Wednesday, May 31, 2006

head massage

thank god for eddie of shunji matsuo @ wisma isetan...

i got the best head massage i've ever had this afternoon...before kelly (this chic who happens to be quite cute btw) cut my hair. eddie started with a gentle yet firm kneading of my temples, then proceeded to massage the edges of my ever-receding hairline, after which, he started scratching my scalp with his fingers...sending a strange and almost orgasmic tingling sensation down my spine. the finale was a strong and splendid neck massage as he washed off the remainder of the fragrant shampoo that he

please hor...i'm not gay. nor bi-sexual. but somehow the wash was one of the most wonderful experiences i've had in a long while...maybe kelly should learn from eddie instead of the other way around...hehe.

but then again...maybe i'm just a loser who likes head massages. haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

videographsky - lunch with bestfrenem

i went out with bestfrenem for lunch today...

warning: it's a long video...turn up the volume. =)

wassssuuuupppp!!! BMW POWER!!! handsome right? cheers. =)

Monday, May 29, 2006


i love dimples...they're quite cute. i don't know why some people think that they're imperfections, but i think that they're an asset. do you have dimples? hehe.

cheers. =)

wanted: new singer @ wala's

happy birthday steve...i hope all 29 candles that you blew out tonight gave you your wish. =)

anyway, i wanna complain about the new wala's band on sundays...or should i say, the new wala's singer on sundays...he should be shot. what's with all the axel rose impersonations??? i bet there were a lot of disappointed customers tonight...eic is gone for at least another 3 months...jack's somewhere in the states trying to better his skills as a musician...which i think the new guy should also attend...

just cuz you can scream doesn't mean that you can pull off gnr...btw, did you not notice a whole horde of people leaving cuz:

1. you couldn't sing the requested song
2. you sounded constipated
3. you sounded like a cat in heat

you even forced my friends and i to down our drinks so that we wouldn't be subjected to any more of your torture...we practically ran out. i'm gonna need to find another watering hole on sundays if this fact, if i were dick lee, i'd show you the door in an instant...

i love cats, but horny pussies don't always go knocking on heaven's door. cheers. =)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

purchasing a new lifestyle

my ever-expanding waistline has finally done it...the button on my old pair of jeans just gave way. it's true. i'm fat. other than a new pair of marcianos, i think i need to purchase a new lifestyle:

no beer for a week. at least.
kilkenny included.
2 meals a day.
no supper.
no more late nights chatting with young chics. (haha. kidding lah...)

ok...see you at the great singapore sale!

cheers. =)

you can do it

this is dedicated to finicky feline...cheer can do it! =)

buahahahahaha...cheers. =)

Friday, May 26, 2006


the last of the 5 orange swordtails in my office fish tank that i hand-raised from baby swordtail fries, just passed away peacefully today...

rest in peace my dear child...may you find happiness away from this cold and unforgiving office. cheers. =)

(p.s. - sorry i had to flush you down the toilet though...i was rushing out a tender proposal lah...deadlines pun intended.)


have you ever had a friend in need? have you ever known someone who's been down in the dumps? a person who needs to talk to people and not feel like everyone's against him? do you have buddies coming up to you with problems that can only be solved with alcohol???

i've been drinking for the last two nights already...take care bro. i love you, but my liver's kinda important as well lah. haha. but you're priority of course. cheers. =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

emrilthemanslut, emrilthebitch & bestfrenem

i once had a friend called emril. now he's called emrilthemanslut. emril would not have been emrilthemanslut if he hadn't disturbed me on my date the other night by bringing his whole troupe of friends to my table at wala's...

just kidding lah, emrilthebitch. i know you prefer emrilthemanslut, but hey...this is my blog and i can write whatever i want...git your own damn writing space if you wanna complain! muahahaha.

