Sunday, April 29, 2007

interesting desktops

a person's desktop can reveal a lot about the person...their mood, their personality, their interests...that is if they bother with their desktops in the first place lah...

this is my current desktop...

i took the desktop photo at labrador park during a photographsky session a few years ago...simple and represents recreation and patience, while the industrial cranes in the background is a constant reminder that there is work yet to be done...the colours match my mood...dull, but with a bit of a reflection in the horizon. =)

out of curiosity, i asked some friends to send me screenshots of their desktops...and most were a pretty accurate portrayal of their personalities and moods... funky shapes..."med resources" folder (medical student leh!!!)...and always multi-tasking... forever crashing, so doesn't bother changing the standard hp desktop picture...(note the software repair wizard prominently displayed). also, half the stuff is written in dutch cuz he's studying in holland now. =)

"miss ene" cute and bubbly as ever...strawberry shortcake's my favourite too (the cake i mean)...hehe.

adrian (aka goon)...*yawn*...ok lah...he sent this from his home computer shared with his family...i'm thinking his personal laptop's desktop is filled with pictures of food...of the sexy kind (if not why you never send me!?!)...haha.

rod...the most techy guy i know...the first to use windows vista (in my circle of friends at least)...the caption below is the 3d flipping of files (*alt-tab*)...check it out man...damn cool.

billy...arty farty (with an emphasis on the latter) to the maximus...he's pretty high tech of my few buddies who uses a mac...which, like all other mac users...makes him "different". haha. (cute kittens btw)

audrey...a graphics designer by occupation, so i had high expectations for her mac desktop...and i wasn't disappointed...simple yet sophisticated...just like her. check out the awesome msn layout on the left side of her stuff...criminal minds anyone? =)

finicky feline...a black and white picture of rascal...her dog who just passed least she's not suffering anymore...

there was one person who actually took a picture of her family-shared computer desktop and sent it to me via mms. hahaha. damn cute. or maybe that's just cuz acer print screen button right??? hahaha.

great stuff...

why don't the rest of you send me screenshots of yours too! i'm quite interested to get to know my readers better...don't know how? follow the simple instructions below:

1. minimise / clear everything until you see your desktop.
2. press the "prt sc" button on your keyboard.
3. open your paint program (press "start" => go to "all programs" => go to "accessories" => select "paint")
4. right click and select "paste"
5. the screenshot of your desktop as "myname's desktop.jpg"
6. email to

i look forward to meeting you on your desktops. cheers. =)

----- late entry -----

blinkymummy...and who else would be on her desktop...hehe.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

conversations with skymobile

sometimes when i'm driving alone with skymobile, we'll have conversations...

moby: why am i such a loser?
sky: don't know why...
moby: hmm...what should i do?
sky: come away with me in the night...come away with me and i'll write you a song.
moby: haha...what would you write about?
sky: how my heart is drenched in wine, but you'll be on my mind...forever...
moby: wow...very romantic...
sky: out across the endless sea, i would die in ecstasy...but i'll be a bag of bones, driving down the road alone...
moby:'s been a long day...
sky: with no reprise...the sun will rise...the long day is over...
moby: i love you. =)

(p.s. - i've gotta change that norah jones cd soon...hehe.)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

my latest addiction

is in the form of a bbc documentary series called: "planet earth"

it is basically a nature show narrated by david attenborough (who else) that showcases the world that we live in. so far, i've gone through 3 episodes in the past 2 days...with another 8 more to go...and i'm itching with excitement in anticipation.

what's so special about this show? well...other than the fact that it was entirely filmed in high-definition format (first of it's kind), and that it uses filming technology which has never been done before (lots and lots of awesome aerial views), it also focuses on nature which has rarely or never been seen on film.

now i'm beginning to see how there is so much more to this world than i think i know...

"this new series is more a celebration of our planet, not a lament about the state of it. it shows what is still there. in some areas there is no doubt that we are doing damage to our world but, at the same time, there is a vast amount of uncharted and untouched wilderness."

