Friday, June 30, 2006


i just watched superman returns...jason had free tickets from one of his vendors...apparently they were having a movie event for their customers...but good thing it was free...hehe.

superman was so manequin-like that i couldn't tell if brandon routh was computer generated or the real person...i guess that's the downside of having all this technology in movies nowadays...classics are hard to beat in that sense.

but having said that, i can't help but admit that a sudden surge of emotion triggered a portion of my optical nerves to release a drop of salty substance when i saw superman fly for the first time in the movie. i was like "wow". school boy stuff. hehe. but after that, the movie might as well have been from pixar pictures for all i knew...


"it may sound absurd...but don’t be naive,
even heroes have the right to bleed...
i may be disturbed...but won’t you concede,
even heroes have the right to dream...
it’s not easy to be me..."

- five for fighting

i'm only human...but i'll try.

cheers. =)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

cbd & prawns

lunch at lotus thai restaurant today:

*chic in blue dress (cbd) walks past moby's table...pei hwan glares at moby*

moby: what? *gives innocent look and continues eating*
pei hwan: that girl quite pretty hor?
moby: which girl?? *halo suddenly appears above moby's head*
pei hwan: you know which one lah...i caught you bioing her just now already lah!
moby: huh? that one ah? *looks behind at cbd*
pei hwan: wei! don't so obvious lah!
moby: what? you asked me to look what! hahaha. *turns around to look again*
pei hwan: wei!!! look some more!
moby: hahaha. yeah, quite pretty. hehehe.
pei hwan: hmph! *looks around for handsome guys but finds only uncles and nerds with thick glasses*
moby: hahaha. too bad you can only look straight at me hor...hahaha.
pei hwan: bleh. i'd rather stare at the prawns in my tom yum soup.
moby: hahaha.

sigh. women. but i love how we can talk about stuff openly. hehe.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

videographsky - showerinGIN

back by popular demand...gin gin on screen...

but don't expect any more cutie-pie-strawberry-schmawberry stuff already hor...muahaha...

i love my baby gin gin...clean of course...hehe.

cheers. =)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

videographsky - my love

presenting to you...for the first time on video...*drumroll*

my love... =)

warning: if you're not into sickeningly sweet and cutesy wootsey NOT press the play button!!!

hehe. cheers. =)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

stolen sentimentals

my heart goes out to jerzy dudek...he just had his entire football medal collection stolen from his own home while he was on holiday...

i hope they catch the asshole(s)...i know that i'd be fucking devastated if anyone took away my porshe, much less my inter-hall game medals...but seriously...even though (and if) my medals may be as worthless as theo walcott is on the english world cup football team, they mean a hell of a lot to me...

sorry, but i'm a sentimental guy...i've kept almost everything from the good ole days...from my first raffles hall football jersey, to the last viola string that i broke...everything except for photos of my first gf, who broke hearts for fun instead of instrument strings (but that's another story altogether for another day)...

don't worry jerzy...i'm sure that they'll catch the bastard(s)...and if they don't, i'll pass you one of my medals for now...but only cuz you won the champion's league for liverpool last year. hmmm...ok, let me rephrase that...i'll loan it to you for one least until they win it again in 2007...haha.

cheers. =)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


there was once a time when i made fun of my friends who had to go shopping with their girlfriends...and had to sit through the long and arduous task of being opinionative and whatnot...

there was once a time when i was damn pissed off when my buddies couldn't join me to watch football cuz they were either all "outside" or "busy"...

there was also once when i was so stupid that i threw away everything that i had...

once upon a time, i was free...but now i'm happy and excited. =)

p.s. - but i still don't hold handbags for your info.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


think of me, think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye.
remember me once in a while...please promise me you'll try.
when you find that, once again, you long to take your heart...

don't fret... =)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


a couple of aunties appeared at my front door this morning:

*ding dong*
moby: yes?
nea agent 1: e'cuse me, we from da nasional environmen ajency...can we check your eh-con and toilet, prease? (translation: excuse me, we're from the national environment agency...can we check your air-con and toilet, please?) *shows moby some identity pass*
moby: oh ok.
nea agent 2: that cloth wet? *points to rag under moby's shoerack*
moby: that's for wiping dust.
nea agent 2: is it wet?
moby: yeah. it just rained.
nea agent 2: try to keep it dry.
moby: yeah, ok... =|