ANYWAY, before i make things worse...let me tell you people something about emril. emril's the most eligible malay bachelor i know...or should i be saying DR. emril (soon to be at least). he's handsome, he drives a beaming maroon bmw that kicks ass, he's not too bad at football (hehe), and last but not least of all, i know that i said i once had a friend called emril, but now he's known as bestfrenem...

happy birthday abang! cheers. =)

(p.s. - applicants to be ms. bestfrenem can email me...there will be no service charge for a promotional period of one week. warning: he has high standards. hahaha.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

lawyers don't lie

for the first time in literally years, i met up with one of my ex-girlfriends, ct, for dinner today at the sun with moon restaurant (wheelock place)...

*moby and ct exchange usual pleasantries...blah blah blah...*
ct: so how have you changed since you left nus?
moby: hmmm...i think i've grown more hard. i used to be able to trust people before i started work and...
ct: what makes you think that people could trust YOU last time???
moby: err...ohhhkaaayyy...i'm sorry that i hurt you? haha.
ct: ok...continue...
moby: hmmm...nowadays i'm also more independent cuz at work...
ct: to make up for the times when other people were dependent on you???
moby: err...ohhhkaaayyy...i'm sorry that i hurt you? haha.
ct: ok...what else?
moby: i've learned not to argue with lawyers?
ct: har har...but that didn't stop you from going out with them in bulk last time, did it???
moby: err...ohhhkaaayyy...i'm sorry that i hurt you? haha.
ct: ok...some more?
moby: well...i'm also fatter?
ct: you're right about one thing! hahaha.
moby: fine. =|
ct: lah, i'm just look better now! really!
moby: i sense sarcasm. =|
ct: hahaha...seriously!
moby: yeah right...and lawyers don't lie. hahahaha.
ct: =|
moby: hehehe.

i'm really sincerely sorry that i hurt you...but you more than got your revenge by giving me a heart attack with the reckless driving while sending me home just now...female lawyers with cars are road hazards with tongues to match. haha.

thanks for the ride was fun for the short while that it lasted. haha. cheers. =)

*note: i foresee a lot of unhappy female advocates & solicitors out there just waiting to slam / scream at me...but what the hell, so what's new? been there, done that. haha.*

Monday, May 22, 2006

private number

i got a missed call from agent 007 today...

he / she was very hush-hush about the whole operation...normally 007 would at least leave an encrypted phone mail message (which would self-destruct in 5 seconds) for me...but this time, i had to call all the other owners of "private numbers" that i knew to find out what the whole damn covert mission was about...and not to mention, which freaking agent called me.

in the end, the undercover mole was so reluctant to betray his / her intentions that i still don't know who the fuck has the intelligence here.

007 kilan lah. tom cruise kilan lah. what's with the shroud of secrecy?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

photographsky - upper peirce reservoir

i meant to publish this earlier, but due to some technical fault on my hello account, the pictures didn't come out properly...

anyway, we went for a walk on mother's day last week...

upper peirce reservoir


flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3

i love mom. =)



layered green

where dad?

park bench

crayfish slayer 1

crayfish slayer 2

upper peirce reservoir water colour

cheers. =)

alcohol retreat

yellow. i'm back from batam. how was my sales retreat you ask? i liken it to a massive drinking party, or rather, an alcohol retreat...for a few of us at least. haha.

day 1 started out at tanah merah ferry terminal and 2 bottles of duty free absolut (one peach and one mandarin). we only just managed to resist the temptation to start the mixing on the ferry cuz most of us watched the champions league match the night before...and besides, it was still only 11am. this resistance came to it's futile end when we reached batam, unpacked, and went down for lunch. half of the absolut mandarin disguised in 2 evian bottles became our best friends during our group discussions throughout the afternoon and evening.

night 1 came, and after finishing the "mineral water", we managed to find a hotel bar / is fucking cheap in batam. $10 / monster jug. needless to say, we had our fill of tiger and heineken for the night...which ended at 430am.

