Friday, May 05, 2006

videographsky - roadtrip kl day 1 (part ii)

this is the second installment...

i've had many complaints that the first one made people sick. too bad. live with it. hahaha. don't say i never warn you hor. hehe.

btw, this new video is pretty took 40 minutes just to save the damn thing to my hard disk on microsoft movie maker...and another 20 minutes to upload it on lah, got too much shit to share already...and i'm too fucking tired from work to edit anything, which is why i took the easy way out and fast forwarded everything.

once again, take some pills first before watching...and don't eat before you click play. haha.

and that ends day 1...i'll try to conjure up some more time to do up the other videos properly...please forgive me...i know not what i do.

cheers. =)

1 comment:

mirrow said...

ya!! me 1st!! =P
my eyesight just dropped another .75 after this video, maybe thats y moby looks like a girl from a white uniform school i used to know *puke* =)