Wednesday, June 18, 2008


"hi there..."

"'s been a while huh?"

"let's not make this too awkward, yeah?"

"ok...i'm sorry for not updating you on my happenings...well, it's just that...i moved house and changed my know how it is..."

"'s not that i don't like you anymore's just that..."

"no lah! why would i start another blog somewhere else???"

"why can't you just let me update you as and when i want to update you?? i'm not cheating on you lah! i need my space too you know..."

"bullshit. i don't believe that you can't live without got so many other people writing on your wall..."

"yeah lah...i know it's been like almost a month...that's why i'm writing this entry now what! sheesh! live a little can?"

"wah lau eh. don't threaten me like that...cuz i might just end it with you and your nonsense lor..."

"sigh...yeah, it's ok...i didn't mean it in that way either lah..."

"yeah lah...i'm sorry too...kiss kiss..."

"err...don't want lah...i'm with my friends now lah..."

"ohhkay...i missed you too! happy now?!?"

"what? after all that talk you still want me to update you tomorrow??? @#$!%"

"aiyah, see how lah...i'm busy with work nowadays lah! you think that i'm as free as last time ah?!"

"ooi! stop it lah! i never said that you weren't good enough lah! you just don't understand!!!"

"of course my friends can hear what i'm saying to you lah!!! i'm exclaiming to you using exclaimation marks what!!!"

"siao!! you then not serious when you said sorry lah!"


"right back at ya!"

"eh...stop it lah. we're not getting anywhere...i tell you what. if i've got time, then i'll update you...if not, then you'll just have to have a little patience, ok? fair??"

" i admit that i was negligent. but now that you know where i'm coming from, i will try harder..."

"and yes, i will try to upload pictures even though i'm using a non-sony laptop already...once i figure out how to do it..."

"ok. cheerios to you too. good night."

cheers. =)