Sunday, September 25, 2005

photographsky - raffles marina

the weather was superb today, so once again, i decided to spend some quality time with my folks. we decided to make our way to:

raffles marina

right after i took the picture above, some security guard came out and asked me why i'm taking pictures. so i told him that i was an undercover spy working for the malaysian navy out on a reconnaissance mission, and that i'd let him have my autograph if he was nice. he was nice and left me alone. sheesh...did you know that you need written permission to take photos there??? what nonsense...

anyway, by the time we got there, it was already about 6 plus, so most of the boats were already back in their berths...


more boats

the wind was pretty strong there...which kinda explains my mom's hair...hahaha.

moby and mom

not much to say about the i'll just let the pictures tell the story. =)

setting sun 1

setting sun 2

setting sun 3

setting sun 4

setting sun 5

this is the lighthouse i brought adeline to on our first (and only) valentine's day. i had planned it quite immaculately...i did the blind-fold thing all the way from our place in cashew park till we reached raffles marina (ala her birthday celebration), where i had a picnic ready. we had some ham and cheese sandwiches, salad, fruit juice, etc etc...basically the works...except we arrived there a bit too early...2pm isn't the ideal time to be at raffles marina, unless you're looking for a sunBURN. anyway, it was still lovely...we stayed all the way until dinner time, where we ate at the restaurant there...the food sucked, but who cares, it's the company that counts. but anyway, when i took the next few pictures, it brought back a flood of good memories. =)

lighthouse 1

lighthouse 2

lighthouse 3

lighthouse 4

boats @ night

and then we went home.

my mom just came back from the states about 2 weeks she brought me some stuff...


beef jerky!!!

some office wear:

boss ties

and the HIGHLIGHT of the day:

minolta camera

my first REAL SLR camera. well done...who cares if it's a hand-me-down from my younger brother...i've already started taking some shots at raffles marina, but i'm gonna save the rest of the film for another photographsky trip somewhere sometime next outing to look forward to. =)


Chelonia Munnster said...

when you thinking of a photographsky trip? are u gonna jio the cameramunn out too?

moby sky said...

munnster...only a few select people are allowed on these photographsky trips. btw, are you free this saturday? =)

Jo said...

ALL-TIME FAVOURITE snacks? wonder you're such a beefy j*rk? hehehe...just kidding, y'know i love u rite?

from younger brother - isn't that a hand-me-up?

Larry Loe said...


Chelonia Munnster said...

this sat? depends on the time.. but it's the 168km ultramarathon this weekend!!! you can do a special photographsky segment on ultramrathoners running all over singapore!

moby sky said...


loe...they're the best!!!

munnster...i was thinking of ubin...but if you're occupied, then let me know...i gotta select a few more select people to go....haha.