Wednesday, November 23, 2005

photographsky - fort canning park

as promised...

on my birthday last saturday, i went out with my parents for our usual weekend walk...and since it was my birthday, and cuz we'd be going for a nice dinner after that, i decided to wear pants while photographskying...

photographsky in pants!!!

we decided to go to...

fort canning park

along the way on our walk...there were lotsa humungous trees and cool stuff...

fort canning tree 1

fort canning tree 2

fort canning old tree 3.1

fort canning old tree 3.2

fort canning tree 4

fort canning tree 5

fort canning tree 6

stay away from drugs

there's a great view there of the city skyline...i recommend it for people who wanna see how fast singapore is growing...

singapore skyline 1

i like the next picture cuz it shows the reflection of the semi-sunset on the building, and also, of the reverse bungy jump thingy at clarke quay...and if you look closely enough, you can even hear the screams from the deranged people silly enough to sit in that carriage...

singapore skyline 2

singapore skyline 3

a few more pictures with my folks...btw, mom and dad decided to bring a change of huh? now you know where the brains in the family went...

moby and mom

moby and dad

the people at fort canning even let me have a go at their arsenal cuz it was my birthday...

moby and canon in d

i felt like cuba gooding jr. in pearl harbour...

gun ho!!!

no??? no same same? sheesh...ok...can't even let a dog have his day...

ANYWAY, we went to sistina's in holland village for dad and i had the "beef tenderloin garnished in red wine sauce with king prawns" chef's special, while my mom had the rack of lamb specialty from the menu...fantastico! they even gave me a slice of their tiramisu cake with a candle that kept blowing out (cuz of the fan and air-con combination) while my dad was trying to take pictures of my mom and i...haha...too bad the lighting was not great (candlelight leh), so we couldn't get a proper shot...anyway, i blew it out effortlessly.

thus ends another year...and thus ends another chapter...stay tuned for volume sky's life... =)


GraceYuMommy said...

nice to see a happy family outing. clap clap clap. oh btw, happy birthday. you are only 27! very young. ha ha

fort canning tree 5 and 6 photos look great. there is an old flame of the forest with branches wide spread out, in the playground near my house and i always like to look up and stare at it against the sky during dusk. looks scary to me. captivating to be exact.

good shots.

ene said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Mr Sky
Happy birthday to you !

Many Happy Returns ! :)

27 years old ! Tsk tsk. So young.

moby sky said...

thanks girls! =)