Monday, August 25, 2008

octopusky part ii

for those of you who were wondering what happened to octopusky...wait no longer...

supper from landlord

my landlord damn cute...

"tien chi,

if you find the octopus is too hard to eat, throw away. octopus 太老了 *too old already*!!!"

and yeah, i took one bite and chucked the sucker...haha. thanks anyway, auntie. =)

cheers. =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


night fishing...first catch...

WTF is that???



i think this fishing thing is quite infectious...especially when i'm catching weird stuff.

luck plays a large part as well, of which i've had quite a bit of when it comes to fishing...although i might add that it has seemingly deserted me in the other aspects of life. hmmm...

note to self: like they always create your own luck.

cheers. =)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

kuala rompin fishing trip

weekend fishing trip at kuala rompin...

all set

day 1...

sunrise day 1

jetty 1

jetty 2

fishing in the open sea

zzz...sea-sick people


open up and say ahhh!!!

baby grouper

day 1 catch

day 1 relaxation

day 2...

sunrise day 2

baby barracuda


the biggest catch ever (take 1)

the biggest catch ever (take 2)


i've finally realised one of my lifelong dreams of fishing for, and catching a sailfish...a real live sailfish. amazing.

damn amazingly cool in fact. can't wait for the next trip...

cheers. =)

(p.s. - we released it alive and well.)