Tuesday, November 29, 2005

double interview

msn conversation again...with jo this time...check this out...

big boy jo says: yo
mobySKY says: sup
big boy jo says: i was looking thru CVs for a logistic asst position today
mobySKY says: then?
big boy jo says: 1 guy working at ABC company as logistic asst, reporting to logistic manager etc.
mobySKY says: ok...then?
big boy jo says: couple of CVs down, i saw another guy from ABC company, position is logistic manager
big boy jo says: hahaahahah
mobySKY says: hahahhaha...cool
big boy jo says: should really mess them up by arranging their interviews in sequence
mobySKY says: haha...yeah man, i'm gonna blog about this later...hahhaaha
mobySKY says: funny shit
mobySKY says: unless you plan to lah
big boy jo says: double blog also can...i dun mind...hahaha
mobySKY says: haha..but i mind
mobySKY says: you blog about it lah
big boy jo says: u blog it then i update with the reactions...hahaha
mobySKY says: hahaha...
big boy jo says: damn bad....might get the subordinate fired
mobySKY says: sekali both get fired...hahaahaha
big boy jo says: i think i not gonna do the double interview thing....sekali really both no job then i cant sleep man
mobySKY says: then i'll do it
mobySKY says: muahahaha...

what would YOU do if you saw your boss at a job interview? haha...i know what i would do...but that's for me to know and for him to find out...muahaha. >=)


i've been having nightmares non-stop for the past few days. is something wrong? i'm not getting enough sleep cuz of it. the scariest part of it all is that the dreams aren't the traditionally scary kinda "the ring" nightmares...i shan't elaborate too much, lest all the get-over-it-already-lah-find-a-new-girlfriend-people start heckling me again...i know lah!!! but it's really bothering me cuz it's not like i've been thinking about her or anything...anyway...*yawn* time for work again...btw, even my boss is wondering why i'm going to work so early everyday...i'm so tired.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

sundays with parry

i went to play football today at parry primary school with some friends. nearly passed out from all the running...and we only played for an hour. my goodness, to think that i could play one and a half matches before i broke a sweat last time. this is taking a toll on me...and i'm really bothered by it...so i'm gonna make this a weekly affair now. sundays with parry.

in my heydays, i played at least one sport a day...normally after tea time in raffles hall. takraw, hardcourt football, and on the rare occasion, basketball. we'd all play till it was dark, and sometimes, even after that. i remember on more than one occasion when we would still play even though it was pouring cats and dogs. we were crazy with a capital C.

but now? let me just put it this way...i bought my soccer boots about 6 months ago, and today was only the second time it has tasted grass. i blame work and all for the lack of exercise...but they're all lies...when there's a will, there's a way. i'm gonna make sure my kronos boots eats grass every week from now on. =)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

mosquito repellent

went to wala wala last night with blinkymummy (or stinkymummy as she's known there), and another two chio girls...jacqueline and angela.

everything was going well until this freaking irritant of a guy came and tried to chat up angela...and he was failing miserably...i mean, i'm no guru on how to pick up girls and stuff, but this guy was saying stuff like "so you were born in the year of the pig???"...give me a break...even i felt like slapping his pudgy bespectacled face. but angela (even though she told us how she irritated she was with the guy while he was away) was being very nice, trying to keep a straight face, and playing the pr game...but at the same time, killing me and jacq to no end with the endless stupidity spewing out of the guy's mouth.

and then when his other irritating friend (who happened to be my jc schoolmate) came and tried to friend friend with me in order to find out more about angela, i knew it was time to pull the plug...so i basically told them that i was angela's boyfriend and that they could fuck on off to mosquito land...well something to that extent.

and that's my good deed for today. =)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

wanted: holiday

as some of you might have heard from me personally, i'm in desperate need of a vacation...i just need a change of environment, pace of life, and basically a break from this monotony.

anyway, i was walking alone along orchard road one afternoon (about 2 weeks ago), when this sweet young thing stopped me and asked if i could do a survey from her. i'm pretty sure most of you who frequent orchard have experienced this kinda stuff before, but looking at her golden-retreiver-puppy-eyes made my heart weak, and so i gave in and completed the form for her. in return, she said that there was some lucky draw with a grand prize of 7 nights' accommodation in various countries...i'm sure most of you have also kena this kinda stuff before too...but anyway, i won the grand prize (as expected), and since i had a lot of free time to kill, i decided to go and listen to the time share talk, so that i could collect my grand prize (the aforementioned eyes did the convincing for me once again)...it was for this asian travel club or something like that...

