Sunday, September 24, 2006

adventuresky thailand - chiang mai

and so i'm back. =)

here're the part 1 highlights of my thailand trip...chiang mai:

somehow the trip ended too soon...11 days is not enough...i want more!!! call me greedy, but i think i'm addicted to travelling...or maybe i've just had too much sun at the beach in phuket. haha.

cheers. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi moby,

how much did u spend on transport and accomodation for these 10 days?


moby sky said...


singapore ~ chiang mai (tiger airways): S$48
chiang mai ~ bangkok (thai railway): THB800
bangkok ~ phuket (air asia): THB800
phuket ~ krabi (bus): THB166
krabi ~ singapore (tiger airways): S$48

chiang mai: THB500 per night
bangkok: THB700 per night
phuket: S$60+

hope this helps...cheers. =)

ewok said...

i love live shrimp...

Evelyn said...

hey moby!
how is budget terminal and tigerairways?

i'm going to bangkok in feb (i know it's still ages away! haha) and it will be my 1st time flying budget and leaving via the BT..
i hate it! cos i won't be able to "play" at the changi airport transit area. :( i've always loved to walk walk around at the many many many shops!

is there duty-free at the BT? good?

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

There is a small duty free shop at BT. If you need any items and they don't have it, you can wait awhile and they will get it sent from the other 2 terminals.
Nothing much to shop around in BT

Lilian Tan said...

u r making me jealous!! but i'm making u jealous cause i gonna to go during the winter mth for