Thursday, May 31, 2007

new liverpool away jersey

slurp. i want.

my birthday is in november...hint hint should be cheaper by then...hint hint guys.

and no thai replicas please...though the effort will be noted, the actual happiness of receiving the present will not.

thank you for your kind attention. hehe. cheers. =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

virgin sale

i just closed my first deal for the new company today!!!

i'm gonna buy 7450 (the amount) and 9901 (the booking number) tomorrow...hehe. =)

gonna go celebrate at wala's now. cheers. =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


*during a smoke break today at the office*

colleague i don't know (cidk): hey, there's a spider on you.
other team sales manager (otsm): ahhhhh! get it off, get it off! ahhhhh!

*cidk brushes the eight footed monster off her shoulder.*

otsm: i hate insects...
moby: technically, a spider's not really an's an arachnid. btw, it's still on you...

*moby flicks the arachnid away from her arm...and right onto her crotch region (where the zipper is...she was wearing pants)*

otsm: ahhhhh!!!! get it off, get it off!!! ahhhhh!
moby: err...
cidk: err...
*the two non-managerial staff look at each other and laugh in unison*

cidk: sorry boss, but you're on your own. haha.
moby: haha. yeah...can't help you THERE.

otsm: ahhhhh! ahhhhh! ahhhhh! just do it! i give you permission!
moby & cidk: hahaha. sorry.

*otsm finally uses her ricola box to brush the beast away...and glares at moby and cidk*

otsm: hmph.
moby: hey...sensitive lah...hahaha. no hard feelings ok? hahaha.
cidk: eh, i could have lost my job for all i know loh. haha. got cameras around here leh. hahaha.
otsm: i gave you all permission what.
moby: haha. a picture paints a thousand words.
cidk: hahahaha.
otsm: ...

she kinda gives the term "fuck spider" new meaning hor. haha...a moment of laughter on an otherwise rainy day. =)

Monday, May 28, 2007


this is her.

she sure made my sundae...i mean sunday. hehe. cheers. =)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the simple life

an oasis of shade in the bright sun of life...and someone to share it with...


fix me.

(tell me i'll be fine)

Friday, May 25, 2007

would you?

after listening to the scissor sisters, a thought came to my head...

would you still be my friend (or read my blog) if i turned gay?

hahahha...just wondering. sigh, the things you think about when you're bored...i really think i'm going crazy...


i've decided to just sit at home and listen to songs...

"if i lay here...if i just lay here...would lie with me and just forget the world?

forget what we're told, before we get too old, show me a garden that's bursting into life..."

- snow patrol

"don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’, even if i find nothin' better to do...

don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’, why’d you break it down when i’m not in the mood?

don’t feel like dancin’, dancin’, i'd rather be home with the one in the bed till dawn, with you..."

- scissor sisters

wow, i could have a party in my very own room!


it's a friday night...and i'm at home. save me. please???

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

champion's league finals

"remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time." - 300

go reds! you'll never walk alone...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

10 crazy reasons

going crazy is when you:

1. stayed back in the office until 1015pm last night to compute the numbers of this and that.

2. MUST align every damn word / picture to the one above it for this and that.

3. MUST have the same type of bullet points in your powerpoint presentation for this and that.

4. MUST sign the quotation ABOVE the line so you don't appear rash for this and that. (ironic huh?)

5. wake up in the middle of the night talking to your boss about this and that in your dreams.

6. wake up without knowing you woke up. go figure.

7. go to work and actually agree with the bald ang moh colleague that he's handsome. wtf.

8. go to work and realise that you didn't have to stay back so late the previous night after all for this and that.

9. come home and find your aquarium dark and empty.

10. realise that the aquarium lights were off cuz you forgot to turn them on this morning...and it was empty cuz you couldn't see the fish inside.

and no, i'm not drunk...i'm as sober as a fish outta water.

Monday, May 21, 2007

grumbly skymobile

the skymobile's been kinda grumbly as of late. i haven't been testing her limits recently...i've been trying to stay within the 2500rpm line cuz the petrol prices have gone up.

but while we haven't been zipping around all that much, we've been going further than usual on a full tank...a full 500km in fact (ok lah, i lose to all you toyota corollas out there, but i still love my skymobile)...and i've been enjoying the scenery a lot more these days too. hehe.

i guess speed isn't all it's propped up to be...technique is important too, huh? but don't you dare cut into my lane and try anything funny...i'm fierce but the skymobile will tear you up in an instant...ask the taxi driver just now. be forewarned. roar!!!

