Thursday, October 25, 2007


the day started innocuously enough...

i was happily on facebook at about midnight, surfing around as usual...when *bam!*, everything shot straight to "error while loading page from...". nevermind. i decided to go to sleep.

i woke up this morning with aches all over my body from yesterday's bruising football i decided to take half day leave to sleep it off. no sooner had i put down the phone to inform my boss, a customer calls...and then another 10 minutes later...and then yet one more phone call 2 hours into my morning slumber. nevermind. i decided to wake up.

after washing up, i excitedly turned on my computer...i had dreamt that gerrard scored one, and mascherano the other in a 2-0 victory for the reds. so i checked first...then just to double check...and then to confirm. i think my neighbours nearly called the police after hearing my scream. nevermind. i decided to get ready for my job interview.

i put on my lucky ck tie, my clinique happy cologne, brought along all the documents requested, and arrived at the venue 15 minutes early...common courtesy. so anyway, i waited...and waited...and waited for 45 long minutes...before the receptionist suddenly remembered that i had to fill in some admin forms. great!

and then, as positive as i was about this interview, you can imagine my ecstasy when the hr girl asked me why i didn't bring my original degree scroll "for confirmation". tape at the starting line already. i patiently (and politely) answered that i would bring it the next time, if i actually do join.

so...almost 1 hour after the scheduled time, a lady in her early-30's waltzes in, shakes my hand with absolutely no authority, and proceeds to quiz me on how much i know about their company. come on...grow up already. i'm not a fresh grad waiting to grab at any job that feeds the hamsters at home. in my opinion, an interview at my stage should be a sharing of ideas and concepts...about whether i fit the organisation, and whether the organisation fits me.

30 minutes later, i still had no clue what the job scope was for the position that they were interviewing me for. add that together with a bad cup of coffee from their machine, and you have a complete waste of time. not to mention the $4.12 parking fee at their cramped carpark with only one exit and a faulty cashcard reader.

needless to say, i will politely decline a second interview...that is, if they mistakenly perceive that i'm somehow still interested in the job. nevermind. i decided to go back to the office.

"hey! wanna go for a stick?!" asked the irritating 'social-smoker' colleague who never has a stick of his own, and thinks it's ok to sponge off moby thrice a day.
"nah...i'm busy now." says moby.
"oh ok...why? what you doing?" asked the irritant *peeps over moby's shoulder to see the screen*
"work lah." says moby...sounding irritated.
"your numbers how?? can meet target or not? how, how?"
*blank stare back from moby that screamed a million "wtf you want?!"*
"haha...relax lah!" *proceeds to irritatingly massage moby's shoulders with much vigour*
"eh, i need to go to the toilet." *walks off...goes for a smoke outside...alone*

nevermind. i go home.

dinner time. after the long day, i decided to treat myself to a pork rib king rice with egg (排骨王饭加蛋). while waiting for them to prepare the food, i trotted over to the indian stall and bought a bag of papadums for a snack. then before going over to 7-11 just behind the food centre to buy a drink, i decided to leave the chips with the auntie...

"eh auntie ah, i leave this here first hor." *puts bag of papadums on auntie's shelf*

*5 minutes later...*

"eh auntie ah, where're the chips ah?"
"huh? they were there what..."

i accepted my fate, slowly walked over to the indian stall, and resignedly asked for another bag of papadums...

nevermind. it's another day tomorrow...

(p.s. - happy birthday finicky feline...*snort*)

Monday, October 22, 2007

photographsky - random

just some random pictures taken over the past few months...

labrador park...

farrer court...

kent ridge park...

back to basics... =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

new additions to the family

something really really exciting happened!!!
my sister got some kittens yesterday!!!

THEY'RE THE BEST LOOKING YET IN THE FAMILY! next to gingin of course. =D

they haven't been named though, so she (my sister) is still open for suggestions...i came up with "pongo" (from 101 dalmations) and "nermal" (from garfield)...yeah lah, yeah lah, i know...not very easy to call...

