Thursday, December 29, 2005

rainie yang, rainbows and rainy toilets

*long story begin*

28/12/05 (wed):

1600hrs, hmv @ heeren
jo: hey, i know this girl! she looks good... *picks up a rainie yang chinese cd*
moby: ... *not very interested*
jo: hey! she's coming to singapore tomorrow leh! *reads the sticker on the cd cover*
moby: wow. *still not very interested*
jo: bishan junction 8, 7pm!!!
moby: ... *tries to ignore jo*
jo: let's go lah!!!
moby: no thanks. *walks away*

2000hrs, sushi place @ paragon
jo: eh, jay, this rainie yang is coming to singapore tomorrow to sign autographs leh!
jason: huh? who's that?
moby: hahaha.
jo: you know, rainie yang lah! i watch her on tv one!
jason: err... *obviously oblivious to who she is*
moby: hahaha.
jo: you wanna join me tomorrow or not??
jason: siao. how old already.
moby: hahaha.
jo: ...

2300hrs, jo's place @ telok kurau lorong k
jo: ooi...don't ditch me for some chic tomorrow lah...go and see rainie leh...
moby: i already told her that i'm meeting her lah.
jo: wah lau always like that one loh...
moby: aiyah, pass me the freaking ball lah!!! *eyes glued to tv screen while playing winning eleven 9 on playstation 2 with jo*
jo: ...

29/12/05 (thurs):

0410hrs, jo's place @ telok kurau lorong k (during liverpool match)
jo & moby: goal!!! well done crouchie!!! *liverpool 1, everton 0*
jo: eh, go leh.
moby: don't want.

0630hrs, jo's place @ telok kurau lorong k (after liverpool match)
moby: can i use the toilet in your room? the one downstairs a bit dirty lah...
jo: go loh.
*5 minutes later*
moby: err...btw, how to flush ah?
jo: must pull the thing inside...
moby: i tried, but it kinda broke when i did that...
jo: WTF!!!
*water splashing everywhere*
jo: wah lan eh!!!
moby: err...sorry?
*jo tries to salvage the situation...moby stands one side feeling very stupid, and not to mention very sleepy*
jo: fuck it. forget about it...
*moby feels the hammer of guilt panging at his heart*
moby: sorry...
*moby tries to fall asleep on jo's couch*

fast forward...

1800hrs, jo's place @ telok kurau lorong k (after late late lunch)
jo: how? when you meeting the chic?
moby: don't know leh...haven't arranged yet...but i need to pass her something later.
jo: go with me lah...
moby: hmmm... *thinks about the toilet incident last night*
jo: you've got nothing better to do now anyway!
moby: but i'm supposed to meet this chic...
jo: aiyah, go with me first lah!
moby: ok loh...let's go.
jo: huh?? really ah...but what if we go there and can't see her??? what if there're a lot of people??
moby: then how? you wanna go or not? *walks to jo's balcony to take a very deeeeep breath*
jo: hmmm...
moby: hey look, there's a rainbow outside...
jo: really???
moby: yeah... *takes picture of rainbow using his nokia 3230 phone, but can't seem to send the damn thing to his email address, so gives up trying to upload it onto his blog...knn*
jo: it's a sign already!!! rainbow = rainie...let's go... *runs inside to get ready*
moby: why the fuck did i even tell him...sigh. *looks up to the sky and mumbles to himself and the rainbow*

1930hrs, top of the 8 @ bishan junction 8
jo: hmmm.
moby: hmmmm...
jo: hmmmmm...
moby: well, i guess that your prediction was right...
jo: yeah.
moby: at least take a picture lah! my phone's camera is damn lousy... *takes a few pictures of the thousands of mostly teenage kids and their parents using his nokia 3230, which he unfortunately cannot send to his email once again to upload onto his blog...knn*
jo: don't want. besides, my zoom not powerful enough.
*crowd of teenagers start chanting "don't cry rainie!" cuz she was spouting her i'm-so-touched-to-have-all-you-fans-tears*
moby: you mean we're that far behind??
jo: i refuse to answer that question.
*the mc starts shouting "no queue cutting! one at a time! and in order to speed things up, there will be no shaking hands with rainie!"*
moby: i'm going home...i gotta get ready to go out already.

