Tuesday, July 31, 2007

eye problems

i went to get my eyes checked today by my favourite optometrist (i almost typed "optician" before i realised the vast difference) cuz i had some problems with my contact lens the other day...

anyway, here's an exert of a short conversation we had over lunch:

moby: so i heard w and p are attached already! so exciting!
my ex (mex): yup yup...well, they're quite attached.
moby: cool.
mex: yeah...then how about you? what's your progress like?
moby: err...nobody wants me lah...i'm way too screwed up.
mex: haha. i can see why.
moby: ouch.
mex: you know i was kidding.
moby: ...
mex: kinda...hahaha.
moby: har har har.
mex: anyway...your cornea isn't really scratched lah...
moby: oh great...
mex: it's just a bit dry.
moby: haha. yeah, tell me about it.

sheesh. married people can be so mean sometimes...

laughter's the best medicine

wait until it's fully uploaded...and watch for the ending. it's hilarious to me for some reason...haha.

apparently laughter is contagious, not unlike yawning...i could do a little of the former for now...which may happen after tomorrow is done...i hope. hehe.

cheers...for now. =)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

fly past

i was at the esplanade yesterday...waiting for my family to come and meet up for dinner...it's the first time in more than 5 years that all 6 of us (including my grandma) are in singapore together. 真得很难得...

anyway, i managed to get some shots of the fly past of the flag helicopter and the fighter jets...

i've always thought that flying a fighter jet was the coolest thing in the world. it sent a slight tingle right through my toes and brought a little tear in my eye as those guys flew past.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rainy rambling

my favourite sliced fish soup stall downstairs suddenly disappeared...

what can i eat now when i wake up with a hangover???

oh, and guess what else i found out?

shit. now i have no remaining use for my left hand. hahaha. kidding.

it's been raining a lot recently hor...i can't wait for the sunshine to come back...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

one task at a time

ok...first things first...

i finally managed to clean my fish tank and fix the "faulty" water filter...(knn, i never knew my fish could shit so much that they'd actually clog it up).

i guess this clears up the stupid urban myth that sucker fish (aka pleco) eat fish crap.

and i finaly managed get my hair cut...gone with the afro, and back to the spikes.

next up: clearing and fixing up the other shit in my life.

Monday, July 16, 2007

wanted: indy jones

i even don't know why i searched for this just now...

so kill me for reminiscing the good ole days with calista flockhart and ally mcbeal...those were the simple times...when watching tv was in my old hall room...when eating supper was at fong seng's...and when owning a skymobile was just a dream.

just kill me. i need an indiana jones...like now.

(p.s. - i can't sleep...again.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

to my beloved...

this song means so much to me now...

i'll try my best...and i hope we'll succeed...it can't be any worse...

tears stream down my face...i promise you that i will learn from my mistakes...

i hope the lights will guide us home...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

and then it happened...

i'm still in shock...will update when i wake up from this nightmare.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

give way lah

one of the things in singapore i have always been surprised by is the driver's unwillingness to give way to an emergency vehicle (i.e. - ambulance / police car).

in the states, you HAVE to pull over to the side of the road to let such a vehicle through. it's against the law otherwise. in fact, these vehicles are allowed to run red lights, and people on either sides of the roads are obliged to stop for them...simply because it only happens in an EMERGENCY.

i know what some of you are gonna say..."aiyah, some of these people abuse their powers lah"...but what's 1 minute (or even 5 minutes) of your time, compared to someone who's losing blood by the second? what if it was your mom or dad who had been in an accident? would you wanna be the one to say "who cares, he might be bluffing"?

anyway, what led to this outburst was an incident this afternoon...

i heard on the radio that there had been an accident at the marymount lane and lornie road junction...just as i reached lornie road.

a few seconds later, i saw a police car with sirens and strobelights blaring in my rear view mirror, so i gave way to the white wrx, which zoomed past the skymobile.

ten seconds after that, he got stuck in traffic.

i mean, he was really stuck in traffic. the cars in the centre lane obviously didn't bother to either: 1. give way to let the cars in front of the police car shift over to the left so that the police car can go through, or 2. stop and give way to the police car. instead, it was bumper to bumper stuff.

just look at that black lancer...i have come to think that his grandfather owns lornie road. bastard.

this kinda got me boiled, so i cut into the centre lane, and just stopped...

and to those idiots honking behind...fuck you.

the police car eventually managed to wiggle his way through to the accident site...which involved a lorry overturned on it's side...and a taxi. i don't even need to tell you who's fault it was cuz i think you know already.

no, i didn't take pictures of the accident cuz i think it'd be disrespectful to the occupants in the lorry...and no, i didn't take down the license plate numbers either cuz i don't believe in making money from other people's tragedies.

speaking of which, the jam on the OPPOSITE side of the road was quite frightening as well...you all know what i'm talking about.

moral of the story: get the hell out of the way when you hear a siren and see flashing blue lights behind you. don't be selfish.

(p.s. - if the traffic police are reading this, please don't include it in the "courtesy driving campaign" crap that you're doing now...why should you be rewarded to do something that you should natually be doing once you possess a driver's license? as if any of these campaigns work in the first place...fine the offenders lah! make new laws lah! this is one area that i think you should copy the americans.)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

extended monday

i got my confirmation from my new company today...but somehow it wasn't as joyous an occasion as i had thought.

and no, they did not increase my pay (for all those bloodsuckers out there who only appear when they hear an acquaintance has some financial gain, asking for a treat every time...you know who you are...everyone has a leech or two as a "friend").

no balloons, no cigars, and definitely no alcohol. just a glum-faced boss saying that i have to be more punctual in the mornings. i said ok. and that was that...

well, on the brighter side, at least i can take leave already...i think. if i have any to take in the first place...i hate this "pro-rated" nonsense.

today felt like an extended monday.

"cheer up moby...i still love you!"

ok! i love you too baby...muack! =)))

Monday, July 02, 2007


don't even bother asking me what time it was. i won't tell you...i mean, it was definitely AFTER 6pm loh. hehe.

anyways, there's a relatively new singer that sings for a relatively new band that plays on mondays at wala's...her name is sarah, and the band is called...err...i forgot (just like how sarah forgot my name from last week...hmph)...but anyway, sarah looks pretty promising...so much so that i took 5 different kind of pictures of her while she was performing.

(aiyah, i'm not infatuated lah...i was just exploring my newly repaired sony ericsson...and apparently it still can't take pictures with low lighting...even with flash. oh well...not that i'm not in the dark that often anyway. haha.)

she even sang my jet song for me. hehe. yeah, i know, i always request for the same damn song every single time...so kill me lah. *argh...look what you've done. hahaha.*

i think one of these days, she'll be able to challenge shirlene (spelling?) of the unexpected...sarah the rising star, at wala's on mondays. cheers. =)