Monday, August 08, 2005

photographsky - changi beach club

i took the day off today, so i decided to go on a photography trip with marvin. (i.e. get ready for a picture bombardment.)

it was raining in the west when i woke up today, so we decided that it was more prudent to go to the east side for better weather (i know...quite cock, but where else in the world can you say that???).

we ended up at:

changi beach club 1

the captions are pretty much self explanatory, so i'll let the pictures do the storytelling... =)

changi beach club swimming pool

changi beach club jetty 1

changi beach club jetty 2

changi beach club jetty 3

changi beach club staircase

changi beach club staircase view

family fishing


proud catch

changi beach club 2


then we saw this great big monolith of a rock next to the jetty with a single sapling on it...with a lot of effort and sweat, i climbed on. i dubbed thee "the original one tree hill".

the original one tree hill

sky on the original one tree hill 1

sky on the original one tree hill 2

sky on the original one tree hill 3


along the way back, we saw a tugboat and the tuggee...

a load of crap

as we headed towards the other direction...we saw a fucking huge jellyfish (dead already). or at least thought it was a jellyfish...and at least we thought it was dead...

jellyfish 1

poke poke...

jellyfish 2

we reached a point of decisions...


cliff walk road

where we found this boat...this boat was destined to be like this ever since the stupid owner named it. how to sail when you're already drunk from the start??? btw, i thought that boats were supposed to have feminine names...i guess this boat deserved it's fate...

sunken ganesh

sign 1

sign 2


anyway, we had a lot of fun at the changi beach club...sweated buckets...good exercise...

gotta go meet blinkymummy for fireworks show already...late already. =)

i'll update more on sky and marvin's adventures later when i get back...


rab said...

I used to jump of the one tree hill when i was a youngster. we just called it the big rock. my father was in the RAF stationed at changi and this was the officers club. Lived in Changi late 1950s. left 1960. Wonderful place, enjoyed my childhood there.
Rowland Brennan
Gold coast

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