Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wagging pinkie

after reading munnster's entry on the no speeding ads in australia, here's what i found on youtube:

would this work in singapore?

if you asked me, i'd rather just flash the finger in the middle...i mean, how many of those ah beng drivers with fast cars actually know the meaning of a wagging pinkie? they'd probably think it's a gesture to summon them to dig for gold in their nose mines...which may cause even more accidents if that were the case. haha.

sigh. i miss the skymobile.

Monday, August 27, 2007

jolly kids

overheard outside of 7-11 this afternoon as i was walking in to buy a fruit juice:

didi 1: oooi!!! i told you they'd check!!!
didi 2: yeah lah, i know lah, that's why i told them i forgot my ic mah!!!
didi 1: wah lau eh...heng ah...if not we sure kena already lah.
didi 2: forget ic means forget ic lah...wah lau eh. hahaha. shiok hor? i can feel it already... *takes long sip from can*

that's when i saw them...

...sipping on "jolly shandy"... =|

kids nowadays...but then again, they were from fairfield methodist secondary school (albeit in sec 2 at most)...the purported pai kia school...in my books at least...back in jc, the dua pai kia in our school was this scrawny kid from fmss...don't know how it got to be that way...

i guess when you're the only kid wearing gold jewellry and fashioning real louis vuitton sling bags, you get some status somehow (not unlike the grown-up world that we live in now).

and plus, he was going out with the school's hottest chic, who also happened to be my secondary school crush. nice huh? haha...

anyway, i managed to get into his good books, and we even played on the same basketball team together, winning a 3-on-3 tournament which we happened to have organised, and which we happened to have won...fair and square for that matter...really! no back arm tactics involved at all!

so i guess if you can't beat 'em (literally), might as well join 'em huh? hahaha. (though later, it got a bit awkward explaining why i always had so many "detentions" in school when he asked me to go out and fight in his gang for real...hehe.)

back to the jolly kids...don't drink. or else you might end up with a gang of followers and the hottest chic in school. so yeah, don't drink.

cheers. =)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

baños del mundo (baths of the world)

i received this in an email today...

toilets of the world:

cheers. =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


hey all you sports fans out there...or rather, all you espn viewers out there...you gotta agree with me when i say that:

colette wong live on sportscenter perks you up after a long and shitty day at work...

she's witty and funny...

live on sportscenter 1

she knows her sports ('nuff said already actually)...

live on sportscenter 2

AND she has a great smile...err...

live on sportscenter 3

apologies for the lousy picture, but do you know how difficult it is to take a quality snapshot of a tv image?? much less a nice and smiling quality picture of colette wong live on sportscenter???

ahhhh...much better. keep on smiling and i'll always be a fan! hehe...

cheers. =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

request from downstairs

bike ride anyone?

cheers. =)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

huh??? how did he...

i wrote a post back in november 2005...mosquito repellent.

guess what? i saw "the mosquito" on tv last week...right after the ndp broadcast...

i must admit, his charm has improved since two years ago. his interview...though not by very much as you can see...

and as for his singing...well, let's just say that i try to avoid going to wala's on mondays before 9pm...all that "pretending to sing" makes me deaf...knn, if i was in his family, i would also hate music loh...

i know...i'm evil. muahaha. >=)

Monday, August 13, 2007

the i-don't-think-you-would-understand post

another one bites the dust...

like jason told me just now, "29" was meant to push you to your limits so that "30++" won't be so hard to swallow...damn right...the golden pig is doing a pretty good job this year for me.

alas, hard to swallow...but down it goes. congrats v...from the bottom of my heart. =)

cheers. =)

Friday, August 10, 2007


are any of you readers out there named "joan"?

i was surprised to receive this email on my gmail account today...

'ms. pang'* wrote:


sorry for the late reply..
just got your email from joan last nite..
u can send the member's invitation to my company email or xxx@hotmail.com.sg.
i will be on msn as well. Thanks alot..

