Saturday, April 29, 2006

update in kl

hey people...the good news is that i have free broadband internet in my room...but the bad news is that i don't have time to upload the pictures / videos that i have compiled this first day.

nevermind...wait until monday and i'll make sure your computer hangs cuz of the amount of shit i have...even after only one day. hehe.

anyway, i'm having fun...everything's fine. you take care. cheers. =)

Friday, April 28, 2006


1. minolta dynax 505si slr camera c/w minolta af 28-80 zoom lens *check*

2. fujifilm superia 200 film *check*

3. nikon coolpix 4100 *check*

4. sanyo ni-mh 2300 rechargable batteries *check*

5. energizer nimh rechargable backup batteries *check*

6. nikon usb cable *check*

7. sony vaio pcg-v505gp laptop *check*

8. moby sky photographsky fisherman's hat *check*

9. kettle chips honey dijon flavour natural gourmet potato chips *check*

10. want want senbei rice crackers *check*

photographsky - kuala lumpur, here i come...

cheers. =)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

my day

just a compilation of stuff things that happened today...

on the train to work...

moby: excuse me... *stands up*
chic wearing droopy looking dress (cwdld): nairmind.
moby: no lah, it's ok...take my seat
cwdld: knn lah, i not pregnant lah.
moby: oh. *sits back down*

*nahbeh...ah lian cannot be pregnant ah*

at lunch with mom...

mom: you look like you've gained weight...
moby: argh!!!!!! *pinches own cheek*
mom: want san yi (my auntie in taiwan) to intro some girls to you?
moby: argh!!!!!! *pinches heart*
mom: you sure???
moby: no need lah!!! =|


at work on the phone...

rich customer (rc): eh, moby...can discount or not?
moby: err...i've looked into it already...i really cannot leh...
rc: can discount or not?
moby: no lah, you have to look into why you're buying from's not just the're paying for the quality service and blah blah blah...
rc: can discount or not?
moby: i really can't do anything already lah...but seriously mr. shouldn't look at the cost only...blah blah blah...
rc: can discount or not?
moby: sigh. no. sorry.

*rich people are the most stingy ones*

after work during drinks @ no. 5...

jaime: hey...this is sky.
moby: err...hi, i'm tien chi...
jaime's mom (jm): hi...nice to meet you that your real name?
moby: no name is tien chi... *glares at jaime*
jm: oh that can i call you skywalker instead?
moby: hahaha....err...

*jaime's mom is happening*


while blogging last night...

moby: *type type type*
moby: zzzzzzzz...

good morning singapore. how are you doing in the office today? i'm on leave. have fun! hehe. cheers. =)

beautiful day

i woke up and it was a beautiful day... =)

i stepped out of my lift and stepped on a piece of dog poo... =)

i got stuck in a massive jam on the way to work and ended up paying twice as much as usual, spending thrice as much time... =)

i mistyped my password three times on my laptop...which meant that i waited 4 hours for my computer to be unlocked by my IT guys... =)

i kena fucked by my customer for my engineers' shortcomings... =)

it rained the whole afternoon... =)

i listened to non-stop bitching from my new colleague on the cab ride to my site survey...some more she wanted to introduce her female friends to me...bitch. =)

everyone was late for drinks at bala... =)

i lost to both jason AND joseph at pool... =)

i just missed the last cab before midnight cuz some idiot ran in front of me... =)

i locked myself out of my house for the umpteenth time... =)

i'm going to sleep now. =)

Monday, April 24, 2006

videographsky - sad song

last friday, at wala's, blinkymummy kept asking for sad songs...

so i decided to make some music of my own on saturday...

note: please turn down the volume on your speakers. don't say i never warn you hor...

cheers. =)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

plain moby sky

i'm now just plain "moby sky". "herman mobydicksky melville" was a thing of the past...what's done is done. change is good. =)

people they come together
people they fall apart
no one can stop us now
cuz we are all made of stars

- moby

cheers. =)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


last night at wala's...

victor: hey... *shows moby an sms message*
victor's handphone: hi victor...this is a, moby's ex girlfriend. do you have the number of your solemniser at your ROM?
moby: haha...i wonder who's getting married. probably some friend of her's lah...
victor: what you want me to say?
moby: just give loh...i'll sms her now too. hehe.

a's handphone: hi. i'm with victor now btw. getting married soon? haha. =)
moby's handphone: ya... :)

*awkward silence at moby's table...the band plays on...*

*20 mins later*
a's handphone: congrats. =)
moby's handphone: thanks!

moby: =|

congrats. really. my life is brilliant. my love is pure.

