Thursday, October 20, 2005

mini photographsky - orchard road

as i mentioned in my previous post, i was on medical leave today...i actually wanted to do some more photographsky stuff in town, but the weather just didn't allow for was raining the whole day.

i only managed to take some exposure shots at night, when i was hanging around paragon (yeah, i ended up going back there) having coffee with some friends...i played with the photo software a bit after coming back home...

orchard exposure 1

orchard exposure 2

orchard exposure 3

orchard exposure 4

i gotta come back another day to get better shots...i see a lot of potential. =)

sigh...another day gone, another mc used again tomorrow. what a routine.


blinkymummy said...

i also wanna learn how to do it!!

moby sky said...

bm...err...ok...if you've got the time lah...haha.

ene said...

On MC can go gallivanting around Paragon meh ?


moby sky said... sound like my boss who called me when i was cutting my hair half way..."on mc can still cut hair meh?"...sheesh, am i supposed to be immobilised and bed-ridden if i take mc? the hair-dresser was right next to the clinic!! really!! just like how paragon is right next to my house!! really!! seriously!!