Thursday, March 29, 2007

tai tais, toto & 4d

i was chatting with an ex-colleague just now on msn...she also just recently resigned from my old company:

hui: so u looking forward to your new work?
moby: no. haha.
hui: y not??
moby: are you looking forward to working again?
hui: new place, new colleagues...but i tot u lk to work?
moby: huh???? who likes to work....please lah...
hui: hahahhaha.. ok ok.. i tot u dun lk bum ard...
moby: yeah, but i like my free time to myself what...
hui: wah.. but i am enjoying this kinda life man..
moby: haha. you were made to be a tai tai.
hui: i hahaha
moby: i don't doubt that...haha
hui: hai~ not possible lah...spore standard of living so high...

sigh. why do girls nowadays all wanna be tai tai one? seriously...a bit of ambition wouldn't hurt. i mean, everyone wants to live a comfortable lifestyle with the minimum of effort...but come on, get real. (btw, hui is only 23 this year.)

anyway, we continued on...

hui: unless i strike 4d..
moby: 4d??? haha...please lah...4d also not enough lah...must strike toto!
hui: ya huh..... toto... how much is it now?
moby: should be only like $600k+ lah...some bastard just won $3m on monday. speaking of which, i should check the results for tonight. hehe.
hui: but i dunno how to buy toto.. i only know how to buy 4d. so no chance..
moby: aiyah, toto very easy one lah...just pick at least 6 numbers, then pray loh. hahaha.
hui: ohh u got buy one ah?
moby: once in a while lah...if i'm in the mood.
hui: toto really not easy leh...
moby: of course lah...if easy then everyone would strike already mah.
hui: i think 4d easier to strike...
moby: even 4d also not so easy car plate haven't come out yet after like 3 weeks of buying. the closest was 5034 last night...haha.
hui: 3 weeks only! i think my dad bought for lk 2 years den strike...
moby: hahaha.
hui: wat's your car no??
moby: 5030
hui: oo v close to 5034...
moby: yeah...but lucky never come out cuz i didn't buy last night...hahaha.
hui: hahahahaha...

hehe. but i guess there's no harm in trying to take the easy way out by buying toto lah hor? jo will attest to that. btw, i didn't get ANY numbers tonight...stupid weather...the rain's my favourite character in the blame game.

on a separate note, i'm going crabbing with my buddies tomorrow night. hehe. can't wait...i bought a new and improved high tech crab net...can't wait. haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

skymobile - visit to the doctor's

i brought the skymobile to the doctor's office yesterday...after her starter went kapoot on's the good doctor hard at work:

all fact, the skymobile's much better...what, with a new sparco strut bar and air intake courtesy of emril's em-mobile, the skymobile's feeling even more power now!!!


hehe. cheers. =)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

damn starter

the sun was out...

the skies were blue...

the birds were chirping...

what better day to wash the skymobile?

so moby drives down to the open air car wash area in his estate, takes out all the necessary equipment (pail, cloth, leather cleaner) and proceeds to bathe the skymobile to the best of his ability.

when he finishes an hour and a half later, he lets out a little sigh of content, puts the key into the engine and...and...and nothing. the skymobile would not start. 45 minutes and two phone calls later, the automobile association of singapore's mechanic comes down:

he promptly informs moby that the starter on the skymobile is spoilt. the mechanic manages to restart the car by knocking a bit here and there, but he advises moby to change the starter asap. =|

the skymobile is not feeling well

sigh...oh well. this is part and parcel of any relationship. i just hope she gets better soon for starters...

first meeting anniversary

wow...time flies.

i just went through my archives (and other resources) and realised that it's been one year to the day since i first met peihwan. =)))

and you thought i'd forget huh? hehe. hmmm...i'd wish you happy anniversary, but i think people would get too nauseous...and besides, it's not really our anniversary per se anyway...

so,'s from me to you: muack! =)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

same direction

last saturday, i went to emril's place to pick up some spare parts for the skymobile that he graciously passed to me.

given that the em-mobile and the skymobile were most probably from the same shipment of cars back in november 1992, it was a joyous moment when the two were reunited after 15 years apart...

em-mobile & skymobile

skymobile & em-mobile

just look at them beaming at each other...haha.

anyway, in my first move to stamp my mark on the skymobile, i decided to change her steering wheel (which cost me $300 btw):

hopefully now we'll be moving in the same direction. cheers. =)

Monday, March 19, 2007

fruit remedy

in an effort to combat the evil viruses inside my body, this is what i've been having for lunch the past 3 days:

one slice of honeydew, two slices of watermelon, and one cup of orange (or starfruit) juice

i've been asking the aunties and uncles of the fruit stalls downstairs what are the fruit remedies for flus and fevers, but they've all got different opinions:

"must eat watermelon to cool yourself down!" says the auntie with a lot of watermelon slices left in her fridge.