2100hrs, moby's place @ farrer court (on the phone)
moby: hey hi...where're you guys?
chic: we're somewhere near my office...
moby: oh long are you all going to stay there?
chic: not sure...but i think you don't need to come already lah...i'm working tomorrow, so i'll probably have to leave by the time you get here...some other time's not like i need it very urgently anyway...
moby: oh...ok loh...some other time then! enjoy yourselves!

*long story end*

moby and rain don't mix well...not shaken, nor stirred. sigh. =|

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

today is the day!

i went to watch chicken little just now. neat movie. seriously, even though it was a cartoon animation, it's worth watching. it's one of those light-hearted shows where you don't have to scratch your head bald trying to figure out what the plot or point of the movie are...and plus, there are some really witty character / theme references to other shows / stories. did you know that the last scene with the aliens booming images / voices were trying to mock "the wizard of oz"? dorothy in the wizard of oz's chambers? ring a bell? i was laughing my head off. cool stuff. oh, and try to catch it before it stops showing here in singapore...

i also went shopping today...trying to see if there were any post-christmas promotions on. everywhere i went, there were "further reductions!", "post-xmas sale!" & "clearance sale!" signs up...except at guess where i had to buy my dark brown corduroy's from? bingo. they were $20 above the ceiling rule which i had set for pants ($70)...but they were so damn comfortable and appealing that i had to take them away from that scroogy ole store that didn't have discounts. damn it, i'm starting to sound like a girl...haha.

thoughts for will get better only if you want it to get better. =)

Monday, December 26, 2005

christmas dinner

when i reached home yesterday, guess who was faithfully waiting for me on my bed...

gingin lazing around

hehe. i love my gingin. she's always there for me. =)

anyway, my mom cooked a bomb of a christmas dinner last night. she was so excited to have almost all of the family back for dinner (minus my brother who was still in california some where soaking in the sun), that she went ballistic in the kitchen.

allow me to introduce you to (clockwise from top left): pork legs, drunken prawns, roasted chicken, braised duck, hard-boiled-tea-leaf-eggs, claypot sea cucumber (still covered in the picture), and everyone got a bowl of glutinous rice balls in yummy soup.

christmas dinner 1

family picture before the christmas dinner...(my dad said that it would make my brother enviously green when i send it to him...given the kinda crappy chinese food available in the states. hahaha.)

christmas dinner 2

i was so hungry that i completely ignored my sister's attempt at photographsky...haha.

christmas dinner 3

there was so much food that we didn't even finish one plate of anything yesterday night...good stuff! =)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

simply christmas

i had simple christmas eve...

i met melvin for lunch...which was such a rare occasion that i was willing to share a garlic prawn spaghetti and country pie with him at coffee club...just like the loving couple sitting next to us...we even had the same iced mocha vanilla coffee to complete the picture. i was so envious of the person who was going to receive the items inside the little blue boxes that he had bought beforehand at a certain very expensive shop in taka, that i insisted on holding it for a while. haha. does that sound gay enough? haha. given my luck with women recently, i think it might be appropriate...HAHAHA.

anyway, after we finished our gayish lunch, we made our way down to joe's place...yes...again...and waited for the rest to come start the atomic bomberman championship - christmas edition. to make a long story short, after the initial technical difficulties again involving a lot of nonsense ipx and network cables, we managed to kick off the christmas edition with moby winning the first round, and jwoshi winning the second round. the teamplay version was more evenly distributed this offense goon! haha. and then we broke for dinner.

had a simple and cheap dinner this christmas eve...enough of all those cheat-money-christmas-eve-dinners-at-fancy-french-restaurants already...we ended up at some tzechar place in siglap...pork cutlets, sambal kang kong, hotplate tofu, and kongpao chicken...simple and almost felt like hall days again... =)

i hung out at joe's place with loe and joe some more after dinner, and then headed off to blinkymummy's party at this place called loof. quite a nice place...cozy and not too loud nor crowded...i'll probably go back some day. i was only there for about 15 minutes though...cuz bm and her gang wanted to go check out ministry of we reached...and failed to get in...and ended up going to zouk instead. had a few more drinks, then i drove everybody home in bm's car...hoping that santa took out all the roadblocks on his way through singapore...which he thankfully did. =)