Thursday, April 20, 2006



i is tired. *_*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

kl tips

i'm going up to kl at the end of this month for a friend's wedding...we've been planning for quite some time already, but i think i just need some opinions on how we should go up, and also on where we should stay...

so far, the plan is to drive up in my friend's car (singapore plate), and stay in this place called the prince hotel...apparently the place is quite posh...around rm700+ per night...for the 6 of us...over 2 nights...

ideally, we'd obviously love to save on travel and accommodation lah...but the thing is, we've all got yet another wedding to go to on the very next day after the kl wedding...back in singapore...which means that we have to get back to singapore the next morning...making timing all the more lobangs? pilots-off-duty-with-small-airplanes-willing-to-do-charity-work? please feel free to communicate with me.

time waits for no man...sigh.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


wow! i got a present today!

*update - check out what blinkymummy bought me today...hehe*

clinique happy

i is happy! =)))

cheers. =)

Monday, April 17, 2006

eau de toilette

i'm looking for a new scent to wear...presently i'm using these:

i love clinique happy...just the name itself makes me smile. =) my current bottle's running out soon though...

clinique happy

apparently, estee lauder pleasures intense for men is only available at the airport...i bought this bottle when i came back from cambodia in february...current daily eau de toilette.

estee lauder pleasures intense

davidoff deep is a bit more citrusy and sharp on the nose compared to the other two above...for occasions when i know that i'll be sweating buckets (like when i'm eating hot noodle soup)...

davidoff deep

any recommendations for the new addition??? one thing to note though...i don't like the musky-ox-ooo-i'm-so-macho kinda scents...too much testosterone smells like teen spirit. haha.

cheers. =)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

simple things

question: what's better than playing football with your friends in the pouring rain, and coming home to a hot shower?

answer: playing football with your friends in the pouring rain, coming home to a hot shower, and having this for dinner:

steaming hot campbell's tomato soup (with lotsa black pepper)

steaming hot campbell's chunky chicken & vegetable soup (with lotsa black pepper)

hehe. the simple things in life. cherish them.

cheers. =)

handball goal

i was flipping through and clearing some old files on my computer the other day when i came across this video of a goal that i scored in a handball match some years ago...

i decided to let blinkymummy edit the above cuz she's quite into this video thingy can see her version here.

i actually sprained my right wrist really bad after that much so that i had to take 5 days medical leave off from school, thereby UNINTENTIONALLY missing a quiz for fluid mechanics or something like that (which resulted in me retaking the whole module the following year, but that's another story altogether)...hehe.

in fact, my wrist still gets a bit sore when it rains...but all's well that ends well lah hor? we won the handball inter-hall games that year. haha. cheers. =)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

football clips

for all you football fans out there...

the good...

the bad...

and the cheeky little chelsea bastards...

haha. but it was quite funny though.

go reds! cheers. =)

Friday, April 14, 2006

detox lunch

when i said that i was going to detox it out today, i really meant it...check out my lunch:

half watermelon

half eaten half watermelon

buay tahan...

two quarter watermelons

mango & half eaten quarter watermelon

sliced mango & half eaten quarter watermelon

mango carcass

quarter watermelon carcass

moby's detox lunch

i is full. *burp*

cheers. =)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


i'm bloated. i'm stuffed. i feel like a turkey. i think i know how the hindenburg zeppelin felt before it's fateful explosion.

i just finished eating at the joo chiat crab place with blinkymummy and her boyboy...and now, i simply can't move.

*UPDATE: if you wanna see blinkymummy's video of our dinner, feel free to check it here.*

4 whole crabs for the 3 of us...and let's not even mention the sambal kang kong and fried sotong you tiao side dishes (damn, even the hair on my belly button stood up while i typed that)...i think we could have fed about 3.65 paula abduls plus 4.35 victoria beckhams. oh, and while we're on the subject of anorexic people, i just wanna state that i feel like puking now too...and no, i'm not advocating eating disorders for all you young readers out there...i just need all that crab to come out from at least one end. btw, how's that chocolate brownie you're eating? tasty i bet. haha. >=)

i'm going on a liquid diet tomorrow. vegetables, fruits and juice only. i hope i won't faint or anything, cuz i'm normally a carnivorous t-rex at the meal table...but i really need to detoxinate, detoxify and detoxerminate everything that i just ingested.

actually, i'm just praying that i don't get chased by crab claws and black peppers in slumberland tonight...hehe.

cheers. *burp* =)

destination ccb

i took a cab to my destination today.

moby: to the bat cave, driver...
crazy cabbie (ccb): ok...