so i listened for about 1 and a half hours to this indian lady telling me about all the perks lah, this and that lah, without actually telling me how much it costs to join the club...which she refused to tell me till the end. to make a long story short, it costs $15,000 for a normal person to sign up, but just for me and only if i signed up there and then, she'd give me the vip special rate of $12,000...after which, i'd still need to pay $500+ per year for subscription fees. wow...imagine how many holidays i could have gone for already just with the joining fee alone. the lady must have thought that i'm damn stupid or something. eventually, i told her that i wasn't interested and asked about my "grand prize"...so she passed me some brochure thingy with some "voucher number" on it and told me to read the instructions...after which, she stormed off (obviously pissed off cuz she just wasted 1.5 hours of MY time).

the brochure showed a lot of different country locations that i could go to for 7 nights of free accommodation...some were really exotic: canary islands, fiji, spain, portugal, bali, goa (india), australia, philippines, and thailand. however, they didn't list any resort names, or even the cities in those countries that was on showcase...then i glanced through the booking form which asked for my particulars...and my CREDIT CARD NUMBER for "verification"...after filling out of which, i'm supposed to send to chaeng wattana road in bangkok, thailand. they must really think i'm a fucking idiot.

but i really need a holiday leh...how? has anyone ever tried this before??? should i risk having my credit card number being spread to timbuktu for the chance of having free accommodation??? sigh, sadly i think i just answered my own question.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

photographsky - fort canning park

as promised...

on my birthday last saturday, i went out with my parents for our usual weekend walk...and since it was my birthday, and cuz we'd be going for a nice dinner after that, i decided to wear pants while photographskying...

photographsky in pants!!!

we decided to go to...

fort canning park

along the way on our walk...there were lotsa humungous trees and cool stuff...

fort canning tree 1

fort canning tree 2

fort canning old tree 3.1

fort canning old tree 3.2

fort canning tree 4

fort canning tree 5

fort canning tree 6

stay away from drugs

there's a great view there of the city skyline...i recommend it for people who wanna see how fast singapore is growing...

singapore skyline 1

i like the next picture cuz it shows the reflection of the semi-sunset on the building, and also, of the reverse bungy jump thingy at clarke quay...and if you look closely enough, you can even hear the screams from the deranged people silly enough to sit in that carriage...

singapore skyline 2

singapore skyline 3

a few more pictures with my folks...btw, mom and dad decided to bring a change of clothes...smart huh? now you know where the brains in the family went...

moby and mom

moby and dad

the people at fort canning even let me have a go at their arsenal cuz it was my birthday...

moby and canon in d

i felt like cuba gooding jr. in pearl harbour...

gun ho!!!

no??? no same same? sheesh...ok...can't even let a dog have his day...

ANYWAY, we went to sistina's in holland village for dinner...my dad and i had the "beef tenderloin garnished in red wine sauce with king prawns" chef's special, while my mom had the rack of lamb specialty from the menu...fantastico! they even gave me a slice of their tiramisu cake with a candle that kept blowing out (cuz of the fan and air-con combination) while my dad was trying to take pictures of my mom and i...haha...too bad the lighting was not great (candlelight leh), so we couldn't get a proper shot...anyway, i blew it out effortlessly.

thus ends another year...and thus ends another chapter...stay tuned for volume 27...in sky's life... =)

Monday, November 21, 2005


apologies for not posting stuff recently...i can't find the stupid cable that links my nikon to the ibm, so can't upload the newest photographsky session. anyway, it was a good birthday on saturday...better than the last two...both of which involved tears, reasons and details...well, let's just say i don't want to remember them.

for those of you who called / smsed / msned...thank you very much, i love you too...

anyway, i'm at work now, so not very convenient to blog too much...always got idiots peeping over my shoulder...catcha later folks! =)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

a blink of an eye

wow...27 already...it's been a blink of an eye.

you can either choose to look back and feel remorse and regret, or you can choose to strive forward and rejuvenate your mind and soul. it's up to you, sky...you DO have a choice.

Friday, November 18, 2005

semi-interesting day

i had an interesting day...went out with this girl i used to know...i bumped into her a few times recently, and must have passed her my namecard or something on one of those occasions cuz she emailed me yesterday to see if i wanted to have a nice dinner today. naturally, being the nice guy that i am, i replied saying that i'd be delighted...actually the fact that she used to be a model helped a bit lah...haha. (aiyah, i didn't bring a camera today lah...sorry loe...)

she insisted on choosing the place and making reservations...which i was, of course, more than willing to let her do...so we agreed to meet at the esplanade. al dente is actually a really nice place to eat...the ambience is great...got soft music in the al fresco area upstairs...candles everywhere...great view of the city skyline...and of course the twin durians of the esplanade itself. the food was quite filling...i had lasagne, and she had beef cheeks...i was burping cheese by the time we left...haha.