it's christmas day now...and i'm going back home to ntu for some wholesome family sister's back in town, so i wanna spend some time with her before she flies back to the states again... =)

merry christmas everybody! i hope that santa's brought everyone what you've asked for...but if you've been naughty like me, then you'll just have to be thankful for your safe journey home...ho ho ho! =)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

the eve of christmas eve

i need to do my laundry tomorrow. asap. i'm running out of boxers to wear already. hehe. i think i'll do it before i go to joe's place again for some christmas eve celebration. don't know what we're gonna do though...and then i'm headed off to this place called "loof" with blinkymummy & gang for some partying...actually i think i'll just sit in one corner and drink.

last year's christmas was quite fun. i went to my ex-girlfriend's friend's chalet at east coast and stayed there. there was some gift exchange thing, where i bought a water bottle as my present...only to get in exchange the exact same thing, in a different colour...i promptly gave it to jason, who also happened to be there...story of my life...haha.

i wonder what santa brought me this year!!! haha. =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

feet, toes and nail polish

i had dinner just now with jaime, my colleague...and found out that i have a certain fetish for women's feet...well, not really fetish lah...but a few criterions / pre-requisites for them...

1. they must be at most normal size...or rather, they must be proportionate compared with your body...i don't expect a 6-foot tall girl to wear a pair of size 4 nikes...that'd be gross to the other extreme...but generally, i like small feet.

2. the toes must be straight. i don't like crooked toes. full stop.

3. the toes should not fan out like an eagle when the girl wears open toe shoes / slippers.

4. the toes should not be too long. basically, the girl should not be sweeping the floor with the bottom of her toes when she wears the above-mentioned shoes / slippers...and toes should look like toes, and not fingers on your feet.

5. i prefer toe nails that are of the natural colour, but nicely and neatly taken care of / pedicured.

6. if the toes must be painted, please paint them either french style, or just with the translucent kind of nail polish.

7. if the toes must be painted a certain colour, please don't use bright pink, baby blue, bright red (unless you're flying the friendly skies...cuz that's inevitable), and definitely not white (which was what jaime was fashioning today, which was also the inspiration behind this entry).

8. all the cute cute little drawings painted on are quite ridiculous too...please lah, who the hell do you think would bother to bend down and check out the miniature flowers your toes anyway??? even if they don't need a microscope, they'd still need a gas mask...cuz i know how girls feet stink just as much as guy's ones!!! admit it!!!

9. the above nail polish related points (5, 6, 7, 8) can be assimilated into my preference for polish on fingernails too.

10. please do everyone a favour and shave that bush of hair off the knuckles on your toes.

ten simple rules to get into moby's good books when it comes to toes. hehe.

but alas, i understand how some girls are crazy over their nail polish and all...and it's a very sensitive subject to bring up to the people from venus (especially if they're your girlfriend), i respect what they like...and will judge them on who they are and not what nail polish they're wearing...

on the other hand, i think that you can tell a lot from a girl's toes and nail polish and they take care of themselves...don't ask me how, but it's just one of those things lah...sometimes, it's the first impressions that count...i have my preferences, you have's like how if you have strong body odour, you lose half the battle already...

on our next issue, we will feature moby's women's shoe fetishes / preferences. hahaha. =)

(p.s.- i psychoed jaime into re-doing her nails tomorrow...after just getting them done yesterday...muahahaha.)

Monday, December 19, 2005

siglap wannabe - hong kong cafe

scene 1: walking towards makan place
time: 2100hrs (after playstation-2ing at joe's place again)
characters: joe, moby sky, rod (joe's housemate)

rod: hey, let's go to hong kong cafe!
joe: sky, how?
moby: what's it like? got what to eat there?
joe: they sell instant noodles for $6 per bowl...but it's kinda like a siglap wannabe loh...
moby: wow...that sounds pretty good...
joe: actually the last and only other time i came here with rod, i said that this cafe would be one of those places where people go for one time only...
moby: and here you are giving them repeat business...
joe: just don't try the baked rice.

scene 1 end.

scene 2: hong kong cafe, 378/380 east coast road
time: 2110hrs
characters: joe, moby, rod, waiter-trainee, hot-chic-with-boyfriend

moby: what's good here?
joe: just don't order the baked rice lah.
rod: i think i'll have the baked spaghetti...*totally oblivious to the conversation* the way, the honey lemon drink here is damn good.
joe: i'll have the "famous deepfried chicken and pork cutlet curry rice"...and i'll trust rod on the honey lemon drink.
moby: ok...i'll have the "famous beef fried beef hor fun"...and the "shanghai hot and spicy soup".
waiter-trainee: ok...sure.

