Friday, March 28, 2008

jason's birthday and botak jones

remembering my good friends' birthdays has always been a certain trait of mine.

actually it doesn't take much it a simple phone call to remind him / her that they're one year older...or a grand 10-course chinese dinner...i never forget a good friend's birthday.

so...on the 26th of march, jason was born 32 years ago.

i called up the usual gang for the celebrations...

goon...he is actually a very well-known food critic...he even has his own blog (oooo)...haha.

and angsty jo...who's quite angsty.

jason wasn't around for pictures cuz he was away in the gold coast (australia)...but we all knew that he was with us in spirit...and vice versa, he knew that we were with him in the gold coast in spirit too.

so anyway, for the joyous and special occasion, we ended up at the toa payoh botak jones...

the master food critic at work...

he had the 200 grams worth of lamb chop...which was surprisingly huge.

i have a sneaky suspicion that after goon wrote this entry on botak jones last year, mr. jones actually sent out an internal memo to all his staff with goon's picture on it...telling them to give him extra portions the next time they saw him in the queue.

i mean, just look at the size of mary's lamb...

$11.50 was a good deal indeed.

and then, on the side of the table...we have angsty jo's order.

before we reached the toa payoh, while we were in my car, he was spouting lyrical about how karma made the world revolve and all...meaning, he felt that i deserved the bus lane violation fine that i'm (hopefully not) going to get.

which is why he got his cajun chicken...and that angsty face.

it was a tad on the small side...and it looked a bit dry...but then again, you get what you pay for...which was only $7.50 for this piece of fowl. karma baby, karma. =D

now, onto literally the biggest order of the ribeye steak.

introducing you to 400 grams of pure meat...pure beef...and pure stpuidity, now that i look back...

the guy at the counter even tried to hint (warn) me of the size..."sir, would you like to have it cut in half? that way, it can cook better."

but no, i was damn hungry...and insisted on the 400 in one slab.

now normally, i'd order my steak rare, cuz for some unknown reason, people here tend to overcook the steaks...ok ok...not really people, but jack's place. however, having been forewarned by the guy at the counter on the enormity of my meal, i changed my mind and said "medium rare" for the $27.50 piece of meat.

the steak was very nicely prepared. brownish on the outside, and pinkish on the in...just the way i like other than the odd tendons that stretched my jaws to no limit, i had a good time gobbling up daisy.

although i can't say the same about my side dishes...

not that they weren't good or anything (i liked the fries quite a bit)'s just that i had no more space left. it's at times like this when i wished that i had 4 stomachs like the cow i ate. hmmm.

happy birthday jason...thanks for making me 0.4kg heavier. haha.

cheers. =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

10 wasted minutes

*moby reaches the ntuc and finds only one 6-pack of vitasoy left on the shelf. *

moby: you have any more stock of this? in 6-pack?
auntie: ask the counter staff to help you check...
moby: oh ok...

*moby goes to counter to pay*
moby: can you help me to check if there's more of this? *points to vitasoy*
counter boy: you have to ask the ground staff to help you check...
moby: but they asked me to come here to check.
counter boy: who?
moby: the auntie over there loh.
counter boy: oh, she don't know one lah.
moby: so who do i ask?
counter boy: ask the people wearing shirts like mine... *points to pink ntuc shirt*
moby: that's what the auntie was wearing! and that's what you're wearing also what...can't you just help me check?
counter boy: i can't. i'm manning the counter.
moby: ... *walks away shaking head*

*moby finds a man wearing a pink ntuc shirt*
moby: excuse me, can you help me to check if you have stock for this vitasoy?
uncle: oh, i can't. i'm from the produce side. you have to ask the office to help you.
moby: what?? where's the office???
uncle: there... *points to office door*

*moby walks to the office door and sees: "no unauthorised entry"*
moby: wah lau eh. *knocks on door*
office staff: yes?
moby: would you be able to help me see if there's any stock for this?
office staff: oh ok. *goes behind store room*

office staff: don't have.
moby: sigh. ok...thanks.
*goes and grabs two big cartons of vitasoy instead, and ends up at the same sales counter*

counter boy: so how? did you find someone to help you?
moby: very difficult. you all work in the same company, but i, the paying customer, have to go around looking for you all, and try to figure out what's going on...
counter boy: ...

we all need to (and have a choice to) take responsibility sometimes, cuz a little effort can go a long way. especially for the continuous support and loyalty of customers...and the additional 10 minutes of my time.

i think i'll be going to holland v cold storage next time...

(p.s. i wonder if things would have been different if i had red hair...hmmm.)

Monday, March 17, 2008


moby: season two was quite the bore for me...too emo already.
y: i do wish i could have claire's regenerating of cells.
moby: don't we all...i wish i could fly..
y: hahaha. i wish i could paint too.
y: but best of all, i wish i was sylar!!!
moby: but of course...the bad guy always seem to appeal to the ladies...hahaha.
y: i'm more keen on all his powers he gets. not so much of his personality. he's psychotic - must be the childhood he's been through.
moby: yeah, it's like the combination of all that's good becomes evil....hmmm. interesting.
y: yeah. heroes is pretty cool.

here's to healing powers and time travel...may your recovery be swift and nothing short of heroic.

cheers. =)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

mind games

i went out with this chic recently...

"i don't like guys who play mind games."

hahaha. we're all in the game my dear...unfortunately, it's not as simple as 1, 2, 3 anymore...especially since you're a player yourself.

game on. =)

cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

anniversary present?

it's been a year of trials and tribulation...a very testing 52 weeks i must say. but come next friday, skymobile and i will be celebrating our first year anniversary together...

the celebrations will be costly though...cuz they come in the form of road tax and insurance renewal. sigh.

speaking of which, does anyone have a good lobang for cheap car insurance? please contact me:

or, since i'm feeling lucky, does anyone want to sponsor skymobile's anniversary gift? please contact me at the same email address. =)))

haha. cheers. =)