haha. cheers. =)

ewok sky

a new addition to my friendsky links...introducing my brother (by blood btw): ewok sky.'s actually just "ewok"...but he's also a member of the sky clan lah. hehe. cheers. =)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

a day with tim

my housemate tim got a break from his girlfriend yesterday cuz she had some family dinner thingy to he decided to spend some quality time with me in her absence.

after he woke me up from my slumber, we went to holland for some laksa, before heading out to autobacs in bukit batok to check out some car stuff. supposedly, it's one of the largest places in singapore that sells car accessories, audio equipment, etc etc.

tim just got a new subaru colour...damn ah beng...his bonnet kena bird shit the other day, and since he was too lazy to wipe it off, he was looking for some wax to polish off the stain left by the acidic avian shit. loser. haha.

i, on the other hand, wanted to get new speakers for the skymobile, but they're rather expensive at instead, i think i might sign up for the window tinting service...$388 for the gold package...should be ok right?

anyway, after an uneventful few hours passed at the shop, we went for coffee, got a haircut together at shunji matsuo, and rather stupidly, decided to go party. one of our other friends is a member at st. james, so we decided to join him there. we drank. a lot. and we danced. or tried to.

i don't think i'm going back to that place anytime soon. i'm getting too old for that stuff bones...oh my bones...

i just woke up not too long ago...i was going to ask my dad to go fishing today...oh week perhaps. i'm gonna go downstairs to get some isotonic drink to nurse this freaking hangover...before heading out to timber to celebrate emril's birthday later tonight. what a life. sigh.

it's been a while since i last spent an ENTIRE day with someone...male no less. so it was nice. but thankfully mandy's free i was able to sleep in. haha. cheers. =)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


it was so sweet that i didn't want to wake up...i was on the verge of...
and then stupid tim had to call and ask me to go for lunch at 11:30 in the morning. wtf...30 minutes makes a lot of difference leh...hehe.


i have been so stressed as of late...

non-stop work in the office...non-stop nonsense to spew out...

good thing i have my secondary school buddies to put me back in the right perspective at wala's. thanks for everything...i can't wait to get back on track...nothing that a few kilkennys and mutual friends can't fix...

cheers. =)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

friendly advice

do NOT consume hainanese curry rice and coffee within one hour of each other...
or you will end up making squishy noises in your office toilet...much to the disgust of your new colleagues.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one day at a time...

life can be so unfair sometimes...

this guy was my brother's classmate in acs. my sympathies to his family and friends.

live your life one day at a time...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

gone fishing

yesterday: sunny skies, good weather...what better day to go fishing at bedok jetty...

i brought along my crab net just in case there were monsters out there waiting to be caught. but the monster i was expecting turned out in another form for my first catch of the day:

i suspect it's a sea cucumber of some sort...but it looked poisonous, so i didn't even wait very long to find out. but it did attract a small crowd to my humble net. hehe. fisherman pride! *thumps chest*

anyway, as the day wore on (we started at 2pm), NOTHING was getting hooked to anything...for anyone. but the view was nice...the singapore flyer (that's the huge ferris wheel smack in the middle of marina in case you haven't noticed) has become a part of the skyline fast...

speaking of fast, it soon became high tide when 7pm rolled by...and with it, came a flurry of tamban fish. pretty soon, we had a whole bucketful of baitfish, waiting to be hooked and tossed out to sea in hopes of getting bigger fish.

alas, much as i wanted to make the fisherman's boast of catching a monster TTTTHHHHHIIIISSSS big, my integrity prevents me from it.

but in the end, we did end up with a pretty sizeable catch of 11 takehomeable fish...which were roughly around the size of my forearm (minus the part from my wrist to my elbow) that ain't too bad. it was such a sizeable catch that my friends even let me take it all home. thanks damian and gavin...i know you all claim not to eat fish, but come on...i know you're just nice people. haha.

eventually, after nearly suffocating the skymobile, i reached home and started scaling the fish...not an easy task for someone who's never tried it before. and btw, that's why our sink is clogged up (just for my housemate's info).

slept, woke up today and voila...butter fried tamban marinated with a pinch of garlic salt for lunch.

it was so good that i almost finished it.

i feel like i just ate a pet. i think i need to rinse my mouth with something...preferrably alcoholic.

but i can't wait to be "gone fishing" again...hehe.

cheers. =)

Saturday, May 12, 2007





Friday, May 11, 2007


i think everyone has a favourite place of comfort...

here're mine in the new office:

office toilet arrangement

i couldn't decide between:

1. the centre urinal that gives me great pleasure in the release of tension (the one on it's left doesn't flush properly, the one on the right always splashes too hard...and the other two just don't offer privacy at all)...