*joe, moby and rod check out crowd*
joe: eh, that hot chic sitting there with the boyfriend is checking us out leh...
moby: aiyah...she's looking at you only lah...don't shy lah.
joe: of course i know lah...then look at you meh?
moby: hahahaha...ok win loh!!

*waiter-trainee comes back with joe's order as moby looks on*
moby: wah...looks quite good leh.
joe: yeah man...but let me try it first.
*moby's order comes as joe looks on...*
joe: i definitely wouldn't eat that...look at all the bean sprouts.
moby: yeah's a bit overwhelming.
*rod's order comes as everyone looks at his miniscule plate of baked something or other*
rod: big ah.
moby: eh joe, how's your's? mine's quite bland and tasteless leh...ooi waiter-trainee, can bring me some pepper, vinegar and green chili for everything i have on my plate here?
waiter-trainee: ok...
*hot-chic-with-boyfriend sneaks peek at joe*
joe: same here...quite bad lah...argh...rod, why you everytime wanna waste your money here one?!!
rod: i think i'll order something else after i finish's not enough lah.
*moby and joe roll eyes in bemusement*

*20 minutes later*
joe: eh, the chic keeps looking at us leh!!!
moby: wah lan eh...stop it already lah...told you wanna ego, then ego yourself lah...don't need to bring me into it...but then again, she's quite well endowed hor? hahaha.
joe: mooooo...hahaha. (sorry joe, i'm the scriptwriter here...haha.)
moby: the food sucks by the way....siglap my ass...
joe: i second that...but i said siglap wannabe hor...
*hot-chic-with-boyfriend sneaks peek at joe*
rod: where's my beef soup noodles ah?

scene 2 end.

scene 3: hong kong cafe, 378/380 east coast road
time: 2230hrs
characters: joe, moby, rod, waiter-trainee, pizza hut delivery boy, hot-chic-with-boyfriend

*enter pizza hut delivery boy carrying two pan pizzas and a bottle of coke*
waiter-trainee: thank you, i'll take, keep the change.
pizza hut delivery boy: thanks 'bang! bye!
*exit pizza hut delivery boy on his motorbike*

*moby and joe look at each other increduously*
moby: did you see that???
joe: yeah.
moby: what the fuck?? can't they even eat their own food???
joe: apparently not. *gives rod "the look"*
moby: they can't even drink their own coke!!!
joe: i can imagine why... *looks bitterly at his very diluted glass of honey lemon, and then disapprovingly again at rod*
*hot-chic-with-boyfriend sneaks peek at joe*
rod: where the hell is my beef soup noodles???
moby & joe: wah lan eh...

*enter pizza hut delivery boy again, hands something to waiter-trainee*
pizza hut delivery boy: eh, sorry i forgot your parmesan cheese ah...
waiter-trainee: next time don't forget lah...must wait till i call you back one! knn, i give you tip some more leh!
pizza hut delivery boy: you all don't have cheese here meh?
waiter-trainee: don't so kaypoh lah...

moby: well done...
joe: incredible...
*hot-chic-with-boyfriend sneaks peek at joe*
*rod eating his beef soup noodles*

joe: i'm never coming here again.
moby: neither am i...but that hot chic keeps checking you out leh.
joe: yeah, i least she's got better taste in guys than in her food...
moby: muahahahahaha!

scene 3 end.

play end.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

national atomic bomberman championship

after an absence of more than 4 months due to the lack of quality infrastructure, which coincided with joseph's work in cambodia, the reinstated national atomic bomberman championships took place at telok kurau lorong k today.