*no first names will be revealed...relax.

but the thing is...i didn't know who this 'joan' was, much less the writer of the email.

so i replied:


sorry, but who's this? i don't know who 'joan' is either...much less anything about an invitation...haha.


tien chi

she replied:

"r u max hsu? (???)
'ms. pang' here..
u asked joan for my contact and asked her to pass me yr email the other day when i met u guys briefly at balcony..

shit. i was at balcony, but like two weeks ago...don't tell me i was THAT high. no way...i don't even know any joans. and max hsu??? haha...that's not a name i'd ever use...just think of the implications in life man...maximum loser. haha. whatever, to each his own...

actually, come to think of it, 'sky' is not much better...but at least i'll still be able to win some at mahjong...haha. btw, max, if you're reading this, buddy, please ignore all of the above. cheers. =)

anyway, i replied:

"hmmm...nope...sorry, wrong number..."

but after some thought, i realised that hsutienchi@gmail.com isn't exactly an email that can be easily mistyped...damn...maybe max hsu's chinese name is tian chi or something similar!!! maybe i've got a secret identity running around out there somewhere...scary thought huh? haha.

so...to the joan(s) out there spreading my email around...please stand up, please stand up. i've got an invitation for you...to meet sky hsu. haha. especially if you look like:

joan chen

haha. aiyah, kidding lah. don't look so disgusted can? sheesh...i'm not superficial lah...i'm just: apparent, casual, cosmetic, cursory, depthless, desultory, ditsy, empty, evident, exterior, external, flash, flimsy, frivolous, general, glib, half-assed, half-baked*, half-cocked, hasty, hurried, ignorant, inattentive, lightweight, nodding, one-dimensional*, ostensible, outward, partial, passing, perfunctory, peripheral, quick fix, seeming, shallow, shoal, silly, sketchy, skin-deep*, slapdash*, slight, smattery, summary, surface, trivial, uncritical, warped.

(source: roget's new millennium™ thesaurus, first edition (v 1.3.1)
copyright © 2007 by lexico publishing group, llc. all rights reserved.
* = informal or slang)

damn i feel corny today...must be those doritos i had last night. haha. cheers. =)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


we could go fishing...

or go snake chasing...

how about boating?

just remember...someone is always having a worse day than you...

haha. hilarious.

happy birthday singapore! =)

Monday, August 06, 2007

cuts like a knife

call me a whiner or whatnot...

but recently i've been getting a hell of a lot of paper cuts...like once every other day kinda affair. i think i have high tension or something...though i don't know what that has to do with paper cuts...

or maybe that's my body's way of slicing the tension. =|

i know...i'm crazy.

tomorrow's always one day away...wish me luck. =)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

commentating on balls

is it just me or does everyone else also hate the commentators on the guiness 9-ball tour? one word: boring-and-full-of-shit.

commentator 1 (com1): he'll definitely go for the centre right pocket here...
commentator 2 (com2): yeah...that's gotta be the only shot he has...
moby (watching on tv): fuck you lah...confirmed upper right pocket lah. cock...who would go for centre right???

*the player calmly slots the ball straight into the last right pocket*

com1: wow! tremendous shot!
com2: yes! i didn't think it would go through! he had us fooled there didn't he?!
moby: yeah...fool is right. fools actually.

ok...the wording isn't exactly as such, but i think you get the picture...anyway, there were a lot of other instances that i can't be bothered to list down...

but seriously...why get these kind of amateurs (i'm being kind to call them that...) to commentate when there are so many other people out there who are much more qualified? get an ex-professional player lah...or at least someone who has played pool before...

after a while, it was so excrutiatingly detrimental to my ears and mental health to listen to their crap that i just turned the tv to mute.

shortly after that, my pool idol won the competition. =D

good stuff. go taiwan! cheers. =)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

fine print

i was called up by yet another head-hunting company yesterday...but for once, it wasn't some insurance related position, so i decided to listen.

it was something that involves business development in the middle east. apparently they wanted to interview me for a new position...

anyway, cut to the chase...i was told to fill out an application form, which was all good...until i reached the last part where there were some terms and conditions:

"•There will be no fee charged to applicant for successful permanent placement.

•However, successful applicant must remain in the company for at least three (03) months starting from the commencement date given by employer provided that there is no illegal or unlawful demands made upon the applicant in course of work, failing which he/she must compensate one (01) month of his/her offered basic monthly salary payable to "the headhunting company" within seven (07) working days after official resignation date. Resignation letter can only be submitted after three (03) months from the date of commencement to the client(s) of "the headhunting company"; employer(s) that offered the appointment letter to successful applicant after he/she signing on it. This penalty shall not apply to termination of employment by client(s) of "the headhunting company" for any reasons whatsoever within the said three (03) months’ period."

this recruitment company probably just wanted to make sure that they get their commission one way or another...but still...their job is to find the right company for the right people, and vice versa...and if the person quits within 3 months, then obviously the recruiting company didn't do their job right!

speaking of "illegal and unlawful demands", can they even do that??? i bet it's not even enforceable. but anyway, i lost interest in that interview already. knn, sekali i kena posted to iraq or some war zone within 3 months of joining...then how? quit still must pay the recruiters ah? wah lau eh...damn cock.

great job, head-hunting company.