day 2 started off slightly better than day 1 (in that we didn't start drinking till late) cuz most of us were nursing either a splitting headache or bruising on various body parts due to unknown causes. i was part of the latter group, with a huge bump on the top of my head and another blue-black on my left hip. i vaguely remember it had something to do with my bathtub. anyway, let's just say that we were all hungover from night 1.

we struggled through around 9 hours of presentations from 9am onwards, before mr. thirst started knocking on our doors. again, the vodkas were put into the water bottles, brought down for dinner, and secretly mixed with the soft drinks at our table (the secrecy cuz the hotel would charge corkage if we poured our own alcohol openly). dinner came and went...before our ceo announced that he would be singing a song (as requested by the general public) downstairs at the hotel bar / disco, which we were all too familiar with...drinks were on the company...which meant, hehe...aiyah, you know lah...430am again lah. =)

day 3 also began slightly better than the other two days...mainly cuz we could sleep in...but the alcohol influx didn't stop yet. we still had about half a bottle of absolut peach and 6 cans of duty-free heineken. 3 cans were finished at the hotel lobby while waiting for our transport to come...2 more cans were finished on the bus to the ferry terminal...and the last can was thrown away by my colleague who didn't think that wasting good beer was a sin. the ride back to singapore was spent at the open area on top of the ferry, despite the rain...which made the peach vodka all the more useful...we were all pretty happy when we reached singapore...for various reasons obviously...haha.

what an end to the retreat. we should have more of these trips lah boss.

cheers. =)

(p.s. - i only bought 1 chivas and 1 red wine from duty more beer / vodka for a while. haha.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

shamu the chic

i'm feeling kinda bitchy today...

singapore has a lot of beautiful women...i know cuz i see them on the streets almost every single day, and i meet one or two every once or twice in a lifetime...but then there are those who deserve to be bitched about...

i was walking along shenton way today, checking out the good people passing by...when suddenly, out of no where, this chic cuts right in front of me, shoots me this ooo-i'm-so-sexy-look, and with a flip of her rebonded hair, sashays off like naomi claudia evangelista without even a glance back (though i could have sworn she was checking from the reflections on the buildings to see if i was watching her). she could have made right said fred faint.

now don't get me wrong...this happens a lot to guys, and i know you girls get a kick from the attention...but this chic should have been splashing waves with shamu the killer whale at sea world instead of haunting the ways of shenton. i kid you not. i wish this on no other man / beast-other-than-whales. =

know your assets and flaunt them...if you don't have any, go for a swim, bitch.

ok...enough bitching for now...cheers. =)

(p.s. - i'm going off to batam, the god-forsaken-island, for a company sales "retreat"...note the ""...3 days 2 nights with people i already spend 5 out of 7 days in a week with. i pray for my sanity and liver functionality. you should too. haha. cheers.)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

yo-yo man

when i was young, i loved yo-yos...remember those things? i used to have a few of them cuz i thought that they were damn fucking cool. i even knew how to "walk the dog"...which took a hell of a lot of practice i must add...

and then, as suddenly as they shot to prominence, yo-yos went out of fashion when i was in the 6th grade...playing violas and winning girls' hearts became more important to me...hehe. but check this out:

cool guy...hehe. i bet he's got chics spinning around and up and down just waiting for his yo-yo. haha. respect to you, yo-yo man. cheers. =)

Monday, May 15, 2006

you had me at hello

*moby's house*
0700hrs: moby wakes up from his beautiful slumber by the sound of his alarm clock
0715hrs: moby really wakes up after 3 snooze buttons
0725hrs: moby finishes quick shower, irons clothes
0745hrs: moby steps out of his house with a bounce in his step

*side gate of moby's estate*
0800hrs: moby sees 2 couples in front of him in taxi queue
0805hrs: moby sick of waiting for taxis so starts to call for a booking

*comfort cablink office*

comfort cablink bastard (ccb): alert alert! we have a 10/40 from moby's mobile phone again! all hands on deck! i repeat, all hands on deck!!!
singtel operations bastard(sob): roger that. all hands on deck. on my count! 3, 2, 1, hit it!
ccb: yes sir! *hits button labelled "thank you response"*

*side gate of moby's estate*

moby's mobile phone: "thank you for calling comfort cablink...all our operators are busy at the moment...your call is important to us...please hold for assistance..."
moby: cheebye. important kilan lah...

