Wednesday, November 28, 2007

videographsky - birthday roadtrip (part ii)

part ii...

i especially love the audio after the 2:14 mark...see if you can figure out what i'm referring to. hehe...

cheers. =)

Monday, November 26, 2007

videographsky - birthday roadtrip (part i)

as promised...

this is how i spent the first day of my final year in the 20's...

part ii to come shortly. =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what's passed and the present(s)

i'm not a really big fan of celebrating my own birthdays...i'm sure some of you can relate to that...especially those of you over 25 years of age. yes, you are in the LATE 20's already...

and yesterday, i initiated proceedings on my final year of that era...(private note: oh how i wish they had repeat exams for that module...for those of you who understand what that meant, ha ha.)

anyway, like i said, i'm not one to throw big parties and celebrate yet another year passed in my life...if given a choice, i'd remain 21 always. time would have it, november 19th came...and so i took the day off work.

i actually did some stuff on my own...which i have on video, but that's gonna take some time to organise and put i'll just post some pictures of what i did after those videos...

every year since i was born, i have always had dinner with my parents on my birthday. and this year, as tradition would have it, we ended up at michaelangelo's in holland village...

we've been going to michaelangelo's every year for at least one occasion (birthdays, mother's / father's day, etc) since it was the last opportunity this year for us to honour this tradition, i decided that we had to go there for dinner.

remember the qilin (骐麟) pendant i wanted for the skymobile? my mom brought one back from taiwan for my birthday present...i love it! =)))

but i couldn't take a very clear picture of it...even with flash...

so, you'll have to see it in person if you wanna know what it looks like. =)

speaking of presents, i received a call today from bestfrenem...aka owner of the em-mobile, who's the brother of the skymobile...

moby: hello?
em: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
moby: you forgot one word.
em: what's that?
moby: "belated."
em: i'm sorry lah! time flies when you're in my line lah. i meant to call you yesterday, but the next thing i knew, it was the 20th already!
moby: yeah right.

em: look, i'll make it up to you.
moby: how?
em: are you free for lunch?
moby: yeah, should be...where you wanna go?
em: we're going to PERFORMANCE MOTORS!
moby: wow!
em: yes've earned it. a new BMW 3 SERIES...
moby: WOW!
em: keychain. *very, very softly*

thanks bestfrenem... =)

(history lesson...moby bought emril a 3 series key chain 6 years ago as a birthday present too...which is why emril's present was meaningful...well, kinda at least.)

the big 3-0 is coming next year...but i'll be waiting...come and get me! cheers. =)

Monday, November 19, 2007

a new face, a new year...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

random updates

i went to get a haircut today at shunji matsuo @ wisma...but for the first time ever, the shampoo girl didn't massage my head...i think she's a newbie. =( my hairstylist is still good (and cute) though. so guys, look for caely (pronounced "kelly") if you go...just tell her that "jason" recommended you. don't ask, just do. haha.

i called my mom today...she went back to taiwan for a short trip...asked her to help me check out the qi lin pendants there. hehe.

the best song for driving in my mp3 cd now is "blurry" by puddle of mudd. a close second is "let's get rocked" by def leppard. "bullet with butterfly wings" by smashing pumpkins is good too. i can't help but pump it up when i hear these songs. =) (no wonder my fuel consumption has skyrocketed recently)

Monday, November 12, 2007

skymobile - the 麒麟 pendant search

i've been searching for some way to "personalize" the skymobile.

given her recent history, i wanted to get something like a protector-cum-watcher-over pendant of sorts for the skymobile...and i figured that the most personal i could go with this idea was to get a 骐麟 (or 麒麟 - qi2 lin2) pendant for my beloved.

for those of you who are not familiar with the term "qi lin", please refer to this and this.

and for those of you who are not familiar with why this is personal to me, "骐" is the "chi" in my chinese name. (moby sky is just a writer's name for your info...the history of which is somewhere in my archives which i cannot be bothered to link)

so anyway, the qi lin's got a head of a dragon and a body of a lion (in most accounts at least)...and, as you can see below, he's not much of a looker...

but come on, neither am what better fit right?! =)

the thing is...just as mystical as they come, qi lins are almost impossible to find in pendant form!!! the one or two i've seen in feng shui shops are made of jade that's badly carved...much worse than the above-pictures of them...

does anyone know where i can find a nice looking qi lin pendant? please let me know...

the skymobile would be very grateful. =)

Monday, November 05, 2007

skymobile - spa treatment

the skymobile has been undergoing a lot of stress recently...

and you know how girls are when they can't handle the pressure...all grumpy and cranky...with you eventually being burdened with their grief (no lah, i'm not making any references to my boss...none at

so anyway, i decided to indulge the skymobile today with a little spa treatment...

a little waxing here...

a little blowing there...

along with a good rubdown...

purrrrrr.... =)))

they even cleaned her rims real nice! well done...

the folks at the shell car wash along ang mo kio avenue 8 really know how to pamper my much so that i told them to keep the change from the $10 bill...ok lah, not say big $$$ lah...but come many of you actually tip 66.67% of the bill...

the skymobile's beaming now... =)

(now all i gotta do is to get that cranky lock fixed tomorrow...)