Sunday, September 30, 2007

remote control

you gotta love my housemate's inventiveness...

cheers. =)

Monday, September 24, 2007

the tale of two nakatas

once upon a time, in a land known as raffleshallblock3room304, a young boy was entranced by the coolest guy he'd ever laid his eyes least on the computer screen:

hidetoshi nakata...the first japanese football player to play in italy's "serie a"...the first japanese football player to be successful overseas...the first (and only) japanese football player that young moby strived to emulate.

young moby changed his style of play on the football pitch (and got into the varsity team...hehe...)...

young moby dyed his hair reddish-brown...

young moby started calling himself "nakata" on the hardcourt in raffles hall, much to the beleaguerment of everyone...


five years later, modern day (one year and three months after hidetoshi nakata retired)...

่€ (lao) moby receives a gift from someone who just returned from the land of the rising sun:

koji nakata (k. nakata) is the "other nakata" as he is known to most non-japanese fans:

sorry, but there weren't very many pictures of "the other" on the internet...

anyway, thanks for the awesome gift! i really like it a lot...aiyah, what's the difference between "k" and "h" right? it's probably the same difference as young and ่€. (ironically, koji is two years younger than hide...haha)

btw, i'm going jogging as of now, and as of at least twice a that i can actually fit into the jersey (size L no less). least something's got me running again...

cheers. =)

Monday, September 17, 2007

today's monday

effeminate male colleague (emc): hey, you know who you look like?
moby: who?
emc: guess lah, guess!!!
moby: err...william well-hung?
emc: hee hee...aiyah, no lah! *flicks wrist at moby*

moby: pray tell. *moby was just dying to know*
emc: guess lah, guess lah!
moby: err...pee wee herman?
emc: hee hee damn funny leh! *breaks another wrist*

moby: no meh? oh ok... *pretends to continue typing an important email, starts to ignore emc*
emc: ok were close though...give up, give up??
moby: sigh. yeah. who?
emc: you look like chua en lai!!!

moby: WHAT?!
emc: yeah yeah!!! *claps his hands*
moby: the supposed gay boy???
emc: he's gay meh??
moby mumbles: as if you didn't know...
emc: huh? what'd you say?
moby: i if i'm as handsome he is...
emc: hee hee...


no wonder emc keeps talking to me...but now that i think about it, i kinda deserved it with those "semi-flirtatious" replies i gave him...

knn. i hate mondays.

(p.s. - i'm not homophobic...i'm just straight.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

devil's balls

this has got to be the funniest (if not the best) news this whole week: "i'm sorry fergie. i did not know it was you."

even old fergie's gotta admit that he didn't see this tactic coming...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


first things first...i'm not a racist, nor is this a racist post.

but there were no other chinese singers what did you expect???

as a producer, i'd want the maximum number of viewers to watch week-in, week-out. and since singapore is made up of a majority of...well, i'll let the conspiracist carry on from here...bleah.

pms and zits

i was reminded today why i do not enjoy working for women bosses.

but since i don't really like blogging about work...and nor do i want to offend any potential women out there who might be my future, enough of that...

speaking of being stung by a bee, i managed to cultivate a pimple the size of a cherry on my right's pissing me off to no end cuz it just won't pop.

yeah, i know you know what i's the kind that stays inside for as long as it wants, and makes you look like a greedy chipmunk, with only one cheek pocket (argh, you know what i mean).

(and please, did you actually think that i'd post a picture of myself with an already bloated face and beady eyes??? i pop you then you know...)

someone get me some oxy please...or find me a new job at least...

Monday, September 03, 2007

seamen & semen pte ltd

just when i thought i was getting sick of jap porn, an anonymous friend sent me this article...

damn, i'll never look at fishermen the same way again...

and have you ever seen what a moray eel looks like??? this is one of the better beauties that i managed to find on the net...

would you pop your cherry in her (or even worse, HIS) mouth? but then again, if you think about it, she (or he) probably swallows, not unlike zoe and her imedeen...i guess a little imagination's all it takes. hahaha.

the shit that the japs come up with never ceases to amaze me...