*inside moby's place*
nea agent 1: where your eh-con?
moby: it's here.
*nea agent 2 snoops around other part of the house, spraying some anti-mosquito shit as she goes around*
nea agent 1: why your eh-con no tray one ah?
moby: err...don't's like that one lah.
nea agent 1: den you safe.
moby: huh??? right... =|
*nea agent 2 still snooping and spraying around*

nea agent 2: this is your toilet ah?
moby: err...yeah? (duh)
nea agent 2: try to keep the toilet cover down.
moby: i just used it.
nea agent 2: then cover it when it's not in use.
moby: ok. (as if anything can breed in there loh, with the shit that goes on inside everyday...)

nea agent 2: why got bucket here one? *checks inside* got water!!! *sprays furiously*
moby: the sink was leaking, so we have to put it there.
nea agent 2: must fix it!!!
moby: i know. thanks. and please don't spray so much here...this is my kitchen...where i cook...
nea agent 2: ...

*living room*
moby: anything else? where's agent 1?
nea agent 1: 'ere... *walks in with ultimate sprayman*
ultimate sprayman: where's his air-con, deh?!
moby: what?!
nea agent 1: dun worry, dis wan no need...his eh-con no tray one.
ultimate sprayman: damn.
moby: =|

nea agent 1: we off.
nea agent 2: you have been de-mozzied. keep your toilet cover down.
moby: err...thank you?

nothing against the aunties lah, but seriously, if the nea are going to send people down to do checks, at least make sure that they're properly trained lah hor. knn, a badge and some mosquito spray doesn't make a person capable of conducting checks loh. if i needed some auntie telling me how to live my life, i'd have stayed at home with my least she can talk proper sense.

but thanks for fumigating my house...i need to ventilate it now. i hope the rain water doesn't come in and produce even more breeding grounds...lest you come back and scold me again. sheesh. i'm still trying to figure out which is the bigger pest.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

for the best

on my way to a friend's house today, i thought i saw a familiar face from a familiar event that happened sometime on valentine's day this year.

she was with this guy wearing glasses, who was, erm...holding...or should i say "assisting her"...with her handbag...

i was kinda in a rush, and not to mention a bit shy / embarrassed, so i didn't stop to fact, i don't even think that she saw me, given the speed that i was walking at...haha. but anyway, i'm glad that she's happy, and i'm sure she feels the same way least i hope so. haha.

anyway, everything worked out for the best lah hor? haha. cheers. =)


happy father's day to all those dads out there...

however, my family doesn't celebrate father's day on the second sunday of each june...instead, we actually have a more interesting way of remembering the day to appreciate our dad. every august the 8th (八月八日), we celebrate "爸爸节". hehe. =)

Friday, June 16, 2006


i can't believe it. i've never been so busy at work since...err...don't know when. anyway, i was typing out a customer's address just now:

mr. mobycustomer
123 telok ayer stress
singapore 456789

luckily my sales support girl saw it before i sent it out. =|

i want to break free!!! thank god it's friday...

go argentina! cheers. =)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

starhub schmarhub

i hate starhub. they have fucked me up one too many times already during this world cup.

first, they wanna charge people to watch "the beautiful game". fine. i'll just go to pubs and other places to watch, where i can better spend my hard earned money.

next, i find out 4 days into the competition that my landlord actually subscribed for the world cup channel at her house...only for stupid starhub to send the signal to MY house instead...meaning that i had the world cup channel at my place after all.

then, when i wanted to watch at home, i find out that they disconnected the signal in order to transfer it back to my landlord's house. wtf.

after realising that i was spending more money by drinking kilkennys at wala's, when i could be paying the $15 and watching from the comfort of my home...i decided to call my landlord to help us get it this afternoon she called starhub, who assured her that we would be able to get a signal from 9pm's 11:23pm and still no signal.

finally, i called up the starhub hotline and promptly got confused with the numerous options that i could press on my freaking nokia phone. JUST TRANSFER ME TO THE DAMN OPERATOR LAH!!! anyway, before i piss off anymore call centre people (as in my previous entry)...i just wanna say that the starhub call centre sucks (at least the machine bit lah).