*5 minutes into the ride*

ccb: so which way do you wanna go ah?
moby: err...the fastest way lah...i'm kinda in a rush...
ccb: oh which way you wanna go ah?
moby: *sighs* take a left here, and another right there, and then you do a u-turn after the traffic light.
ccb: HAR??? why you wanna go that way?
moby: then how would you prefer to go? pray tell...
ccb: aiyah, i take a right here, and then another right in front, and then you go straight down that ever-winding road, and then cross the busy junction with the maniac drivers, and then i'll try to avoid all the stationary cars along the road with the speed bumps loh! like that don't need to u-turn what.
moby: err...i think my way is easier leh.
ccb: NO LAH! siao ah you! *glares behind at moby*
moby: ok ok...have it your're the driver. *moby puts on seat belt with much speed and urgency*
ccb: heh heh...ok...

*moby arrives at bat cave and ends up paying $2.70 more than usual*

lesson learned: don't fuck with the person driving you home. just put on your seat belt and shut the hell up. ALL taxi drivers know what they're talking about. serious. ccb...

either that or you should buy your own batmobile. haha. cheers. =)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


moshi moshi. shalom. salut. ni hao.

"i need a sign to let me know you're here,
all of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere.
i need to know that things are gonna look up,
'cause i feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup."

- train ("calling all angels")

excuse me, but did you hurt yourself when you fell from heaven? hahaha.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

movie marathon

i took mc today cuz i couldn't sleep last night...sore throat lah (really really!)...and decided to make full use of the day by going for a movie marathon...hehe...

we decided to choose one film each.

we started off with "the inside man" in cineleisure orchard at 425pm...i'd really have to scratch my head to find a worse show i've watched this year. denzel washington sucked big time...jodie foster had like zero impact on the film...and the plot was as thin as the pair of joe boxers that i just threw away. i can't believe that the censorship board actually cut out the "fucks", "assholes" and even "bastards". lousy. don't watch unless you've got a pirated version and are on mc at home. i seriously regret making it my choice for the movie marathon.

next up was "geminis" in golden shoe tower at 730pm...yeah...the sleazy place where uncles normally go to watch films like "the seductress" or "the horny school teacher"...shit like that lah. so it wasn't really that big of a surprise when we entered the cinema and found it sparsely filled with old men and single guys sitting in opposite corners of the cinema...which is when i started to wonder what kind of film my date chose. haha. but after watching the movie, i realised that uncles and single guys can also have an artistic side..."geminis" was in spanish...about the relationship of this argentinian family...obviously there was some sex involved, which is the more likely reason of why the uncles patronised the movie, but i think that it's a movie that describes the concept of "knows but don't know". aiyah, watch it if you don't understand what i'm talking about...if you can bring yourself to go to golden cinema that is, cuz that's the only place showing "geminis". haha.

two movies on the trot is quite a lot already...espcially if i have a SORE THROAT (*cough cough*) we decided to end the night with a bottle of pinot noir on the 70th floor of the swissotel stamford. cooling mah...hehe.

cheers. =)

Sunday, April 09, 2006



i dreamt that someone dear was leaving for a faraway place and wouldn't be back till forever...and it was a painful farewell. she said that she would call, though i knew it wouldn't happen...but thankfully, it was all a dream.

but i think i know why i had that kinda reminded me of something that happened about 2 years ago...

bestfrentugk called me during one of my lunch breaks...

1230hrs: coffee shop in the east

bestfrentugk: eh, i think you have to take leave today...
moby: why? crazy...i have an appointment later in the afternoon.
bestfrentugk: mike's leaving today...
moby: err...where's he going? jb? timbuktu?
bestfrentugk: he just called me. he's going back to indon for a while, and then on to holland after that.
moby: WTF???
bestfrentugk: yeah...he just bought his plane ticket at golden mile...he's leaving at 5.30pm today.
moby: WTF???
bestfrentugk: please take leave or something.
moby: why's he leaving???
bestfrentugk: i really don't know. i'll see you in bugis at 3pm. mike is meeting us there.
moby: ok.

