Tuesday, August 09, 2005

photographsky - labrador park

as we were driving towards our next destination, we had a few encounters with some vehicles...

padded bus


labrador park was recently refurbished...as we found out when we reached...there's even a restaurant there now...called olive....not too bad...i didn't feel like taking pictures of the restaurant itself cuz it wasn't convenient...but here's the view...

olive restaurante view

we took a walk along the paths of labrador park...we saw a lot of scenery...

labrador park jetty

gnarly wood

fisherman 1

fisherman 2

but as we were walking along the shore, we saw this couple who were obviously going to tie the knot soon...what we were wondering was...what the fuck was the photographer was doing. a water pump for a background? i know it's red and lucky and whatever...but...err...maybe i should have offered my services to the bride and groom instead...

wedding couple 1

wedding couple 2 Posted by Picasa

anyway, it was fun just roaming around singapore taking photos. we're going to do it again one of these days. =)


mooiness said...

Hey cool idea and cool pics! Excellent. :)

Injenue said...

nice pics! i wanna go labrador park already! haha. is the restaurant good? i mean the food and all?

moby sky said...

mooiness...thanks...you should try it sometime. =)

injenue...err...don't know cuz never tried the food there...but the scenery is quite nice. bring fayeth there and find out for yourselves lah! haha.