when i eventually managed to get hold of an operator after 15 minutes of machine talk, she tells me that no one had activated our world cup channel, and that the earliest she could do it would be for the 3am match...hearing which, i spoke very nicely to her and explained that if i didn't get to watch the 12am match, someone in starhub would be paying for my england debts if i lose tonight.

just for your info:

$5: draw 0-0
$10: england 1-0
$10: england 2-0
$10: england 3-0
$5: any other score
total: $40

angry already!!! RRROOOAAARRR!!! >=(

or am i just a loser? sheesh.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


god·fa·ther: n.

1. a man who sponsors a person at baptism.

2. one that has a relationship to another person that is the equivalent of being a baptismal sponsor: the godfather of a new generation of nuclear physicists.

3. slang. the leader of an organized crime family.

i is going to be blinkymummy's kids' godfather! hehe. =)

imagine my kid with blinkymummy's kid...the both of them playing with each other...i'll be the parent of the son of course. muahahaha.

don't be gross lah. i meant it in an innocent way hor...really! muahahaha.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

roller coaster

"if i had fallen asleep and suddenly woken up on a roller coaster, what would i feel?

well, i would feel trapped and sick, terrified of every bend, wanting to get off. however, if i believe that the track is my destiny and that god is in charge of the machine, then the nightmare becomes something thrilling. it becomes exactly what it is, a roller coaster, a safe reliable toy, which will eventually stop, but while the journey lasts, i must look at the surrounding landscape and whoop with excitement."

roller coaster

- eleven minutes

i love paulo coelho. =)

Monday, June 12, 2006

eyebrow torture

i almost died today. someone tried to trim my caterpillar-like eyebrows this afternoon...

how woman and metrosexuals can go through with the pain and torture is a mystery not unlike that of how the da vinci code movie was so different from the book (not that i've watched it, but that's another story altogether).

actually, it was only supposed to be a facial exercise at first...she wanted to squeeze out the blackheads and whatnots from my face (which was quite painful to say the least)...but then when she found out that i had a tweezer in my possesion (whatever led me to release that piece of information to her will be unknown till the end of time), the eyebrow plucking ceremony was never in doubt.

despite my fervent protests, i was subjected to an extended round of make-moby-feel-the-pain. i still can't believe i went through with it...the roots were pulled out with every hair removed...


where got bushy???

moby: why you wanna hurt me??
pei hwan: if you want me to look good, then why can't i want you to look good!?
moby: win already loh...
pei hwan: hehe. *yanks out yet another root*
moby: OUCH!!!
pei hwan: be a man! *plucks away happily*
moby: damn it! OUCH!!!


oh well. i lose, you win. 1-0. but don't worry, you'll get it from me one of these days...i'm a man!!! muahahaha.

cheers. =)

Saturday, June 10, 2006



♀ + ♂ = ♥

Y♪♪ Y♪♪♪

pei hwan


cheers. =)

Friday, June 09, 2006

on your mark...get set...

in less than six hours time, the whole of the world will be focused on a stage in munich, germany...

has four years gone by so fast? i remember i was at a nike football event when france lost to senegal 1-0 in the opening match of japan / korea 2002...

which is why:

match 0701:
1x2: draw - bet amt $10.00, to pay $56.00
pick the score: draw 1-1 - bet amt $5.00, to pay $52.50
total goals: 1 goal - bet amt $10.00, to pay $59.00
total goals: 0 goals - bet amt $10.00, to pay $160.00

no german food nor beer for me tonight...

cheers. =)

Thursday, June 08, 2006


i have a new colleague at work. he seems like a nice guy...a bit nerdy, but a nice guy nonetheless...

i'm supposed to be his "mentor" cuz i'm the second longest serving person on our sales team now...and since the most senior guy in our team is now a director, i've been given the task of educating the newbie on the ways of the corporation...

the only problem is that he's older than me by 4 years...which makes things a bit weird for me...cuz i'm kinda used to being the baby of the whole team...but now, i'm the first mate of the ship...i feel all grown i'm bringing up a kid of my own. hehe. i will be responsible for his success...or failure (touch wood) exciting!!!

