the past 4 years of slavery (aka working life in singapore).

obviously, merely touring a place will not enable me to fully understand would probably just be a form of escapism...but it will at least give me a another glimpse of the world outside of singapore...

having said that though...hong kong was also a british colony in asia not too long ago...which leads me to wonder whether their people also claim seats in hawker centres with packets of tissue paper...i can't wait to find out...haha.

cheers. =)

Monday, July 03, 2006


alarm sounds.
press snooze.

alarm resounds.
press snooze (x 3)

wake up with heavy heart.
raining outside.
sleep again for 5 mins (x 2)

eyes suddenly open with panic.
whole body aches from yesterday's football.
25 minutes late already.
michael learns to rock plays on mp3.

brush teeth.
wash face.
put on contacts.
shave stubble.
"bad day" by daniel powter plays on mp3.

customer calls at 8:30am.
answer call with raspy voice.
customer threatens something-or-other.
"with or without you" by u2 plays on mp3.

goes to office.
checks mail (x 36)
customer calls (x 214)
placate customer (x 314)
customer calls again to complain (x 56)
apologises again (x 67)
"crazy" by gnarls barkley plays in head.

appointment (x 5)
suck up to customer (x 5)
flirt with male cusotmer (x 4)
flirt with female customer (x 0)
"creep" by radiohead plays in colleauge's car.

report successful day to boss.
leave office.
drink beer with colleague (x 3)
bitch about bitch colleagues (x 11)
"give me novacaine" by greenday...

wait for pei hwan to come.
=) (x ∞)
"you and i both" by jason mraz... =)

monday life goes on...

cheers. =)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

char kway teow & england

i went to the famous "hai kee teochew cha kway teow" stall at the margaret drive hawker centre last night. after waiting in the tremendously long queue for 45 minutes before getting my $2.50 plate of noodles and cockles, i discovered the meaning of much-hyped and over-rated. kinda like england and brazil in this world cup...all the fanfare, but not much substance. =|'s an all-european contest who's your bet on? i'm thinking germany vs. france...but then again, now that my favourite team (holland) is out of the competition already, i don't really care who long as it's not england...but that was settled last night, thanks to wayne rooney's cock up. haha.

cock up

red rooney

but i do feel bad for beckham though...

becks off

injured, substituted, a forlorn figure...he softly cried by himself on the's quite lonely when you're at the top huh...

even his beautiful wife cried...

posh tears

though i wonder if the tears are for her husband, her country, or the end of her already-prolonged shopping trip...haha.

oh can always come to singapore and try the hai kee teochew char kway'll definitely like the cockles.

cheers. =)

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