Monday, June 27, 2005

photographsky - original

i'm going to resurrect one of my old hobbies. i bought a nikon coolpix 4100 last december...i went on once-a-week photography trips to bukit timah nature reserve, botanical gardens, even the freaking singapore orchid gardens in mandai. there was this once that i wanted to take pictures of traffic going know, the exposure kinda pictures with the streaking lights and anyway, i was standing on top of this overhead bridge at around 7pm...not too dark i was waiting for all the cars to go screaming past (cuz this was along bukit timah road)...but it didn't fact, they all started slowing down when they reached the bridge. only later did i realise that i probably looked like one of those mobile speed camera people. in the end, i gave up cuz i couldn't get any good i decided to take them from the bus that i took back home...this is the best that i got:

(not great, but hey, it was on a BUS)

it's funny how your whole life changes when you lose someone or something that you really care about. i don't deal very well with change. the irony is that i've had change my whole life...from taiwan, then to california, then to new york, then to michigan, then finally singapore. i always put "adaptability can be considered my forte" in my resumes / cover letters to potential employers...the ironies in life.

a few months ago, i bought a book for a special someone. it's called "the missing piece". it's a nicely drawn cartoon-like book by shel silverstein...i've been reading his books since i was in primary school...good stuff...his books make great gifts too...anyway, "the missing piece" is about a shape (a roundish pizza like shape with one pizza missing...). i actually wanted to buy the book for this person cuz i felt as if i could persuade her to think that i was the piece. however, i guess i didn't read into the book deeply enough the first time, cuz it's actually about a shape that was looking for the missing piece in him, but in the end, couldn't enjoy the finer things in life because when he found the missing piece, he was rolling too fast to enjoy them. in the end, he decided to leave the piece to play with the butterflies again. i guess this kinda striked a chord with me. i've always gone into a relationship too intense...maybe blinded...blinkered...suffocating even. i guess i still have a lot to learn. it's back to the drawing boards...and back to the finer things in life...or at least taking pictures of them.

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Jo said...

good shit but kinda depressing reading ur shit, making me feel lonely....errr, ok bye