Thursday, May 22, 2008

you know you like your new job...

when you get excited about buying new lanyards and staff id card holders...

(jo told me to buy both black AND red lanyards so that i can match it with what i'm wearing that day...stupid vainpot.)

when you go to marine parade library to borrow books related to your industry...

speaking of marine parade, if anyone knows anyone else who wants to rent out a room in the marine parade, eunos, or bedok areas, please feel free to contact me as soon as possible:

cheers! =)

Monday, May 19, 2008

auntie 大姐

for some reason, i've been getting my form of entertainment from ntuc as of late...

*moby paying for his groceries at cashier counter*

uncle to auntie (wife): eh, how much are these mangoes ah?
auntie: i don't know leh...ask the auntie lah. *points to middle-age cashier lady*
uncle: eh, don't anyhow call people auntie manners lah you.
auntie: haha. yeah, yeah...sorry ah. ok, 小姐 (xiao jie - little sister), how much is this ah?
cashier: no lah...auntie can already lah... *blushes*
auntie: no lah...小姐 lah...haha.
cashier: no lah, old already not 小姐 liao...auntie is auntie lah...hor, ah boy? *looks at moby expecting a reply*
moby: no where got most 大姐 (da jie - big sister) lah ok? =)
cashier: haha. your mouth very sweet leh, ah boy...hahaha.
moby: no lah...true mah! =)
cashier: you got girlfriend or not? i intro you my daughter lah!
moby: don't want time then got people call you "阿嘛" (ah ma - grandma) then how?! hahaha.
cashier: hahaha. you ah...nah, don't charge you for the plastic bag.
moby: thank you! =D

yeah...i like that also shiok. i never found out how much the mangoes were...but i bet they were sweet. hahaha.

cheers. =)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

kill kitty!!!

according to janice...every guy needs a hello kitty birthday cake on their 30th birthday...

to remind them that they are still young at heart.

the irony is that jo doesn't need any reminders...haha.

happy birthday jock. =)