1500hrs: bugis macdonald's

*awkward silence*
bestfrentugk: so...
moby: why are you going back to indon??? and what's with holland???
bestfrenmike: cuz i have to...
moby: meaning?
bestfrenmike: i can't help parents want me back in indon, and i wannna start a new life...holland is a nice place what...
moby: i hate you!!! *punches bestfrenmike on the arm really hard...wet substance from moby's eyes fall into his coffee*
bestfrentugk: ...
bestfrenmike: ouch? ...

1700hrs: changi airport

moby: ok then...take care mike...
bestfrentugk: yeah...take care mike...
bestfrenmike: wish me luck guys...
moby: ok...good luck mike. *wet substance appears again*
bestfrentugk: good luck mike.
bestfrenmike: don't worry, i'll be home soon.

i didn't recover for a few months. i miss the times when bestfrenmike and i would sing "no woman, no cry" while he strummed the guitar that we bought for him on his birthday a few years back...

speaking of which, happy birthday bestfrenmike.

i'm still waiting for our paths to cross again. cheers. =)

lantern gift

a few weeks ago, a reader named silver asked me for my address...she said that she wanted to send me something. i thought it was going to be a cheer-up card, cuz i was kinda depressed back i gave it to her and didn't think about it after that...

my housemate found a package for me in the mail today, and quickly left my room after handing it to me, saying that he didn't wanna be a part of the anthrax investigations...crazy housemates i have.


anyway, i found a handwritten letter and a small bag of something-or-other inside...

package contents

it was from

apparently she bought me a diy lantern kit from!

lantern pieces

however, the lantern making instructions weren't very helpful to say the least..."this plus this equals finished product". full stop. how to understand such complicated instructions without having a ph.d in mathematics??? haha.

construction instructions 1

construction instructions 2

so i started playing around with the pieces of plastic...


before i made some simple shapes that somewhat resembled lanterns...

box lantern by moby

sydney opera house lantern by moby

normal lantern by moby

oval shaped lantern by moby

lanterns by moby

hehe. it was should try it too! now all i've gotta do is find some light bulbs to put inside the lanterns and wait for the mid-autumn festival...haha.

thanks for the gift, silver! cheers. =)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


i was chatting with my sister on msn just now...apparently her boyfriend of 3 months and her were having some kinda disagreement.

moby: what happened?
moby's sister (ms): he kinda embarrassed me in front of all these people...blah blah blah. *continues to complain for 20 minutes*
moby: oh ok...i think you have to talk it through with him...communication is always vital in a relationship.
ms: yeah, but blah blah blah *continues to complain about boyfriend's lack of this and that*
moby: oh ok.
ms: i'm kinda disappointed in him and a bit hurt too...
moby: so have you told him all this yet?
ms: err..kinda...we're talking now.
moby: oh ok...on the phone huh? actually talking in person would be better it like snowing outside or something?
ms:'s spring in michigan already lah. i'm chatting with him online about it.
moby: what??? why online?
ms: yeah, i'm scared that i'll get emotional if i talk to him...don't even mention face to face.
moby: what??? you're not serious. that's what relationships are about what! like that you might as well be dating a machine!
ms: yeah...i know...but... =(
moby: i don't like to see you like this...
ms: it's ok...
moby: if he breaks your heart, i'm fucking going to fly there and kill him.
ms: don't need lah...haha.

watch out stephen. one wrong move and you could find your asshole bigger than brokeback jack's. i is watching you. *two fingers to eyes*

p.s. - sis (if you ever read this)...some advice from a not-very-qualified-relationship-guru...never dump a guy using electronic devices (email, sms, msn)...give him, or at least your relationship, some respect...unless of course he breaks your heart...i'll take care of him if it ever comes down to that. love ya. cheers. =)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

project lca

hey guys and gals...sorry for not being able to post much as of late...i've been busy with both work and a life/career-altering project...or project lca for short. i'll keep you updated when i get more news.

if everything pulls through, i might just wanna buy the last piece of the puzzle in the form of a motor vehicle...and attract all those materialistic girls that blinkmummy was chirping about a few days ago...NOT!

