Saturday, June 30, 2007


to all you instrumentalists and musicians out there...check this...and be amazed (especially the guitarists):

i can almost see his face...axel rose?

wow. i'm still waiting for my breathe to catch up...freaking good shit...compared to this:

har in REAL in depth har har...

damn...i don't know about you, but i'm a wannabe already...inspirational stuff...cheers. =)

Friday, June 29, 2007


i liken my life now to bohemian rhapsody...

i struggle with it's true meaning...but here's wiki's take on it. no wonder i've always felt drawn to this song...brilliant song.

mercury is a planet in the sky...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

move my cheese

so, as i was eating my tom yum soup packeted from downstairs just now, i got yet another piece of news...

yet another one of my exes is getting married...4 out of 6...well fucking done. luckily, none of them reads this shit...or else they'd think that i'm not over them, or that i'm still hung up about "us"...bleah...

it's just a "different" kinda feeling you know? when you find out that someone you've loved before is together in perfect harmony with another person. call it ego or what you will, but it still feels weird.

it's like having your wisdom tooth pulled know you have to go through with the damn procedure cuz it's fucking painful otherwise, but yet you feel freaking stupid afterwards...whatever that analogy means.

i think i'm just resistant to change...but how many of us aren't?

i think it's time to move my cheese please.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


it's cool how i can spend an entire saturday night (from 6pm to now) watching 60 minutes on yahoo video...i feel good about myself. i don't need parties or whatnots to keep me entertained all the time.

shit, as if i'm a party person in the first place. bleah. just call me a loser lah.

anyway, the highlight of the videos tonight has to be the interview with aishwarya rai...yeah, india's "most beautiful girl in the world". anyway, the part that captured my attention the most, was not the images of her...

bob simon (bs): a lot of americans are gonna find it very curious...but here you are, a career woman, making good money...and you're living at home, with mom and dad.
aishwarya rai (ar): uh-huh, uh-huh *nods in agreement*
bs: you know that americans will find that very strange...
ar: haha. i wouldn't understand why...but that's probably cuz that's the way of life there...would that be generally so? would that be like everybody has to, or does move out? is there like a social rule?
bs: a thirty year old woman in america who has her own career, and is making good money would not be living at home. obviously there are exceptions, but as a general rule...yes.
ar: i just think it's beautiful how we live together as a family...because by virtue of my career, or my professional life, calls upon me to be travelling most times. i mean, we're gypsies, we're nomads. so, you know...coming back home, home would mean living with your family, because there's just that much time that you get to spend with each other...and i cherish it!
bs: so you've never had your own apartment?
ar: where is the need? i mean, we just live an apartment with the whole family.
bs: do you consider yourself an independent woman?
ar: yes, yes...and i don't see the reason why moving away from your family is a statement of independence...


wow. that part of the interview totally blew me away...and gave me some food for thought too. anyhow, i'm very attracted to woman who are conservative and traditional...and it definitely wouldn't hurt if you looked like aishy here.

too bad she's married already. haha. cheers. =)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

close call

i know this might sound kinda hypocritical, but i HATE tailgaters...with a capital H, A, T & E. (not that i tailgate with intention in the first place lah...the skymobile has a mind of her own know...women...)

so anyway, i was on the way back to farrer from ntu, cruising on the pie (near the jurong east exit)...when suddenly, this freaking motorcycle's headlights came into my rear view mirror. pissed off as i was, i accelerated a bit, but the idiot just kept following me.

skymobile's normally not really interested in flirting with two wheelers, but this one was starting to get really irritating. so she sped up some more...all the way up to 110km/hr. and yet, the single headlight remained in her mirror at the same distance.

eventually, as we reached our exit point at clementi ave 6, it was inevitable that we had to keep left already. so as we filtered out, and as the "freaking motorcylist" passed us, we saw a white motorcycle zoom on by, and prominently imprinted on the side were the words "traffic police"...

i had my heart in my throat the whole journey home...which of course, was a much slower affair than usual. from now on, no more playing with two wheelers already, skymobile. =|

i still wonder why i didn't get pulled over. maybe he reads my blog. haha. yeah right. maybe my luck has changed cuz the bad luck was used up in mahjong already. haha. *touch wood, touch wood*

cheers. =)

back to basics

i'm gonna get back into photographsky...starting this weekend. let me know if you're interested in joining me.

destination: unknown
agenda: to get back into the groove of life

cheers. =)

a peculiar note: speaking of photography, i noticed that when a lot of people say that photography is their hobby, they normally take pictures of themselves, and themselves only. this phenomenon normally presides greatest amongst the female species who take lots of pictures with kissing actions and finger signs. hmmm...very peculiar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

dorothy munchkin

i'm pretty sure that just about everyone who has internet access would have probably seen this video by now...but i don't care...i have to have this on my blog to remember this event...

ladies and gentlemen, connie talbot...

and she didn't only make amanda tear...

what a sweet little girl...she's definitely from over the rainbow...from the way she sings that song, you'd think that her middle name was dorothy...or at least "munchkin". haha. cheers. =)


i just watched this old movie on my laptop called "beyond our ken".

the movie's pretty good...with some twists and turns...but the best part has to be:

gillian chung (锺欣桐)

sweet, intelligent, sexy, demure, great smile, has character, girl-next-door-can-bring-home-to-mother-type...i think i'm in lurve... <3

Sunday, June 17, 2007

the 3 commandments of mahjong

1. playing mahjong two nights in a row is not advisable.

2. playing mahjong with 3 other "高手" is definitely not advisable.

3. playing mahjong with a hangover is wrong.

total damage since friday night: -$88.00

fuck, i've never lost so much before...i think i'm on a suay streak now. stay away.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

goal2010? haha

sadly, i think that the only way singapore football will ever appear on soccernet is through incidents like this. fuck man.

scorpio therapy


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

insomnia awaits
drunken skies snow winter ash
enter sandman now

Monday, June 11, 2007

i accidentally broke off my trexi's left arm.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007


"don't cry because it's over...

smile because it happened..."

-dr. seuss

(grabbed from wayne's blog)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


last saturday, i went fishing again...with damian only this time.

i wasn't a happy fisherman. not only did i not catch anything again (other than the baitfish)...i forgot to put on the blazing, scorching noon day sun at east coast.

this led to me coming home early from work today with a peeling forehead (check out the discolouration...gross)...

and a red nose...

stupid moby...never put on aloe vera for the last two days.

like that how to go to work tomorrow also???

like that how to explain???

"err, boss, i can't see customers today cuz i look like shit." i think he'd just fire me on the spot...not that i need any more burns...

i need some soothing!!! roar!!!

cross junction

went out for lunch today with a colleague (col) and skymobile...

col: eh, you turn at the next cross junction.
moby: ok. *goes to the cross junction and does a u-turn*
col: ooi. i meant turn right lah. not u-turn.
moby: knn, say so lah... =|

green lights and straight roads from now on please...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

my baby

cuz you're worth it. muack!!!

cheers. =)

lemon tree

and i wonder...

(wtf am i doing with my life???)