- david attenborough

many times, you feel for the animals...from the african elephants' encouragement to each other while marching through the deserts in search of water, to the male bird of paradise's crestfallen reaction when he fails to lure a mate...i realise that our world's creatures are more similar in nature than i had previously thought.

the series is showing now on arts central every wednesday night from 10pm-11pm...i highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for nature, scenery, and conservation. planet earth has certainly captured my imagination and about yours?

cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

freaking tourist trap food court

i went to the airport today to have lunch with my parents before my mom flew off to the states. i can't believe how expensive airport food is...even at the food court (terminal 1, level 2).

my mom had rice and dishes...two veggies and one meat costs $5.00. my dad had indian food...three small portions of some vegetarian curry stuff costs $6.50. i, on the other hand, refused to spend this kind of money on the not-exactly-appetising food there, so i went around looking for the cheapest fare.

as i walked passed the indian food stall that my dad ordered from, i saw the word "plain" under the ala carte menu...which was only $1.00. so assuming that it was plain prata, i ordered from the indian stall chinese aunty (isca):

moby: aunty ah, two plain pratas.
isca: ok... *goes into the kitchen to order from the chef*

isca: what drinks you want with that? coffee or tea?
moby: huh? i only want two plain pratas.
isca: no lah...the price for the prata set will be the same with or without the drink...might as well get something...
moby: huh??? i don't want the set...i just want 2 plain prata...the $1.00 ones... *starts to point to menu signboard...then suddenly sees that the "plain" is followed by "RICE" rather than prata*

isca: we don't sell plain prata for $ only comes in a set... *gives wtf look*
moby: what is in your prata set? and how much?
isca: the prata set comes with two plain prata with one veggie and choice of curry of course. it costs $6.55...
moby: *gives incredulous wtf look* in that case, please cancel my order. thank you.
isca: wah lau eh... *storms off to kitchen to cancel order*

i ended up eating a chicken mayo sandwich which costs $3.95. =|

knn...$1.00 for a plate of "plain rice"'s a freaking tourist trap food court...

later this evening, back at my hawker centre downstairs, i had this for $4.50:

and the uncle even remembered that i don't like beans, so he gave me more cole slaw...AND he remembered that i preferred ketchup instead of chili sauce...all without me having to tell him...

i almost feel like i'm at home downstairs. haha. cheers. =)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

angel eyes

i told skymobile that i'd give her a surprise for our first month anniversary...

so being the forgetful idiot that i am, the 14th of april came and passed...last saturday to be exact. so in order to make up to skymobile, not only did i bring her for a spa package at zen auto in kaki bukit, but i also gave her some new eyeliner as a form of apology...

skymobile was so happy after the treatment that her eyes lit up brighter than ever...

fyi, the process is called "getting angel eyes for your bmw"...check with your local spas for more details.

she sounds much better after the spa too...she was kinda coughing before, but now, i can hear the purr back in her voice again. =))) i have to save up for our second month anniversary present already...sigh...some chics are just damn high maintenance lah. but i seriously don't mind spending on this one...cuz at least she'll get me places. hehe.

cheers. =)

Friday, April 20, 2007


just now while coming back home, i had to use the restroom i popped into the toilet below my block. it was so urgent that i didn't even have the time to turn on the lights for the toilet, much less close the door...aiyah, at 1130pm, who will see???

anyway, when i turned around...

freaking hell his eyes were seriously glowing leh...and if i hadn't already emptied my bladder just two seconds before that, i'd have pissed my pants right there and then.

knn, hide behind the doors waiting to haunt some unsuspecting visitor...some more i just watched "supernatural" at blinkymummy's house before that...and i played with blinky and tiger the whole night...hmmm...maybe it's all related somehow!!! haha. yeah right.

anyway, just stick to your usual loveable self next time, ok???

cheers. =)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

exercise in a cage

i went to get some exercise today...finally.

