Sunday, August 28, 2005

photographsky - macritchie reservoir

the skies were pretty clear today...

clear skies

so my dad and i decided it would be nice to take a "stroll" (more on that later) at:

macritchie reservoir park

after we finally parked the car after going a few laps around the carpark, i told my dad the story about how i warped the car's antennae while parking, which is why it can only retract half way. this is more or less the same expression he had when i told him about the long scratch on the driver's side of the car, and about running the red light...

stern dad

so, we finally headed down towards the "stroll"...

macritchie bridge

macritchie 1

macritchie 2

macritchie 3

along the way, we came across some aborigines of macritchie...

macritchie monkey

there was one monkey that actually stole a water bottle from this ang moh kid, and climbed onto a tree with it...and then when the ang moh mother came running to get it back, the monkey actually threw it onto her head...damn hilarious...too bad i didn't get a picture...i swear the monkey was laughing his furry head off.

anyway, back to the "stroll". my dad finally revealed his plan of bringing me to macritchie:

dad: 要不要赛跑?(wanna race?)
moby: huh??? 不要啦!我只想要散步... (no lah! i only wanna stroll)
dad: 老人家才散步...年青的男人要运动运动! (strolling is for geezers...young men must exercise!)
moby: huh???
dad: ok...bye bye! *starts running*

dad jog / race 1

dad jog / race 2

dad jog / race 3

pretty soon, my dad was running so fast that even my camera couldn't capture him...maybe also cuz he was on the other side of the reservoir already...

dad jog / race 4

i decided that i had to start running case he kena attacked by monkeys or some other creepy crawlies...but i just couldn't catch was really a race!!! when i finally caught up, we faced a fork in the road...

fork in the road 1

we decided to take the road less travelled. =)

fork in the road 2

then as we were finally strolling, my dad decided to entertain me with some stories about his trip to the states (he just came back 2 weeks ago)...and how he went to this dock somewhere in maine...and caught this etc, etc...yeah, yeah...riiiight...

fisherdad's tale

my dad wanted to show off his photo taking skills too, but that failed miserably when he included me in the picture...hahaha...

macritchie sky

so he passed the camera back to me, and i started taking the real stuff...

macritchie sunset 1

macritchie sunset 2

macritchie sunset 3

macritchie sunset 4

macritchie sunset 5

my dad decided that it wasn't time to go home yet...cuz he still wanted to exercise some more!!!

dad sit-up 1

very fast again...

dad sit-up 2

he was doing so many that it was starting to get dark...

dad sit-up 3

the sun had almost set by the time he was finished...

macritchie sunset 6

after that, we went to feast on a bowl of BIG prawn noodles each at adam road food centre...$10 a shot...and if you add as much chili powder as i did, it'll be more happening than any tequila crap selling at the same price...

anyway, all in all, it was a really enjoyable "stroll". bonding with my dad...something that i haven't really had the chance to do as of late. i've been too busy feeling sorry for myself, making excuses and ostracising my family. this should become a more regular fact, my dad asked me to go "hiking" next week...i wonder if i should bring my hiking boots or my sprinting shoes...maybe i'll bring my mountain bike along too, just in case he meant triathlon...haha. =)


Jo said...

bonding with dad is cool

spend more time with him b4 you go abroad

pink trumpet said...

your pix are cool....why couldn't i take the same when i last jogged at macritchie ??
btw there's a kayak centre for public at macritchie now. turn right at the carpark, instead of left which most joggers do.
you write with a good mix of humour and a dun-take-myself-too-seriously attitude. nice :)

moby sky said...

jo...yeah...i will...

pink trumpet...i think you should try to stop jogging first before you take the pictures...cuz the scenery's there for the special skills or camera required. haha. i know about the kayak place too...i'll go there next time...oh yeah, and thanks for the compliment. =)

Chelonia Munnster said...

yo! You wanna start on triathlon? hee hee... train with me lah... relaxed pace, slower than your dad, no pressure. just build endurance. haha... but erm.... i think u'd probably need to change yr bike to a road bike instead of a MTB. Hey you gonna use the Hitec boots from Chiangmai?
Just enjoy your strolls and wisdom collection from dad lah... cheers man!

furfur_angel said...

I dun mean to be rude but it should be 赛跑 not 塞跑.

塞 mean to stuff things.

moby sky said...

munnster...are you crazy? join you for triathlon?? i'd probably drown first lah...or get mistaken for an elephant seal by one of those lurking sharks...yeah, i'm gonna wear my hi-tecs from chiangmai...and yeah, i got a lot of wisdom to catch up on...haha.

furfur_angel...oops...i think misread it...thanks for the correction...i'll update it now. anyway, where's your blog???

May said...

Uncle, where's my RH vcd?

moby sky said...

may...lunch on wed? i'll be in the cbd area again...i'll try to burn one before then...if not, then i'll just pass you mine first. =)

furfur_angel said...

moby no prob man!

Here the URL

Injenue said...

it's nice to go male bonding with papa. *thumbs up*

blinkymummy said...

Your father is damn funny!!
I also like the monkey!!
I want to bring home!!!