1. moby sky (the legandary dark blue bomberman)
2. teng jwoshi (the mysterious-up-and-coming black bomberman)
3. wayne koh (the almost-win white bomberman)
4. jason kho (the wait-to-kick-bomb-till-kena-bomb red bomberman)
5. joseph fong (the got-kills-but-no-wins purple bomberman)
6. adrian tan (the goon yellow bomberman...enough said)

atomic bomberman

the setting up of the laptops involved many technicalities which a mechanical engineering graduate like me doesn't understand...what the hell is a ipx and how the hell i know the network cable was for the router and not for my laptop? knn...


(note: jason wasn't trying to smell his armpit...really.)

anyway, after an initial caused by the hapless technicians, the competition kicked off at 4pm...round one started off with a tight fight between moby, jwoshi and wayne. the first round was actually cut short to 5 wins instead of the usual 10, because the contestants wanted to eat crabs at eng seng restaurant...just like the last time this competition was held back in july...which is why jwoshi won. hehe. but he was very shy about it, as you can see from this round-winner photo:


after stuffing themselves with chili and black pepper crabs, the contestants came back for round 2...which was also a very tight match between jason, moby, jwoshi and wayne. eventually, jason became the winner in that round with a very easy final showdown with the yellow bomberman. he was a bit shocked, but very happy with his can be seen in his round-winner photo:


the contestants then took a break from the singles competition and split into two teams for the teamplay version (race to 20), with the first round comprising of jason, jwoshi and moby vs. wayne, joseph and goon. needless to say, the former team won quite easily...20-6, but questions were asked of the losing team's tactical decision to play with a "buffer man", which ultimately lead to their downfall. but in order to make the losers, oops, i mean the losing team...feel a bit better about themselves, moby decided to give them some airtime on his blog...but alas, they all were very shy as well:

joseph, goon & wayne

a shortened second round (race to 10) of teamplay saw moby, jwoshi and joseph competing against jason, wayne and goon, in what was a much closer match compared with the first teamplay match. but moby's team still defeated the others photos were taken though, because the organiser's camera ran out of batteries.

the last and final round of the national atomic bomberman championship returned to the singles competition again. all the bombermen were desperately trying to capture the title of "atomic bomberman champion of the world", which obviously goes to the person who wins the last match of the the competition was very tight and the air very tense. some of the contestants were even complaining that a certain contestant was "very rude"...but come on, don't blame the other competitors if you can't take the heat! hahaha. so anyway, after a very tightly contested match, which saw the white bomberman (wayne) almost win...but moby came from behind and kept his title for at least another day.

the organisers would like to thank all the bombermen who took part in the championships for making this competition so entertaining and enjoyable...see you in one week's time for the christmas edition... =)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

happy day

once again, my days on medical leave are turning out to be more happening than those when i'm healthy and working. ironic huh? maybe i should start taking mc's when i'm REALLY sick. like last week. oh well, i blame my clinic for all this...can i help it if my panel doctor's office is in paragon? smack in the middle of orchard??? getting distracted is like a must loh. haha.

i started by waking up at 1030am...surfed the net a xiaxue's blog for the second time in my whole life (to see what's the big fuss aboout the weblog awards thingy), hoping that i wouldn't puke my guts out again. well, let's just say that i found enough reason to see the doctor after reading that crap. where got people practically beg other people to vote for them one??? some more wanna cheat. i can't believe she went to the same secondary school as me...i guess the standard really started dropping from my year onwards...haha. on to more intelligent things...i met blinkymummy for lunch...hmmm...on second thought...hahahahahaha. anyway, had a good lunch, where she, as usual, took a million lousy pictures of me, which she will definitely post up later to embarrass me again. and oh yeah, i met ene (who works at the same place as blinkymummy) for the first time as well...she's looks different in real a good way of course. =)

after lunch, i made my way down to the doctor's office in paragon. i was made to wait for like almost an hour while this uncle got his annual health check-up...pissed me off. i only wanted a freaking mc loh...2 minutes and i was out. oh well...not as if i was in a hurry to go anywhere...and besides, time passes faster when the receptionist keeps trying to flirt with you...sorry aunty, i had to mention blog's for boosting my ego one. hahaha.

then i went to the library at taka to pay a fine that i incurred after borrowing a tiger woods book and photography manual...which were like 2 weeks overdue...i thought that i'd end up paying the actual prices of the books, so i was pleasantly surprised when the librarian ran up the whooping sum of only $5.10. cool...they're one organisation that knows a thing or two about customer service and satisfaction. haha.