"the cage" in kallang is the first place in singapore where you can play football indoors (legally and properly). but then again, i wouldn't exactly call it a "football stadium" as they mention in their brochure below:

actually this was the second time that i've played here...the first time i came was a few weeks ago...and i promptly got a fever the very next day. =|

anyway, here's what the place looks like...

there are 4 of these "cages" (not stadiums) there...all of which are paved with artifical grass. because the dimensions are rather small and there are no out of bounds, it's basically non-stop action for the players. damn shack.

here are a few inspirational posters on the walls inside the remind the people who are puking there that they are all wussies:

two hours later (effectively 1.5 hours of playing), i was more than ready to go home and get a shower...

my verdict: they should invest in aircon there's damn freaking hot inside since there isn't much ventilation. can't breathe properly. but maybe it's meant to be like that so people like me will sweat even more. hehe.

fyi, i lost 2kg in 2 hours. cool huh? if i keep playing regularly at this rate, i might just disappear by the end of the year. haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

please pinch me!!!

sunday, 1 april 2007: dusty meets moby (while crabbing).

monday, 2 april 2007: moby buys dusty lunch and dinner.

tuesday, 3 april 2007: moby tries to fidget with dusty's home and promptly gets pinched. moby leaves dusty's house alone.

tuesday, 10 april 2007: dusty gets a mudbath from moby.

saturday, 14 april 2007: moby reminds himself to buy aquarium sea salt for dusty's home...but he forgets.

sunday, 15 april 2007, 1014hrs: dusty doesn't move even when moby offers him lunch.

sunday, 15 april 2007, 1015hrs: dusty lies motionless even when moby pokes him. no pinching this time.

sunday, 15 april 2007, 1022hrs: dusty is put on a bed of aquarium plants and is brought to his final resting place called "downstairs @ farrer court".

rest in peace dear friend...i'm sorry.

(p.s. - fuck lah. i'm starting to believe in this stupid feng shui shit already...maybe i should just sell this place and make myself a millionaire. hmmm...hahahahha. right.)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

windows down

when i'm troubled, i will take the skymobile out and drive around with the windows down. i like the feeling of the wind running through my kinda holds the tears back. and even better if it rains...more dramatic mah.

tonight, i drove windows-down to my alma mater in search of the place where i think i was the most happy...raffles hall in nus. with no worries and the freedom to do what i want, when i want, with whoever i want. at 10 kent ridge crescent, i loved, i cried, i scored, i failed, i won, i lost, i laughed, and i wailed...a place of memories indeed.

i feel better now. at least the wind dried my face...somewhat.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

feng shui in farrer court

i received a two-page letter that was slipped under my door a few weeks ago. i didn't bother to read it until recently, but i was quite surprised at the contents:

"dear residents and friends,

we are writing to you to share with you something critically important to the health and well-being of you and your entire family.

have you or your loved ones been experiencing:
1. recurrent ill health or even death?
2. bad luck at work and at home?
3. inability to make or retain wealth?
4. poor family relationships including divorce?
5. having only female children or grandchildren?
6. poor studies in school and lousy exam results?

we have long asked why such problems have plagued us and our neighbours since we moved into our home in farrer court.

we have also noticed that our estate has had its fair share of suicides, and have personally witnessed the ones that happened in blocks a, b and c since we moved in. we have also heard that there was a bizarre murder case in block f involving a maid killing her employer. on tues 5 mar 2007, a maid jumped to her death in block b in the wee hours of the morning. why?

at first, we attributed these problems as being part and parcel of life. but when things got worse, we went to consult not just 1 but 4 different feng shui masters from different schools, because we desperately needed to know why so many things are going wrong.
*goes on to say how farrer court has accumulated an excess of ying energy, which is the female or dark energy...and basically how farrer court is a shit place to stay in...blah blah blah. open the pictures below for details.*
so we will be moving out soon. we can't stand our kids falling sick, us working hard and getting nowhere, our cars getting into accidents, our kids doing badly in school. we have had enough.

