Sunday, October 02, 2005

photographsky - lower seletar reservoir park

this afternoon, i laced up my hiking boots again...

hi-tec hiking boots

and headed down to...

lower seletar reservoir park

the weather was nice, so i decided to pack myself a nice picnic...

queens market tao hui

i got there a bit early, around 6pm, so i wanted the sun to go down before i did some serious shooting on my minolta the meantime, i used my nikon coolpix until about sundown. anyway, as always, i'll let the pictures do the storytelling. =)

lower seletar reservoir 1

lower seletar reservoir 2

lower seletar reservoir 3

*lower seletar reservoir is quite near to the mrt track...for those of you who take the north-south should be able to see the reservoir when you are going between khatib and yio chu kang stations.*

mrt track

there's even porch there for lovers to act all "'o romeo...'o where art thou romeo?"


there's a jetty for fishermen and stuff, but it was pretty empty when i reached (you'll find out why later). *i love how the shadows of the side railings form the lines straight down the middle...*


and i saw some native inhabitants...

perching birds

and then i overheard this father explaining to his son that the small fish he caught should be thrown back to live cuz "he had a family back in the water"...err...whatever...

father & son fishing

but anyway, it kinda made me reminisce about my first fishing experience with my dad: i don't really rememeber all that much actually, just that i was about 5 years old, and it was at a lake in taiwan where my dad used to teach, and that i hooked his ear when i tried to cast my rod. i don't even know if i caught anything else other than his earlobe...haha. memories for life...

then there were other people fishing too.

old friends fishing

the guy on the right had another rod set up about 10 metres away...he had this slithery thing on it, which i think was a catfish. at first i thought that he caught something...but apparently, it was actually on the hook cuz it was his bait...he was going for toman (snakeheads)!!! cool shit (apparently you can't catch them off of the jetty...hence it's emptiness)...i actually saw this other guy at upper peirce reservoir catch this 3-foot toman a few months i was pretty excited. i stayed and talked to the old guy for about 15 minutes...but then i had to endure all his fishermen's tales while i waited for that nevercoming toman bite. i left to the chorus of "at least 80kgs you know!! at least 80 kgs leh!!!" yeah riiight...after that, he wouldn't even let me take his picture cuz he was probably scared that someone would recognise him and his wild he asked me to take one of his rod instead...haha.

fishing rod

anyway, back to the pictures and the real stories...

lower seletar reservoir 4

lower seletar reservoir 5

lower seletar reservoir 6

and then it was time to head on home...i walked along the road, and happened to get some good shots while i was on the sungei seletar bridge...

sungei seletar 1

sungei seletar 2

as darkness fell, and while i was waiting for the bus...

waiting for bus 1

i had a brilliant idea...i'd make use of the time and take some exposure shots!!! cool...

exposure shot 1

while i was taking shot 1, my bus went

waiting for bus 2

when i decided to continue and take another one shot...

exposure shot 2

and guess what?

waiting for bus 3

which led to...

exposure shot 3

and then AGAIN???

waiting for bus 4

wow...that's gotta be a record somewhere...

exposure shot 4

i missed 4 buses while taking those exposure shots...and it didn't help that my bus comes in 15-minute intervals. haha...luckily i went on this trip by myself...

i think i'm becoming more independent already. i've been doing all sorts of shit by myself recently. it feels good to be alone sometimes. =)

but i know that i'll never walk alone tonight. GO REDS!!! =)


ene said...

Love those exposure shots :)

PS. Stumbled upon your blog via BlinkyMummy who's a workmate, btw and thought I'd stop being a lurker and leave a comment.

farewellwaltz said...

like ur photos. and i luv our reserviors too....changi boardwalk is my fave.
and u always tell ur story with some dose of humour! haha. 1 hour of bus-waiting just for 4 photos, well done.

moby sky said...

ene...thanks. i'm glad you like my shit. =)

farewellwaltz...thanks. i also have another collection of photos that i took at the changi beach club (though the pictures aren't as nice as the later ones, but i think that's where you're talking about right?) here:

thanks for reading!!! cheers! =)

Lee Poh See said...

hahaha.... miss 4 buses!!! you are funny!!! the shots are nice!!!



Duxton said...

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

do u do photography for leisure only or do it for work?