"ooi, pongooo! stop scratching the couch!!!"
"nerrrmmmal! stop eating the plants!!!"
"ponggggooo, nermalllll!!! stop fighting!!!!!"

so, anyway, does anyone else wanna try naming them? =)

i'm so happy for my sis...and for the new additions to the family of course. =)))

Monday, October 15, 2007

handball on a monday

it's monday morning again (or at least it'll be by the time you read this).

well, if you have nothing much to do, or if you have no mood to do anything much...why not check out what jo posted...

i got an adrenaline rush from it...don't know if you would cuz it'd be quite boring if you're not into nus inter-hall games, or into the sport of handball for that matter...but it's entertainment nonetheless.

happy monday blues to you too.

cheers. =)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

love again?

it's wonderous what a little makeover can do for your loved one(s).

change a screw here, add on a moulding there, fix the power windows all round...and voila, you can love your loved one(s) once again. =)

i can't wait to start roaring again...albeit softer (and slower) this time round...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

she's back...

have you ever wanted something back so bad, that when you finally do get it, you're disappointed cuz it wasn't as good as you remembered?

she's back...

but i just don't feel her soul anymore... =(

or maybe i've become hard-hearted while waiting for her return...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

facebook storyline

there's this application in facebook called "storyline", which is basically a story continuation thingy...

so anyway, i was invited by this chic to join her story halfway...take a wild guess when my continuation to the story started:

(i'll give you a little hint by colour-coding the different authors)

The strands kept slipping through her fingers as she tried to sweep them. The fuschia elastic band was stretched and poised to make that few quick rounds about her hair but she was not happy with the ponytail. Too many loose strands at the nape of her neck. Her arms ached from being held up for so long while trying to tie the ponytail. She was runnning late and with an impatient wring of the tap, she wet her palms and pat the top of her head. That will do for now.

Out she ran of the apartment into the sticky humidity that was characteristic of the place she called home. As she walked briskly to the bus stop, she could feel beads of sweat starting to form under her chin. "Great," she muttered to herself, "just what I need to match my sloppy hair." Reaching into her bag for a wet wipe, she heard a familiar sound.

"Buuop!" She heard it before she felt it. A small yet substantial amount of gas was released from its unconscious creator. Feeling slightly embarrassed but at the same time strangely satisfied, she did the obligatory visual and olfactory checks with a quick glance and a short sniff. "Good, no smell." she giggled at herself. Reassured of her anonymity, she began to wipe herself dry.

The bustle of the midday traffic was at its peak with cars inching bumper to bumper toward the incomprehesible attraction of the "Sale Worth Waiting For". Impatient and suffocating under the blistering heat at the bus stop, she wondered if her bus, a mere ten metres away would ever manage to crawl miraculous towards her. She stared hard at it, with absolute concentration at the red-bold numerals "65", willing the bus to move. Tt was then that something caught the corner of her eye.

It was shiny; and it sparkled in the heat of the blistering sun. For a moment, she wondered if she was feeling ill and took a moment to recover. It moved closer. She followed the glimmer up a pair of slender, waxed legs that would make any man drool. Perched at the top of an almost perfect body was a face that looked almost incredibly simple. She glanced down at the impossibly gorgeous pedders again. "No way!" she thought.

Perched on top of each shoe was a faux diamante the size of a grape. The shoe itself was purple patent leather rimmed with black lace. Anybody else would have found the pair of heels gawdy and distasteful but it suited Gek Huay's style perfectly. The bus engine coughed out a cloud of exhaust before jerking to a halt in front of the bus stop. Gek Huay could not give up the chance to ask the woman where she had bought the shoe.

"Where did you buy that shoe?! So nice!" the woman exclaimed, causing a confused looking Gek Huay to look up.

"This pair of shoes? I made them myself. You like them?"

"yes..." the woman purred. she reached to feel the exquisite material on the...

"no touching, bitch!" exclaimed gek huay, releasing another string of accoustic percussion from her hindquarters in the process.

flustered by this outburst, the purple shoed lady drew back and shouted, "i titoudao you!"

gek huay was pissed off: "i knew i've seen those legs before!" she cried out and grabbed the woman's hair. as the wig came off, everyone at the busstop stopped and exclaimed in unison:


"I am not ! All of you are mistaken!" the purple shoed woman, now man, exclaimed while shielding his face with the handbag that all until now, had been pinned under his arms. Several of the bystanders were now stooping to get a better look at the man's face and Gek Huay almost pitied the man for putting him in such a spot. Just as the man was about to crumble under the curious stares of the crowd, a svelte woman with long tresses pushed through the onlookers and shielded the man with her body.

the crowd exclaimed yet again in one voice:

"yeah, that's my name...don't wear it out." *paris puts arm around chua en lai*

the crowd started to whisper amongst themselves...
"wow...she's actually wearing a bra..."
"sheesh, i know that every fashionable woman has to have a gay best friend...but come on...him?!"
"chua en lai is gay?!"
"no shit sherlock."

"come on, let's get outta here" paris said to her accessory...and promptly got onto bus number 65...

and that's it. hmmm...i'm thinking that i either grossed them all out already, or nobody has a sense of humour anymore, cuz there hasn't been a continuation for 2 days already. haha.

i haven't had any ideas of where or how to start my own story as yet...anyone wanna help? =D

the story continues...cheers. =)