Sunday, October 23, 2005

mini photographsky - raffles hotel

saturday...back to my favourite passtime...

photographsky hiking boots

i called up seow (eugene for the uninitiated) to go out today...

seow's suv

handsome seow 1

he needed to get some "brass binders" from bras basah complex for his portfolio (btw, anyone looking for a really very creative architect???) i decided to follow him there...

actually there weren't a lot of pictures to i was limited to some obligatory shots of the usual stuff in town...


artistic shot 1

artistic shot 2

last artistic shot

we decided to cross the road and ask ourselves why we went to:

raffles hotel

raffles hotel 1

oh well...what the hell...since we were there, i took some not too exciting shots too...

raffles hotel corridor


peacock flower

raffles hotel

sir stamford raffles

handsome seow 2

after that, i agreed to help seow go do some shopping for some work clothes...but i ended up buying my own stuff...70% off leh!!! from $249 to $75!!! =)

new shoes 1

new shoes 2

after that, seow and victor came over and we played risk at my place...stupid game...especially if you lose...fucking stupid game in fact...strategy my ass...tell that to the last person to choose his countries lah!!! argh...i hate losing...

and I HATE IT WHEN LIVERPOOL LOSES!!!!!!!!!! stupid game...

oh least i got a new pair of shoes. =)


ting said...

cool shoes. really good buy!
BTW, white flower's a gardenia. Orange one's peacock flower.

ene said...

I also bought new shoes *big beam*

moby sky said...

ting...thanks for the update again. =)

ene...congrats on finding the perfect shoe...i know the feeling of the hopeless search...haha. =)