Monday, July 25, 2005

photographsky - saddle club

i had one of the best days in a long time. i was bumming around at home freaking bored...and then the rain stopped. so i went back to farrer road to pack some clothes and stuff...and decided that i had enough time to go to the golf range.

at first, kean and i went to the queenstown range, but it was fully packed, so we searched the streetdirectory for another place to go. we finally decided on this place in bukit timah, which was quite nearby. as we were driving there, i noticed some signs around, giving warning of "horse crossings" and whatnot. a few minutes later, i came across this...

horse 1 Posted by Picasa

i've always been a huge fan of horses. i was born in the year of the horse, and even my chinese name has the "horse" character inside. i collect a lot of horse cupboard is filled with horse memorabilia. statues, figurines, pictures, etc etc.

so, i was more than thrilled to have found somewhere IN SINGAPORE where they have horses. if you have read my archives not too long ago, i went to this place in thailand that was across the lake from a horse farm...

anyway, after we finished hitting balls at the golf range, i insisted that we go for a drink at the horse place that we passed by.

when we reached, we saw this abang trainer walking a beautiful stallion:

horse 2 Posted by Picasa

the abang trainer was nice enough to let me hold the reins and take a picture with "jack".

sky and jack Posted by Picasa

cool. =)

so we walked around the stables and saw a lot of other horses...

horse 3 Posted by Picasa

horse 4 Posted by Picasa

horse 5 Posted by Picasa

amaretto Posted by Picasa

amaretto was a really sweet horse. he's only 11 years old, but he's a big boy. i fed him some grass...

sky and amaretto Posted by Picasa

then there was this horse that had some sort of mask / net on...apparently it's to keep the flies and mosquitoes away from their faces...

don't bug me Posted by Picasa

and then i saw thebiggesthorseihaveeverseen:

thebiggesthorseihaveeverseen Posted by Picasa

you can't really tell from the picture, but he was HUGE. his was at least 3 feet taller than me standing up. i have never seen such a monster horse. apparently his name is "charmant", which means "charming" in german. he nearly bit my finger off when i tried to feed him. charming? hmmm...

oh yeah, and there were a lot of cats there too. i think cats and horses get along well. the one on the right looks a lot like gin gin...i bet gin gin likes horses too. =)

meow meows Posted by Picasa

i saw the abang trainer again, and he had another horse this time...can't remember the name already. but it was a female this time. can tell from her reaction to me (maybe that's why i forgot the name). standard stuff. you just wait till i turn on the charmant!!! haha.

sky and playhardtogethorse Posted by Picasa

as we were walking around, we saw this girl letting her horse exercise inside the pen. the horse's name was alcatraz. he ran really fast...

alcatraz 1 Posted by Picasa

so fast that he nearly headbutted me while i was taking this picture...

alcatraz 2 Posted by Picasa

we talked to alcatraz's owner for a while...apparently her family owns 3 horses there...3 freaking horses!!!!!! wowsers. and she takes care of all 3 of them.

we saw some other jockeys and their steeds...

horse and rider Posted by Picasa

horse and rider 2 Posted by Picasa

i really enjoyed myself there. the environment was really serene and quiet. it was so "outtasingapore" kinda feel. i hope that it stays that way there...i think i'll make it my hangout nowadays...i might even start learning how to ride horses. cool stuff. you heard it from the horse's mouth... =)

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