there was this sale at guess today...50% off some stuff...i saw this really nice pair of dark brown corduroy jeans...but it was still $100+...and if you know me and how i shop, i don't buy anything over $70 for pants / jeans, and over $50 for shirts / decided to wait for the post-christmas sale...haha.

i did buy some stuff today though...went to sembawang music at orchard mrt and bought 2 new day's american idiot, and a compilation called "super fresh!". cool stuff. they actually cost me $40...which on hindthought, could have gotten me at least half of those corduroys...oh soothes the savage beast in me. muahaha.

i'm happy now. don't know why. maybe cuz liverpool just won 3-0 in the club world championship against some lousy costa rican team...or maybe cuz "wherever you will go" by the calling is playing on "super fresh!" now...or maybe cuz i just saw this sunset outside my window:

farrer sunset

or maybe i just needed a break from work...i really don't know. but i feel good. cheers. =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

cambodia bound

cambo jo is coming back today. bomberman season is back in session starting this saturday. can't wait to open that can of whoop-ass. =)

speaking of cambodia, i just booked a pair of tickets to go to phnom penh. sorry perth addie...i guess the lure of australian bitches, oops...i mean beaches, wasn't enough to make me wanna be a victim of the riots there. haha. actually the $297 airport tax had a lot to do with it also. where got tax almost as expensive as the airplane ticket one??? sheesh. anyway, i guess i'll just wait for you and kev to come back before meeting you. =)

cambodia's going to be quite interesting to place, new culture, new people, new food, new chics (hmmm...), a change of lifestyle, a change of pace of life...and if thailand and chiangmai are anything to go by, hopefully i'll be really relaxed by the time i get back...refreshed and recharged to start the new year. actually, i'm only gonna go on the 19th to the 23rd of january next i guess it'll have to be refreshed and recharged for the chinese new year. haha.

a holiday. finally. =)

Monday, December 12, 2005

i do

*do you have friends who just seem to disappear from your life after they've been attached? i do. i really hope that it won't be their turn to say "i do" when i next see them. you know who you are!!!*

on a separate note, but not a totally different one...

i just read blinkymummy's entry on a common friend of ours who got married today in australia. goon and i actually suspect it's cuz he wants to avoid the chinese wedding dinner thingy here in singapore...or more likely, to avoid the possibility of having too many ex-girlfriends at one gathering...things could get really sticky (and knowing kl, it may just be in the literal sense...hahaha).

but then struck us how most of our friends were maturing and well, getting fact, goon actually wanted to organise a bachelor's night for the groom (our friend), but we realised that there probably weren't that many "new-and-once-in-a-life-time-last-chance-to-try" kinda activities that we could have arranged for him...mostly cuz he's probably tried them all already (threesomes included, we concluded). we're all getting old. been there done that. time to settle down already.

oh yeah...congrats mr. tan...we're all very happy for you. =)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

quotable quotes

"Love, like rain, can nourish from above, drenching couples with a soaking joy. But sometimes, under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots, keeping itself alive."

- mitch albom (the five people you meet in heaven)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

furniture bargain

jason and i were supposed to go for some spa thingy yesterday (the clean kind lah), but i was sick, and i didn't think that the masseuse would want to clean up a wet patch of phelgm below the massage table when she finished massaging anyway, we went shopping instead...he wanted to look for a sofa to put in his room...

we jumped from courts @ bukit timah, to ikea @ queensway, to v.hive @ marine parade, to the furniture warehouse @ kallang, and then finally to the furniture mall @ the plaza (beach road)...where he finally found "the one". (at this point of time, i must thank sherine for helping me search for furfur_angel's entry on the sale at the furniture mall...thanks!)