anyway, we decided to head for a party that her colleagues were going for, and ended up at this place in tanjong pagar. when we went inside, it turned out to be some award ceremony thing for some design award...the kind where people wear suits and ties and fancy dresses, then stand around with cocktails in their hands, pretending to look important and cool at the same time. firstly, i wasn't dressed for the occasion (she insisted that i take off my tie after dinner cuz we were going for a party!!!), and secondly, i hate these kinda events where everyone's so pretentious and trying to be "different"...it was so "different" that everyone seemed the same...if you know what i mean. anyway, we walked around looking at the award winning stuff on display, then decided that this wasn't a party we had to be a part of...nor had a reason to stay for...so we left.

then she decided that she was tired and took a cab home, and i was stranded at 9:30pm in the middle of the cbd with nothing to do. that's when i decided to take up jason's offer to check out union square at the amara hotel...a popular salsa joint. so i walked there and paid the entrance fees, found myself a nice corner at the bar, ordered a beer, etc, etc...and waited for jason to appear with his dancing shoes and moves. while i was waiting, i sat there and watched the people strut their stuff...and promptly got freaking dizzy...how the girls (and guys) can twirl themselves around and around so many times without puking is still a mystery to me...so basically when jason arrived at about 10:30pm, i was almost cross-eyed already...i left a bit after that to prevent the two tigers i had from coming out the wrong end...i can't imagine what would have happened if i had stayed and watched some more...and let's not even talk about taking up the dance myself. but at least the girls were pretty cute there. =)

hmmm...now that i look back at today, it doesn't seem TOO interesting...actually same ole same ole lah...going out with attached girls (oh, btw, the dinner / party / model chic is getting married to some french guy next year), getting nauseous from something or other, and then blogging about it...i need something new.

maybe things will change after the "new year" coming up on saturday...hopefully for the better. =)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

pet groomer or dj?

on msn just now...

Jason says: hungover?
mobySKY says: not really lah...just tired
mobySKY says: sick of working
Jason says: um...arent we all.... =) become DJ la
mobySKY says: hahahahhaa
mobySKY says: and what makes you think that djs don't need to work?
Jason says: mebbe u shd look into becoming a pet grommer
Jason says: $$
Jason says: my fren looked into it
Jason says: 2 yr course
mobySKY says: hahaha...
Jason says: full time
Jason says: gd$
mobySKY says: pet groomer or dj?
Jason says: both
Jason says: day and night jobs
Jason says: power
mobySKY says: wow...that'd be very ambitious
Jason says: PGDJ
mobySKY says: sigh, i'd better get ready for work

Monday, November 14, 2005

rich fucks

i had some unsavoury incidents with some rich fucks today...why are some of these people so rude and stingy? sigh...

incident 1:

i just went to see two customers today...the first stays somewhere along stevens road...they have 4 cars...at least there were 4 there when i reached...1 x toyota camry, 1 x merc s500, 1 x merc s55, & 1 x rolls royce...i believe the daughter drives a merc slk too. ANYWAY, i just needed the auntie of the house to sign a freaking document worth $400...for some services that my company had already provided for her. first of all, she was talking to this director of my company who also happened to be there, with me next to his side...then she invited him into the house, and just as i was taking my shoes off to follow suit, she shut the door right in my face...wtf. nevermind...i am a patient salesperson, and so i waited outside the house with my contractors, who were already starting the installations...but when she finally came out, she actually had the nerve to walk right past me without even glancing in my direction, and straight into the waiting chauffeur and merc s500...well done. my company's director actually looked at me and smiled, and actually apologized on her behalf, but i was a bit red by then...both out of embarrassment and anger...embarrassment cuz my contractors were probably thinking: "hahaha...account manager so what?? also small fuck what!!!"...anger cuz i didn't manage to get anything signed, and basically wasted my time there. but then again, the whole family is fat and ugly...so i guess God is fair.

incident 2:

the second customer i went to see was a middle-aged couple...also stays in a well off area...somewhere in bukit timah...this time, the house wasn't contructed yet...they have a 2-storey bungalow with a kick-ass basement and swimming pool. the view faces a lot of greenery and forest, with a long balcony at the side...you have to see it to be as astounded as me...it was a damn nice house...even though it's still in it's construction stages. when i reached i saw 1 x jaguar (can't remember the model) and 1 x bmw suv (can't remember the model either) in the driveway. ANYWAY, i was there to propose some other installations that my company could do for them blah blah blah...but they were just freaking stingy about EVERYTHING..."huh? this costs $300??? don't you have anything cheaper?? like those made in taiwan ones?"...i can deal with the first few comments, but once they start with the "cheapo" taiwan nonsense, i can get quite defensive at times...you can insult me, my company, whatever else you want...but you fuck with my homeland, you're asking for trouble...you might as well insult my family in the same sentence too. let me stray a bit from the story...not EVERYTHING in taiwan is cheap and unreliable...just because we manufacture efficiently and hence give people more cost savings, people tend to get all fucking nasty when the thing starts to fail...come on lah...which piece of machinery / electronics doesn't fail once in a while??? my lousy-ass hewlett packard pda handphone was made in japan and assembled in singapore...it's the WORST piece of crap i've used...and it's less than 3 years old...so should i be condemning japan and singapore too? hmmm...coming back to my story though...i wasn't really in the mood to bargain with yet another rich fuck who can't be bothered to be civil to another human being, so i just said, "yeah, that's how much it is...if you want quality, then you have to pay for it." it kinda shut them up...especially since they realised that the whole installation wouldn't come out to even 0.01% in value of their whole house...i don't even need this deal, it's so small...sometimes i hate dealing with residential customers...though there's always the hope of meeting a milf...but so far so bad...