i wonder what will happen when he becomes a teenager...what if he starts to rebel? would i be able to handle him? sigh...i guess i'll just have to take it one day at a time...but at least he's a least i won't have to worry about mood swings and tantrums once a bloody month (at least)...i thank the heavens for that. haha. wish me luck!

cheers. =)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


i came home today and found:

made bed


trexi 1

trexi 2


so sweet...thank you! cheers. =)

auntie cab driver

have you noticed that there are more and more women cab drivers? i wonder what's with the wonder got more accidents nowadays...hahaha. kidding kidding.

i was going to work today...hailed a cab as usual...and the moment i got into the cab:

moby: eh uncl...i mean, auntie ah, go to moby's workplace hor...take the expressway...
auntie cab driver (acd): yes sir!
moby: lah, auntie...don't need to call me sir lah...
acd: aiyah, you wearing tie and all mah...thought you someone quite senior loh!
moby: sorry hor...just cuz i wear tie doesn't mean that i high ranking what...
acd: but all men with ties supposed to be damn saht one what...
moby: ...
acd: why? you not very saht meh???
moby: err...
acd: hahaha.
moby: err...
acd: can bluff girl anytime one loh!!!
moby: what???
acd: wear tie means you going to bluff girl one what...especially if you not power one.
moby: *taking offense already*
acd: but don't worry, i think you not bad...can still be a heart breaker...
moby: *refuses to talk to acd reads newspaper*
acd: hahaha.

knn. i hate chatty cab drivers...and apparently, it doesn't exclude those of the female sex.

be careful the next time you take a cab. haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i is loser

i'm damn pissed off.

i lost to someone at pool today at ice cold beer. a girl. don't get me wrong, i don't mind losing to a girl, but it's the fact that she touched my ball (pool ball lah) with her freaking tummy when she was leaning over for a shot...freaking fat ass...

as any of my friends will tell you...i'm very competitive by nature. i hate losing...i really hate losing. growl...

hmph. oh well, too bad you're fat...muahahaha. take that you cheaterbug!

kidding...just lose weight, stop cheating, get a boyfriend, grow a beard...i hate you...i demand a replay.

good game though. hehe.

cheers. =)

Monday, June 05, 2006

simple imagination

the countdown's now 4 days away...check out this adidas commercial from jo's blog.

sometimes all we need is a little the good ole days when we were all kids...the age of innocence. i could use a little of that simpleness now in my life...what about you?

cheers. =)

Sunday, June 04, 2006


trust is the most integral and important part of any relationship...

trust n.: (

1. firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

2. custody; care.

3. something committed into the care of another; charge.

4. the condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one

5. one in which confidence is placed.

6. reliance on something in the future; hope.

do you trust me? there's hope yet... =)

Friday, June 02, 2006

the giant red ants

while i was waiting for someone to go eat lunch today, i smashed a giant red ant with my umbrella out of boredom...which didn't alleviate my monotony all that much.

a few minutes later when i turned to look at the ground again, there were a lot of other giant red ants crowding around the carcass of their companion. at first i was disgusted, thinking that they were canibalizing on the dead one, cuz we all know how giant red ants bite with vengence...but then after a second look, i saw one of them actually put the deceased into his jaws and started carrying him away. this kinda caught my interest, so i followed that particular giant red ant (for fun, let's just call him osama) to see where he was going.

osama reached the edge of the sidewalk and proceeded onto the grass...where he was met with a gigantic leaf of monstrous proportions...overcoming this barrier nomally would have been a difficult task in itself, but osama, stretched already with the dead ant (for fun, let's just call him saddam) on his back, managed to clamber up and around the afore-mentioned obstruction...but not without many falls and trips along the way.

i was watching this ongoing strenuous activity with much amusement...over the oceans (small puddle) and through the woods (twigs and grass) went osama and saddam...when eventually, they reached the ant hole where they disappeared into hiding. so tickled i was by the show, that i didn't see the other small critters taking their positions...

two seconds later, i feel a thousand needles being stuck through my work pants and into my hairy legs. the war had begun...

dedicated to pei hwan...i is stupid =)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

around and around

what goes around comes around...around and around and around in fact. believe it. be nice.