sorry, crazy thoughts do enter my head when i'm stressed out.

anyway, wish me luck with project might just be the next benficiary of a ride in an SUV or honda prelude (if they still exist and are on the market)...haha. cheers. =)

Monday, April 03, 2006

market spoiler

check out blinkymummy's entry from a few days ago...

actually ah, i don't think that it's really the average singaporean guy's fault that they're not getting attention from the chics...check out this story from my friend yx (chic):

*a few weeks ago*
yx: eh, remember when i told you about this guy who kinda had something for me last time?
moby: yeah...your ex-schoolmate from electrical engineering in nus right?
yx: yeah...well, anyway, i was supposed to go out with him some time ago, so i was waiting for him at this place in town...
moby: ok...then?
yx: so i waited and waited and waited...but he didn't turn up after like 3 hours...
moby: what??? you also kena stood up?!! i would have just left after 1 hour max...
yx: well...i thought that something might have happened to him...and maybe he had some good explanation for his absence...
moby: hmmm...ok...did you call him? was his phone on?
yx: yeah...but no one answered...
moby: so did he get back to you?
yx: err...yeah...apparently he got into some accident when he was on the way to meet me...
moby: har??? wah lau...then what happened?
yx: oh...apparently he was hospitalised...but when i told him that i wanted to visit him in the hospital, he said that he didn't want me to see him in the state that he was i didn't visit him in the end...
moby: fwah...that bad ah...
yx: yeah.

*10 minutes later*
yx: oh yeah, and guess what else happened to this guy that kinda liked me?
moby: what?
yx: apparently his mother died from cancer a few weeks ago.
moby: har? wah lau eh...then how?
yx: i wanted to go to the funeral cuz i'm his friend and all, but he still insisted that he didn't want me to see him with all his he told me not to go...
moby: oh ok...
yx: but i mean, i'm a
moby: yeah, well i guess he was kinda self conscious and all lah.
yx: actually, you haven't heard the saddest part yet...
moby: oh no, still got ah?
yx: yeah...apparently now he has cancer too.
moby: wah lan eh...this guy is super suei leh. sorry ah, but kena accident, mother die, then now he also kena cancer???
yx: yeah man...i also wonder...
moby: i think he really likes you.
yx: i don't know...

*1 week later*
yx: eh...remember that guy that...
moby: yeah yeah...what now?
yx: he said that he was moving to hong kong...
moby: what about his condition??? i thought he had cancer???
yx: i'm also getting a bit suspicious already lah...
moby: well...
yx: i bet he's going to die in hong kong...
moby: ooi! don't say these kinda things can or's not nice lah...
yx: sorry, i'm just a little skeptical...
moby: but still...

yx: eh...remember...
moby: yeah yeah...what now?
yx: i just received an sms from his aunt who happened to find my number on his phone and...
moby: let me guess...
yx: yeah, apparently he died of asthma while he was in hong kong...
moby: HAHAHAHA. sorry.
yx: i don't blame you. i also had the same reaction.

now i know why some girls are so creeped out by guys...weirdos spoil the market for everyone. just because you're an nus graduate doesn't make you sane. out for the living dead.

market spoiler...get a life asshole. literally.

to ewok

hey bro...

i got a call from mom just now while i was watching munich...heard that you've been kinda down. cheer up man, work is work...enjoy life a little. you're in fucking hong kong!!! you get to travel so much!!! you've seen so much more of the world than i have.

trust me, the grass is always greener on the other side...and shit wipe your ass, flush out the nonsense, and get on with life. you're young, reasonably rich, handsome...the world is at your feet...

you know that you can give me a call anytime if you wanna talk...just like the good old days...except now instead of catching crickets and grasshoppers, we'll be catching our dreams and aspirations.

see you soon bro. take care. cheers. =)



Saturday, April 01, 2006

stood up

hey there. i'm kinda disappointed...

why didn't you turn up? what happened? is it the movie? did you oversleep cuz you had a late night? were you busy with other stuff? is it ME???

these were some of the questions on my mind this morning at lido, which still go unanswered cuz you still haven't returned any of my calls nor replied any of my messages...sheesh.

i wouldn't have minded / cared that much if you had just told me something before i started to wait for your arrival / response...

but now i only have one thing to say: i hate being stood up. =|

please have some courtesy next time.