"take starfuit juice with salt!" says the uncle with sweat dripping down his nose.

"don't know leh..." says another uncle truthfully.

hmmm. ok...i guess i just took bits and pieces of what they said and combined it all together. but does anyone know for sure what fruits are good / bad for flus and fevers? let me know before i start /continue feeding on the wrong stuff.

btw, this fruit diet has done wonders to my tummy also. it's only been 3 days but i feel like i've done 150 situps already! or maybe that's cuz of my coughing...hehe.

cheers. =)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


39.6 degrees @ 2145hrs
went to see doctor just now in holland. one of my favourite movies "the shawshank redemption" was showing in the reception, but i couldn't open my eyes long enough to watch it cuz they were burning. so i just listened instead. =|

i think it's gone down a bit already:

38.7 degrees @ 2345hrs

Friday, March 16, 2007

introducing...the skymobile

as promised, here's the skymobile:

she's called the skymobile cuz she's similar to the em-mobile, but more subtle. she's prettier on the inside, and definitely not as noisy. there are areas to be improved, but of course the em-mobile will show the way.

actually they were supposed to meet on saturday, but em-mobile decided to ditch her to watch formula one racing. the first of many setbacks, but i'm sure that the skymobile will come back in the end!

the skymobile has arrived. cheers. =)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

snip away

today was my last day at work.

i did my clearance and this was all that's left of my identity there:

apparently the hr girl said that it wouldn't be very nice for her to throw it away, so she passed me what was left of the scissored piece of card. 4.5 years gone with a snip. if only we could snip away at our lives to get rid of stuff too.

to greener pastures! cheers. =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

still veiled

i got my car already. hehe. but i'm still working on the official video to unveil it right here on my blog. so mums the word to those of you who already know what i got...don't spoil the party with your big mouth! yes, i'm talking to you know who you are! haha.

anyway, i'm also having problems naming my car. hmmm...any ideas? heck, i can't even decide if it's a he or a she yet...damn.

"skymobile" was the first thought that came to my mind, but it's too similar to emril and his em-mobile (aka badmobile). but of course, i guess you'd have to see the car first before you can help me to name here's a hint, it's black.

this bloody rain isn't helping much with the filming of it's unveiling. with some help from the skies, hopefully i can get it out by tomorrow.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


last night...

moby: i need to sleep already...damn tired...need to wake up early tomorrow to settle some car stuff...

*moby still awake...suddenly thinks of a situation.*
moby: shit...what if the agent keeps my deposit and leaves the country??? what if his name card and receipt are fakes??? knn lah, i shouldn't have given him cash. i should have just insisted on going to his office to settle it.

*moby still awake. still thinking of the situation.*
moby: some more he stays in malaysia one leh! it'd be so easy for him to just disappear with my deposit!!! wtf was i thinking lah...damn it. the bastard...i'm gonna call him first thing tomorrow morning...if he doesn't answer, i'm gonna call the police already...

moby: i wanna sleep...stupid deposit...stupid ah beng uncle agent...stupid insurance...zzz...

*moby calls agent*
stupid phone message: you have reached the voice mail of 9*******
moby: fuck.

*moby calls agent again*
stupid phone message: you have reached the voice mail of 9*******
moby: fucking hell.