anyway, too bad i don't have a picture of "the one" cuz it was pretty cool...a black pvc 3-seater-sofa-bed which comes with a "coffee table" that is actually the middle section backrest folded concept...kinda feels like a first-class airplane seat. anyway, as usual, i was on hand to help jason with the salesman:

jason: how much is the delivery charge?
furniture salesman (fsm): $30 per delivery.
jason: oh ok...hmmm...
fsm: this sofa is very classy, compared with the other one that you all saw's got a certain class about it...can't really compare with the other one lah...
jason: hmmm...
fsm: wait ah, let me go behind and check to see if we still have stock cuz this is really one of our best-sellers!!! *quickly ducks behind to "check" and see if there is stock*

moby: how?
jason: quite nice...i think i like it...don't waste time already...this is "the one"...i'm gonna get it.
fsm: *comes back surprisingly fast from his "check"* you're in luck!!! we only have two more pieces of this in black...but really, compared with the other one, it's just one class above, and...
moby: eh uncle ah, got discount or not?
fsm:'s on discount already.
moby: but i'm sure you can do something about the delivery charge right?
fsm: *squints his eyes and thinks a bit* err...ok lah, i give you all $20 lah...don't say don't have lah ok?
moby: wah lau eh uncle...i'm sure you can do better than that...
fsm: *squints his eyes and thinks a bit* ok, ok...$10 last price...
moby: please lah, from here to paya lebar only leh...uncle, if you deliver it for free, he'll buy it on the spot.
fsm: ok, let me go behind and check with my boss... *quickly ducks behind again and "checks" with his boss...*

jason: eh, don't lah...he also trying to make a living leh...
moby: trust me...all salesmen are the same...i know his tricks one lah...
jason: sigh...takes one to know one...haha.
fsm: *back surprisingly fast again* ok, ok! for you only ok? we'll waive the delivery charge!!!
moby: you sure cannot anymore discount on the sofa??
fsm: *eyes very wide open* sure.
moby: ok...i believe you.

another $30 saved...haha. cab drivers, furniture salesman...who's next??? oh yeah...btw, remember ah, if you win the car in the furniture mall lucky draw, please the necessary hor...hahaha. =)

(p.s. - furfur_angel...i tried to look for you @ the furniture mall, but i think you were off already...anyway, i actually posted a comment on your blog about my friend looking for a sofa, but i guess you didn't read it...oh well, maybe next time!)

Friday, December 09, 2005

photographsky - dempsey (wineless)

let me tell you about the time when i went to dempsey's and DIDN'T have wine...

last sunday, i went on another photographsky dempsey road with marvin. i've actually gone with him before (labrador park and changi beach club)...

this was one of the first things that we saw when we got out of my car...this picture of this church actually kinda looks like it was taken in mexico or some tropical know, like in the movies...

st. george's church, tanglin

so, we took a little walk around the back, and found these...

backyard of huge-ass-house 1

backyard of huge-ass-house 2

i stopped at two pictures cuz i could have sworn i heard the distant sound of a police car siren...

there was this huge tree that was just dying to get it's picture taken with marvin in the foreground to show it's monstrosity...

huge tree

it was later that i realised that the "aaaawoooawoooawoooaaaa" sounds were not from the police cars chasing us...

tarzan vines 1

tarzan vines 2

we then came across a border, which we later regretted crossing...

nature's barbed wire fences

cuz while i was taking this picture...

twin towers of dempsey

the foot soldiers behind the fortress fences started attacking us...the ferocious-giant-fire-ants-of-the-himalayas-with-ravenous-pinchers-the-size-of-my-fist started gnawing at our appendages!!! too bad they were too mystical in nature that they refused to appear in any of the blurred pictures that i took of's true, you have to believe me!!! (if it helps, just think of the loch ness monster and why there aren't any clear pictures of it yet)

after roasting the army of the freaking-giant-fire-ants-of-the-himalayas-with-ravenous-pinchers-the-size-of-my-fist away from our legs with my blowtorch (we were lucky to escape with only minor injuries...mainly to our egos), we managed to catch nature's own fire extinguishing act...

sunset @ dempsey 1

sunset @ dempsey 2

i was about to mention wine company / network, but it was then that marvin (who's half-indian btw) asked me outright if i had ever seen an indian drink wine...which is why we headed off to villa bali for two jugs of tiger instead.

thus ended another photographsky trip...and the only day i will ever go to dempsey without wine. =)