2. the second toilet bowl from the right...which offers a darker refuge for private business due to it's slightly dimmer lighting (compared to the other bowls at least), and it's not too close to the urinals / door to be easily distracted from the work in progress. and plus, the toilet paper is always aplenty...

everyone needs a place to release some steam and dump their worries. don't you agree? hehe.

cheers. =)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


i have a confession to make. i have a desire.
i need to nibble at something delicate, but if the occasion requires, i will use force on the other parts to get what i want...
i need to have that succulent flavour and juice from inside out all over my hot swollen lips...
i need to lick the curves and crevices to get the orgasmic taste and feeling into my system...
i need a chili by the end of the week. any good suggestions? and please hor, no still road crab place...they only specialise in black pepper...

i want new and exciting...i desire something with fiery and passion...the way a good chili crab should be. hehe.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

strike toto

today was jo's birthday.

the birthday boy, rod (jo's housemate), and i went to siglap for coffee in celebration...but not before we went to singapore pools to buy jo's favourite dream-maker: singapore pools toto...

pretty soon, we were happily posing outside of coffee club:

jo: hey, check it out... *nods in direction of chic*
moby: hmmm...
rod: hmmm...
jo: what you think?
rod: ok lah...
moby: not bad want ah?
jo: yeah...she's quite my type loh...
moby: ok loh...since it's your birthday, why don't you go and try?
jo: yeah right...
moby: haha...i think you got better chance with toto lah hor...
jo: and what if her name is toto? then like that how to choose???
moby: hahaha.
rod: hahaha.

lucky you never strike "toto" lah...hahaha. happy birthday jock...

cheers. =)

Monday, May 07, 2007

i feel so stupid...

have you ever sprained your thumb while taking off your socks? now i can't hit the spacebar with my right hand...damn cock.

but thankfully, and more importantly, i can still move the mouse around and click on anything i want. hehe.

but i still feel so stupid...


in preparation for the annual atomic bomberman championships held at jo's house (or rather, due to the extreme boredom from waiting for the chelsea / aresenal match to begin), i decided to train a little for the tournament which starts in only 1.5 month's time!!! hehe.

sky blue the game winner yet again??? *yawn* artifical intelligence ("ai") really no match lah. muahahaha.

have you started your preparation yet? better start soon hor. hehe.

cheers. =)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

work from home

i normally make it a point to leave my work in the office...

but some stuff has been on my mind since i left at 7pm last night...and thankfully, i can access gebiz from my laptop at i didn't have to go back to my cubicle just yet...

cheers. =)

Friday, May 04, 2007

i did! we did! she did...

there's this ad that's been broadcasting on radio recently (at least on class 95)...apparently hsbc is giving away a whooping $50k or something like that...but wait...

stupid man (sm): honey, we can go on more family holidays...
stupid woman (sw): sigh...
sm: or buy a beachfront house... (???)
sw: ahhh...
sm: i know, i know! i can retire and relax at home ALL day!
sw: sigh... *suddenly realises that she heard something bad* what?!
sm: you at home ALL day!
sw: ahhh...

hsbc...the world's local bank? err...yeah...maybe in a place with $50k beachfront houses...the same amount with which you can happily's called the "gobi-desert-meets-the-ocean" place.

and what is it with ads nowadays??? they all centralise around spineless henpecked men...think jamie reeves (jr) and wife (jrw) in the "profitable plots" ad on espn star sports:

jr: buy uk land! i did!
jrw: *clears throat*
jr: ok...we did!
jrw: *elbows jr*
jr: ok...she did...
jrw: *smiles widely*

sheesh...loving your wife and getting a shitload of money to be on a commercial is one thing...but getting henpecked on international television takes something each his own...

actually ah...come to think of it...considering the fact that most ad people are women...maybe this is their way of making dreams come true. imagine: a world where men actually do what women want!

sexist mcp??? who me??? nah...i just like a bitch (definition: a complaint or otherwise...hehe) or two every now and then. haha.

cheers. =)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

visit to the istana

there was an open house today at the i decided to check out the president's residence for the first time...

very majestic...

there were performances by bands from different schools in when i saw xing nan primary school band on the list, i jumped at the chance to listen to my sister's old primary school perform. =)

congratulations xing nan! one of your alumni just graduated from the university of michigan last saturday! i'm so proud of you!!! =)))

mr. president...thank you for having me at your house today...i hope i was good company. hehe.

cheers. =)