Thursday, January 01, 2009


happy new year! =)

i received an email the other day:

hi Mr Sky,

I happened to chance upon your blog and it appears that you love cats. Your cat is lucky to have an owner like you. You may find I'm weird to be sending you this mail but I just thought there's no harm asking. I mean the worst outcome would be for you to totally ignore me or reply to tell me how crazy I am right.

Anyway, I would like to check if you would be interested in keeping another cat? I picked up a stray kitten on the streets last week and the poor thing was badly hurt. She is about 8 weeks old and all black...I took her to see a vet and she is currently staying at my place recovering very well. I would love to keep her, but I am living a HDB flat and my parents do not want a pet. So I am looking for a new owner for her.

Well, let me just tell you more about Miss Blackie. She had a large open wound on her right front leg and the right hind leg was fractured when I found her. But she was still very feisty despite that, and was meowing loudly non-stop when the vet examined her initially. She stayed at the clinic for 5 days before I brought her back. Her legs are still heavily bandaged and she cannot move around much yet, but she is already smart enough to use the litter tray. The vet said she is the "best cat in the world" cos she was such a good patient. Her chances of recovery is very high, but there is still a slim chance that her front leg may not be as strong as the left, and that her right hind leg may be a little shorter than the left. But all in all, she is lovely and beautiful. I would be happy to pay for her treatment and for the necessary vacc plus neutering expenses as long as she gets a good home.

Thank you for reading this, I would appreciate it if you would be able to let me know if you would be interested in giving Miss Blackie a home. Of course I would totally understand if gin gin is all you need too. And I assure you I am not some crazy person. I hope to hear from you soon.

J**** C***


so poor thing!!! heart just broke when i saw the first photo...the cast is bigger than her loh! AIYOOOH!!!

but gingin at home would never tolerate another animal in her domain, so the only thing i could do was to ask if any of you readers wants to give a good home to a very sweet cat for the new year...

please let me know if you're interested:

cheers. =)