incident 3:

not much of an incident, but since i'm on the topic of rude and stingy rich fucks...i went to ntuc at coronation plaza today to buy some groceries...that place was crawling with aunties who drove their huge-ass suvs and mpvs and mp3s down...all these rich women with louis vuitton and gucci hangbags the size of the ntuc shopping carts, all loosely hanging from their forearms (it's a wonder how they keep it hanging there)...all with their d&g sunglasses perched either high up on their wrinkly foreheads or clasped in between their non-existent or sagging cleavages (it's a wonder how they keep it hanging there). ANYWAY, not once, not twice, but at least on FIVE different occasions, these old hags die die have to cut in front of me to get their stuff first while i was either choosing my beef sirlions (x 1), choosing my tiger prawns (x 1), choosing a bottle of wine (x 1), or paying at the cashier (x 2!!!)...i mean...wtf...firstly, you're so damn rich, and yet you have to come out yourself (rather than your maid or loverboy), and shop at NTUC no less (why? cannot afford cold storage or jason's meh???), some more wanna cut my queue five times...FUCK YOU!!! i digress...age IS catching up with these people, so i'll be patient and wait...haha.

nowadays, money makes the world go round (and money makes love stick around too, but that's another story for another day)...but being rich doesn't mean that you have the right to be rude. full stop. having said that though, being rich doesn't mean that you have to spend blindly and excessively either. however, if you can afford to buy huge and expensive houses, cars, handbags and whatnots, please don't come and bargain with me to the final cent lah...i need my commission too what...if you can't beat them, at least try to join them right? hahaha. =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005


i dreamt of fireworks last night...bright, loud, elaborately spectacularly manificent...i hope this is a sign of good and better things to come. =)


i went to cairnhill community centre yesterday to play basketball with my colleagues and some guys we met there...mistake number one.

we played full court...mistake number two.

i didn't stretch before the game...mistake number three.

i thought i was still a 21 year old playing for my hall team running up and down the court...mistake number four.

i didn't warm down after the game...mistake number five.

i had more than a few beers with the guys after the game...mistake number six.

i went to east coast today to go cycling with some other friends...mistake number seven.

i chose a bike with minimal padding on the seat...final mistake.

maybe this explains why i can't move an inch without feeling like i've been raped by moby dick...someone help me...argh.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

photographsky - pulau ubin

as promised earlier...

hi-tec boots

i brought along a huge bag for this 2 day 1 night trip...mainly cuz i had to carry the risk game board (the other bags i had weren't long enough)...

big bum equipment

we met up in clementi to buy our rations (2 x 6 pack of tiger, 1 x sprite mixer for absolut citron, 1 x passion fruit juice mixer for absolut citron, 1 x bbq chips, 1 x fish fillet strips, 1 x cheese twisties)...before beginning our journey...

clementi mrt

we had to take a ferry from punggol marina...the most remote and hard-to-reach area in singapore...

ubin boat

seow was acting weird...

excited seow

land ho!


the place we stayed at wasn't too shabby...two storey with 3 beds...two single and one queen...

room 305

living room

victor-moby room


seow-billy room

after we settled down, we rented some bicycles and set off...

cycling 1

cycling 2

oh yeah, btw, after being on the butt of non-stop jokes, i was forced to change to some more appropriate and comfortable footwear...



pit-stop 1

cycling 3

cycling 4

cycling 5

cycling 6

we had a few "situations" along the way...

lost 1

lost 2


and there were a few trails that required 4-wheel drive...

off-road 1

off-road 2

off-road 3

lost 3

pit-stop 2

some chick with big headlights wearing a tight white top caught billy's attention...

resting & checking out

more cycling

more cycling

some really authentically jap chics helped us to take our photo...

pit-stop 3

so i asked them if they wanted to be in the photographsky collection too...


in the end, we got a bit tired...


so we headed back to base...

resort 1

resort 2

resort 3

resort 4

resort 5

resort 6


sunset 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

after the sun set, we also set down ourselves on these things...

crabby chairs

crabby chairs and tables

and played cards, risk and monopoly till the early morning...

cards and beer

good trip guys...next up redang...hopefully it won't take another 13 years to materialise...haha.

pulau ubin 2005