*moby calls agent for the final time*
stupid phone message: you have reached the voice mail of 9*******
*moby feels a tear rolling down his cheek as his $500 deposit disappears before his teary eyes*

*moby calls agent for the final final time before dialling 999*
moby: hello? richard ah?
agent: hello? yeah, who's this?
moby: eh, moby here lah!
agent: oh yeah, why?
moby: so my car how?!!?
agent: relak lah...i need to send it in to mend all the parts that you wanted done up what. and besides, you have to get me the insurance info also mah...
moby: oh ok. phew.
agent: simi few? insurance can only get one lah. don't need a few one.
moby: haha. oh ok. i'll just get one. phew.
agent: no lah! not a few! just one can already.
moby: haha. yeah lah, yeah lah. ok, so i'll see you at 2pm ok?
agent: yeah, 2pm and not a few more ok? haha.
moby: har har. sheesh. *thinks how he ever bought a car from this ah beng uncle*

in the end, i met my agent and got my insurance and loan stuff done today. gonna collect the car tomorrow. hopefully. he'd better have done a good job on the car after putting me through all that panic. but then again, it's probably just my virgin experience with buying cars. who wouldn't be nervous right?

phew. cheers. =)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

king of teh ringz triduum...

sunday afternoon...

damn cockanoddin. but just nice for a sunday afternoon. haha.

well done bro

amidst my car search, my brother has also been looking out for his own vehicle. but mind you, he's in the states, where nice cars are aplenty. anyway, after a thorough looking's the ride of his choice:

lexus sc400 coupe
4.0L engine, 260hp
sunroof...amongst other fabulous features...

damn nice hor. fucking nice in fact. he's collecting it on monday...well done bro. the best part is that it's only us$9k. no road tax. no coe. no nonsense. haha.

again, well done bro. i wish i could have the same car and same price here...but such is life in singapore. haha. cheers. =)

Friday, March 09, 2007

walking somewhere (hopefully)

i met my mom for lunch today. she could not understand why i would wanna look older than i actually am. so i told her that since i'm gonna get a car, i needed to save on luxuries like a new razor blade. haha.

anyway, this is coming off as of tomorrow morning:

besides, i've developed a pretty irritating habit of stroking the damn pseudo-goatee when i'm in deep thought...i know, it's fucking ah bei.

but then again, having a goatee doesn't make me any more the wiser. sometimes i also don't know where i'm walking to...i just pray that it's to somewhere. you know what i mean?

cheers. =)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the lives of others...and jogging in the cbd

since i had so much free time yesterday, i went to catch the lives of others.

but before we get to the movie which started at 1640hrs...

1615hrs: moby at the national library

moby thinks that it's a pretty walkable distance from the library to the cathay. so he starts to strut his stuff after borrowing 2 books and 2 magazines...suddenly, he realises that he's no where near where he's supposed to be...

it's not fun jogging through the cbd with jeans on. so yeah, if you saw some crazy nut wearing a quiksilver shirt jogging through traffic the other day, that was me...anyways, i was on time for the show (hehe...i'm not that unfit lah)...but i was sweating buckets. not something i'd recommend.

anyways, this german film has won numerous awards and accolades both in germany and worldwide...and i believe it deserves every one of them, if not more. i highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a conspiracy thriller with a tinge of betrayal and, yup, you guessed it, sex. enjoy!

and before i forget, congratulations to the driver of the silver honda civic for reaching his destination 5 seconds earlier than he had planned. if i hadn't braked for him in time at the pedestrian crossing, i might have ruined this record...congrats once again!

cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

note to self

take a good look...

cuz you're never gonna see it again...adios.

cheers. =D

Monday, March 05, 2007


haha. i love the one where the wife takes the kid out of the car and leaves...i guess i would do the same if i were married to such an idiot. hahaha.

cheers. =)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

otosla (oolong tea on sunday lazy afternoons)

i was talking to betty a few weeks ago...when we started sharing our remedies, or should i say, antidotes for losing weight. other than the usual exercise and diet watching regimes, one of the things that came out was the consumption of oolong tea.

anyway, fast forward a few days, when i went home for chinese new year, i happened to mention this to my mom. low and behold, the very next day, i found this on my desk:

so today, since i had nothing better to do, i decided to try it out:

15 minutes later...i had my virgin brew of taiwanese tung ting oolong tea.

it actually tasted kinda sweet...don't know if it's supposed to be like that, cuz all the ones i've tried in the canned form are freaking bitter...or maybe it's just me...muahahaha.

try it out...oolong tea on sunday lazy afternoons. cheers. =)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

smooth e baby face foam

here's yet another funny ad from the land of a thousand laughters...

now peihwan is adament on getting smooth e baby face foam from thailand...the wonders of advertising...and the ease of persuasiveness of the female species. sigh.

cheers. =)