we really like the facilities around here and are sad to go. we enjoy the convenience of this location but we really have to go so that we can have better health, peace and harmony in the family, and maybe a boy child.

we are really hoping the en-bloc can go through because when the en-bloc occurs and they dig and move the land around, maybe we'll buy back the new flats they build. hope they build it according to good feng shui this time around.

we are sharing with you before we go. if you are not bothered by this, then ignore our crazy ranting. but if you have been plagued like we have, if you had just about up to here with bad luck, money problems and ill health, now you know why.

your fellow resident of farrer court"

after reading this letter, and even after calming myself down, i could still only think of one word: greed.

if you wanna move, then move lah! what's that gotta do with the en-bloc??? err...let's see, maybe cuz it'll make you a freaking millionaire??? (yes, each unit is being offered around at least $1.5 million at the moment...which i think is still too little btw) are you really THAT concerned about the "health and well-being" of your fellow residents??? please...this letter reads so differently in my opinion.

and i hate it when people blame their inadequacies on "feng shui". sure, i think that some people (myself included) are superstitious about certain things, but don't blame every damn thing on bad luck.

take some responsibility man...i bet your poor daughter(s) will thank you for doing so.

"relak lah!"

boss: so how're things?
moby: i'm ok...i got my laptop, settled into my workstation, and i'm now studying some brochures about the company... (i.e. - doing nothing, aka zuo bo lan)
boss: hmmm...that's good...

*awkward silence*

moby: so when's the other new guy gonna be coming in?
boss: next week...should be monday.

*awkward silence*

boss: if you need anything, just let me know ok?
moby: yeah, there is one thing...will there be any product training? i'm still a bit in the dark on what i should be selling...
boss: yeah, i've actually arranged for that some time next week...after the new guy comes in. no point doing it now if we have to do it for him also...but in the meantime, you can just take it easy and orientate yourself. (i.e. - relak lah!)
moby: haha. ok...understood!

*sometime later in the afternoon*

boss: eh, moby, come over to my office for a while...
moby: yeah boss, what's up?
boss: eh, i need you to do something for me...
moby: sure! (thinking that it was something to do with coffee or other beverage getting)
boss: eh, there's this job that i want you to's not easy, but just ask around if you need help lah hor...
moby: oh my first assignment! (great)
boss: ok...and help yourself to the coffee in the look quite tired lah...
moby:'s that time of the day lah. haha. (yeah right)

superb. so much for "relak lah!". oh least the coffee in the pantry is free. haha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


this is my most favourite beloved zara pants that i wear to work more often than not.

this is a hole in the backside of my most favourite beloved zara pants that i will not wear to work anymore.

my big ass tore it today when i stooped down to fix the power adapter for my dell latitude...


at first i thought i had accidentally let go a small fart...but after feeling a slight draft "down there" a few minutes later, i was shocked with the results of my closer investigation in the men's room. damn...and i thought the diet was working.

lucky i was wearing dark coloured boxers today. haha. cheers. =)

Monday, April 09, 2007

latitude a plentitude

i got my laptop at my new workplace today...and guess what? it's the exact same brand and model as the one at my previous workplace: dell latitude d600

i think dell had a big sale of these laptops a few years ago, so every damn company in singapore each bought a few cratefuls of them.

anyway, guess what else? i just found out that i can't access my blog in my new workplace too...they blocked all blogspot sites i think. =|

bitchy wedding

check this out: stupid link

all i have to say is: WTF. $2500??? crazy money, crazy people, jack shit dogs...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

videographsky - kite flying

i went to marina south last week...with the intention to fly kite...literally.

lessons learned:

1. the simpler the kite, the better it'll fly.
2. all kites should have tails (unlike ours).
3. don't trust the uncle who sells kites.
4. fly kites when there is wind.
5. don't stand next to little kids who's kites are flying higher than yours. you'll feel small. very small.


it's weird having to iron long-sleeve shirts again...

it's chockingly sad that i have to start putting on ties again...

it's back to work again...sigh...same shit, different asshole.