*comfort cablink office*

sob: what's the status report gentlemen?
ccb: i detect a strong signal of discontent and impatience with mr. moby, sir!
sob: steady, steady...we're almost there...
ccb: i don't know,'re treading on a thin line here...he could break at any moment...
sob: wait...wait.........ok...and now!
ccb: yes sir! *hits button labelled "ohmygod lousy operator"*

*side gate of moby's estate*

ohmygod lousy operator (olo): do you need a cab now mr. moby?
moby: yeah lah!
olo: where are you now, sir?
moby: what??? i have been waiting for the stupid speed-call thingy that i automatically get transferred to when i dial your number to get me a cab at my estate, and you're telling me that you still don't know where the hell i am after freaking 25 minutes???
olo: it...err...moby's estate?
moby: yes!!! now can i get a taxi???
olo: where are you headed off to sir?
moby: moby's office.
olo: please hold for your taxi number...
moby: argh!!!!!! sigh...

*comfort cablink office*

ccb: what should we do, sir?
sob: keep moby on for as long as you can...the seconds will tick away so that we can charge him for the extra time that he's using our line...just imagine what those extra 20 cents per minute could do for your bonus!
ccb: but, but...
sob: no buts about it! your ass will be on the line if you screw this up! no puns intended.
ccb: wah lan eh...

*side gate of moby's estate*

moby: that's it. fuck you. *had enough of waiting for a taxi booking and hangs up*

comfort taxi cab driver: where to boss?
moby: moby's office please...
*moby's mobile phone rings*
moby: hello?
moby's mobile phone: hello, is this moby? i'm ccb from comfort cablink operations division, staff number 53490...
moby: what you want?
moby's mobile phone: i didn't mean to hurt you!!! just when i thought i was out, they pulled me back in!!!
moby: you had me at hello. *hangs up*

call me a conspiracy theorist, but i hate all call centres...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

fa cup 2006 champions

match of the year:

fa cup final 2006

fluke goal 1

fluke goal 2

cisse volley goal

gerrard half volley goal 1

fluke goal 3

gerrard fucking-brilliant-goal-of-the-century half volley goal 2

reina save 1

reina save 2

the reds

fa cup 2006 champions

fa cup 2006 champions

(pictures courtesy of soccernet)

i still can't believe it. goosebumps adorn my arms as i type. reds for life. cheers. =)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

videographsky - nouilles coréennes par moby

after getting inspiration yesterday night from goon, my friend who has a food blog, guess what i had for lunch today? i promise you won't puke after watching this video. hehe. =)

anyone hungry? i make mean fat juicy steaks too. stay tuned. hehe. cheers. =)

Friday, May 12, 2006

mahjong marathon mobygoonjasonwayne

"faster lah!"

mahjong marathon mobygoonjasonwayne starts at 1800hrs. wish me luck guys! cheers. =)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

flushed out

it took me no less than three sittings to literally flush out (and flush down) last night's heinekens...that's what you get when you bypass dinner for drinks at bala. i'm tired. =|

wala's anyone? haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

pasar malam makan

buttered and lightly salted golden droplets of corn, crispy freshly cut slices of guava covered with a delightfully sweet and tangy concoction of powdered sour plums, and a banana leaf fire-roasted to perfection encompassing a savoury mixture of fish and herbs (otah lah) palate was satisfied at the clementi pasar malam just now...hehe.