Thursday, December 08, 2005


damn it. my dad came back early and didn't bother to tell fact, it was my mom who called me from taiwan to tell me that my dad was coming back from beijing today while i was playing golf this afternoon. sheesh. i hate it when he does this. it happens almost every single time he goes overseas. he doesn't wanna inconvenience me by making me drive all the way to the airport to pick him up...when in fact, it does inconvenience me cuz i don't know when to clean up the house and the "stuff" (aka my ultra lights' butts) lying around.

there was even once when i went all the way to the airport already, and i waited and waited and waited till the last freaking person came out of the gates, only for him to call me on my handphone telling me that he had reached home already. how was i supposed to know that the plane came early??? talk about inconvenience. i wasted one whole trip to changi loh.

but at the end of the day, i think my dad has always been this way...not wanting to be an inconvenience to people. whenever we go back to taiwan or something, he would only let my relatives know that we're going back to visit when we've already reached the taiwan airport...just so that we didn't have to be an inconvenience. sigh...sometimes, being too prim and proper can be irritating...especially when we're a family.

i think i hear the cab pulling up downstairs already...i'd better go and help him with his luggage and inconvenience. =)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

sick again

i'm sick again. and truly sick this time...not like last friday when i took medical leave cuz i overslept. these kinda things really come back and bite you in the ass don't they?

sheesh...if i hadn't taken off on friday, then i wouldn't have gone for drinks at this place called the balcony, which was so packed and hot and sweaty and totally unenjoyable...and i wouldn't have gone to play pool at this other place called the labyrinth, which was freezing (but fun)...and i wouldn't have gone for more drinks at the liquid room, which was so packed and hot and sweaty and totally unenjoyable...and i most definitely wouldn't have gone for even more drinks at attica after that, which sucked.

all these drastic changes in temperature took a toll on my body...and now i'm suffering the consequences. when will you ever learn??? ARGH.

now i'm at home, drinking warm water and reading other people's blogs. sit. stay. good boy.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

therapeutic driving

*lonely souls flock together...just like birds of feather.*

i went out with sherine yesterday for supper at the famous ba chor mee place in bedok. as i was driving along from my parents' place in ntu towards her house in tampines (a 45 minute journey no less), chatting with bruce springsteen about the streets of philadelphia...boyz 2 men about the end of the road...and robbie williams on how to be a better man...when i started to feel better about things...i think driving is a form of therapy for me. in fact, when i had the car for the 3 months that my parents were overseas, i could go about my daily life in peace (more or less). of course, there were the odd times when i would get really frustrated with the other horrendous drivers in singapore, but generally, i'm a happy man on the road...especially if i have good music and / or company in the car.

anyway, i have the car for about a week, so i can probably drive to my heart's content to wherever i feel like going. another photographsky trip? perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. =)

(p.s. - i had another nightmare last night...except this time, she was begging me to go back to her...apparently the ironies of life also occur when you're unconscious...haha.)

Friday, December 02, 2005


after reading about ene (who, btw, just recently became a friendsky) and her gardening exploits with her little secret garden and troy, i've decided to write a bit about my own meandering experience with plants recently...

a few months into our relationship, when all was well and green, adeline bought me a bonsai plant...which kinda looked like this:

common pomegranate

i would water it diligently every day when i woke up...add fertilizer to make it even blossomed tiny flowers a few times.

then a few months after we broke up:


(btw, the specks of white you see on the leaves is not mold...i'm not THAT happened when the stupid painters came to paint the ceiling and accidentally (i hope) dripped a bit of white on it.)

hmmm...maybe the leaves are brown cuz it's just shedding it's know, trees tend to do that sometimes right? which is why i'm gonna call her "autumn" for now...maybe if i take care of her from now on, she'll be "april" soon. wish me luck. =)


what is it with singaporeans and maids? when i was in the states, maids were like almost non-existent...meaning that only the rich and famous could have one (or more). but here in singapore, you see them in almost every household. are singaporeans becoming too lazy? or is the pace of life here too hectic for household chores? are children being too pampered? what happened to the good ole days of "you can't go out till you mow the lawn"???

and then we have maid abuse...other then the physical abuse cases that we see on and off (which are so disgraceful), there are also cases of psychological the form of not letting the maid out for off days, not letting the maid go back to visit her family, and even things like not paying the maid her's quite sad. imagine if your employer did the same to you.

sigh...time to vacuum my room again. damn it.