(actually i was starting to run out of money anyway.)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

42.5 + 34 + 14 = 90.5 pushups for liverpool

my friend mike is now studying very hard for his second masters in maastricht holland.

fortunately though, i can still catch up with him once in a while due to the enhancement of this technology that we call "the internet". anyway, here was our msn conversation before liverpool's champions league match against psv eindhoven last night:

moby: hey, you watching later?
mikey: darn no.
moby: why not???
mikey: no company.
moby: i'll be watching over that's company enough what.
mikey: yeah, but i wld need to travel 2 hours to eindhoven, and the return trip is more tricky...there may not be any train.
moby: i meant on tv lah cock.
mikey: oh. but of cos.
moby: hehe.

and then mike makes the mistake that he will regret until the end of next week...

mikey: let's bet.
moby: ok. what're the stakes?
mikey: 100 pushups for each goal.
moby: hahaha. let's make it 10 lah...i don't want you to do too many.
mikey: we do it the honor system way.
moby: ok...
mikey: do it on the spot, for each goal, i trust you you wld do it there too...
moby: obviously you're psv lah...and i'm liverpool ok? set.
mikey: cmon, you know how eindhoven plays, so defensive...
moby: right.
mikey: obviously.
moby: whatever...anyway, peter crouch will make you a fitter man.
mikey: there wont be more goals than 1.
moby: har har.
mikey: peter crouch makes me laugh.
moby: you just wait and see. it's starting in 8 better start warming up. i don't want you to injure yourself for this bet.
mikey: i'll even tape my push ups, if i need to do any.
moby: hahaha. ok...well done.
mikey: seriously, i think you need to do the same too.
moby: what? tape myself? ok then.
mikey: the honor system is just so leaky...
moby: hahaha. well said. *shake hands*
mikey: shake heads.
mikey: hands.
moby: hahaha. you bastard.
mikey: ok then. i'll talk to you later ok, the match starting already.

27 minutes later...

moby: please start doing. thank you.
moby: and film it.
mikey: just did.
mikey: 100 pushups, you will see in the clip that it was indeed live, and the video was uninterrupted.
mikey: i can hardly type now, i can hardly breathe.
mikey: i hate steven gerrard.
moby: hahaha...i said only 10!!!
mikey: no!!! i want 100 from you the next time farfan scores.
moby: hahaha. wait long long.

half time...

moby: so when're you gonna share this video with me? hahaha...i'm gonna put this on my blog and make you famous.
mikey: but im serious abt you doing 100 pushups when psv scores you know...
moby: talk to you later...half time over.

5 minutes later...

moby: thank you.
moby: 10 will be enough this time. i'm sorry's one of those days...

14 minutes after that...

moby: 10 more please.
moby: sigh.
moby: mike mike.
moby: are you very strong now? haha.
moby: mike? hello?

i received mike's video in an email today. apparently, you can't turn the lights on if you already have the tv on over there in holland, so the evidence is actually kinda murky...but just listening to him is enough to make your tummy ache already. haha. enjoy...

take that you bastard! this'll teach you not to post stupid "anonymous" comments on my blog next time! muahaha. >=)

anyway, good job mike. kudos for doing 100 pushups per goal even though i insisted on only 10...i'll talk to you in one week's time...wanna bet that you won't insult peter crouch again? hahaha. cheers. =)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

haircut tips

important things i look out for when getting a haircut:

1. "how's the water temperature?" - when they wash / rinse your hair, the person on the other side of the sink should ask this simple question even if the answer will normally be a grunt of approval of sorts. it shows that they care, which is important in good customer service.