so what's your favourite pasar malam makan? =D

Monday, May 08, 2006

regular @ wala's

moby: "take my photo off the wall if it just won't sing for you..." *singalong*
newbie wala waitress (nww): sir, can i have your credit card to reserve your drinks?
moby: err...i'm paying by cash...
nww: oh ok...that'll be $17...
moby: huh??? you sure?
nww: err...i mean, it'll be $16...
moby:'s a $50...
nww: thank you...
old bird waitress: @#$^W$% &^$@ *something in hindi*
nww: oh i'm so sorry sir...i didn't know that you were a regular... *hands moby back his $50*
moby: cool...hehe... *thinks to mobyself..."wow! i'm a regular here already!!! but where the hell's my vip card???"*

finally...some recognition for my efforts...haha.

don't worry, be happy. i love you too jack. haha. cheers. =)


i was chatting with a friend (the sister of another blogger that i know)...and cuz i saw that her nick on msn was something like "pack pack pack"...

moby: where you going off to?
sister of blogger (sob): moved out of hall... =) but don't know whether i should be happy about that though...
moby: fwah...i was actually quite heart-broken when i left the hall...

which was quite true...after staying for so damn long in one place, after knowing everyone from the head chef of both the malay AND chinese food sections, to the pizza delivery boy, to the toilet cleaners in the does get kinda heart-wrenching when you have to leave all that. but i guess life is really all about adjusting to change.

i almost nearly cried when i packed the last bit of old stuffed toys from ex-gfs, inter-hall games medals and other useless nonsense from my was all very emotional to me. but now that i look back, i realise that it was good that i was able to step out and move onto the next stage in my life.

may your transitions in life be as smooth as can be, diana...cheers. =)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

photographsky - roadtrip kl day 2

sorry people, i gave up with the day 2 videos for roadtrip's too shaky already...coupled with a massive wala wala's hangover...i don't know which one's making me nauseous right now...

anyway, here are some photos that i took on day 2...easier to stomach i suppose...haha.

more petronas towers

kl tower


many directions

giant prawn

josonsky kl

kl from kl tower

camel building

hotel chandelier

that's about it folks...

btw, plans are in the making for another roadtrip next weekend...hopefully i can get better shots then.

have a good weekend.

Friday, May 05, 2006

videographsky - roadtrip kl day 1 (part ii)

this is the second installment...

i've had many complaints that the first one made people sick. too bad. live with it. hahaha. don't say i never warn you hor. hehe.

btw, this new video is pretty took 40 minutes just to save the damn thing to my hard disk on microsoft movie maker...and another 20 minutes to upload it on lah, got too much shit to share already...and i'm too fucking tired from work to edit anything, which is why i took the easy way out and fast forwarded everything.

once again, take some pills first before watching...and don't eat before you click play. haha.

and that ends day 1...i'll try to conjure up some more time to do up the other videos properly...please forgive me...i know not what i do.

cheers. =)


another friendsky has been added! check out goon (aka adrian) and his food blog...

goon used to be my so-called roommate back in raffles hall. i say "so-called roommate" cuz he only moved in with me to escape his horror-filmlike-chinaman-ex-roommate...and also cuz i happened to be staying in my ex-girlfriend's room most of the time, which effectively provided him with a single-double room.

goon is one of the good guys. welcome aboard sailor! keep us in the loop on the food happenings!

cheers. =)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

show me the light

work sucks...i got into the top 3 sales chart, but all they gave me in return was a freaking measly $30 taka voucher. =|

when's project lca going to materialise? sigh. from the looks of it, never.

give me something to cheer about. show me the light. =|

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

videographsky - roadtrip kl day 1 (part i)

hello boys and girls...i'm back from kl. =)

apologies for keeping you people waiting for the videos and stuff of my roadtrip...but wait no's here. due to the large amount of crap that i filmed on the trip, i have to split it into a few here's part i...

note: look out for cambo jo and me singing to "carrie" by europe on the way...hehe. btw, you might wanna take some sea sickness pills if you intend to watch this more than me.

there's more to come be continued...

cheers. =)