2. shampoo scent - i've had bad experiences with salons that use the weirdest smelling shampoos...why the hell would i want my hair to smell like "wild oak"??? i don't plan on nesting any birds in there anytime anyway, decent smelling shampoos are important too.

3. head massage - red alert!!! this is one of the determining factors in my ratings for a hair salon...almost as important, if not more so than the cut itself. when i go to cut my hair, i want to feel relaxed...the closest thing i'll get without going to a spa. call me whacko (or george michael), but i enjoy getting my head (on my shoulders) massaged more by men than by women. this is cuz they have more brute strength to knead out my woes and worries...and god knows how much strength you need for that. besides, most of the time your eyes are closed when they're washing your hair, so it doesn't matter who's doing the massaging. especially when you can use your imagination...angelina jolie's good btw. haha.

4. the towel between the gown and your shirt - yeah, you know what i mean. i hate it when i get little snippets of hair in my shirt. i once had to buy a freaking new polo t-shirt from giordano's on the spot cuz the snippets were irritating me so bad. so make sure they put a towel or something there. trust me, no one likes to see you scratching anything in public...even if it itches that bad.

5. don't speak - no doubt. personally, i'm not exactly the gossipy unless i've met you enough times to know your name, do not tell me the recipe for gong pao chicken (it happened before)...try to keep secrets to yourselves (they're called secrets for a reason)...and i definitely i don't wanna hear about your boyfriend's hairy chest (yeah, i'm talking to you, jack). i'm only here for one cut the crap, and i'll be on my way. haha.

6. the cut itself - some hairdressers just don't listen. it's as if "how you want it cut?" is part of the routine. "short on the sides, and spare the top" leaves me with an ns men's hairdo. most of the time, to avoid this scenario where i go home disappointed, i just tell them to be original, be creative, and make me look like brad pitt. buahahaha. ok...i was lying about the brad pitt part. normally i'll say hidetoshi nakata. hahaha.

btw, i just came back from hair talk salon in holland v...try them. they met most, if not all of my criteria. ask for this guy named "kookai". prepare $40 though...hey, no such thing as cheap and good anymore. cheers. =)

Monday, April 02, 2007


moby: aunty ah, 鱼片汤一碗. (aunty ah, fish piece soup one bowl)
fish soup aunty (fsa): ok...要不要饭? (ok...want rice?)
moby: 要. (want.)
fsa: 吃的还是包? (eat here or pack?)
moby: 吃的. then hor, 可以帮我包一片生的鱼? (eat here. then hor, can help me pack one piece of raw fish?)
fsa: why leh? (why leh?)
moby: 我要喂我的螃蟹...hehe. (i want to feed my crab...hehe.)
fsa: ??! ok loh... (??! ok loh...) *gives a wtf look to another aunty behind the counter*
moby: 谢谢! (thank you!)

dusty's lunch / dinner

hehe. i feel good providing food for dusty...almost like a mother who cooks for her kids to eat. and yes, dusty ate his lunch!

cheers. =)


i went crabbing on friday with the guys...and decided i liked it so much that i went again today...and then i decided i liked crabs so much that i decided to add to my increasing repertoire of pets.

meet dusty:

this is dusty's home for the next few days...a home which i had to import sea water for direct from the east coast park (which is why it's only half full). and let's not talk about where i got the sand from...lest i get arrested for stealing building materials from our local contractors.

anyway, dusty looks pretty comfortble in his new (albeit murky) environment...

i think dusty's a mud crab...given that i thought there were only like two species of crabs here (flower and mud)...but after reading this website on the different crabs in singapore, i'm getting really confused...anyone know what kinda crab dusty is?

i really hope that dusty isn't poisonous. not that i was gonna eat him or anything lah (you're kinda beyond that stage already when you give a name to the animals you keep)...

i like my new room's got a kind of "sea breeze" feel to it...though i think i'll probably have to renew the scent (aka sea water) every few days...and i like my new roommate too...though i hope he lasts for more than a few days...wish us luck!

cheers. =)