Sunday, May 21, 2006

photographsky - upper peirce reservoir

i meant to publish this earlier, but due to some technical fault on my hello account, the pictures didn't come out properly...

anyway, we went for a walk on mother's day last week...

upper peirce reservoir


flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3

i love mom. =)



layered green

where dad?

park bench

crayfish slayer 1

crayfish slayer 2

upper peirce reservoir water colour

cheers. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, the one where the little girl has her net up in the air, as if in contemplation is simply gorgeous.

yallo said...

I never knew Singapore had such beautifully blue skies too. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You strike me as someone who knows how to chill and down to earth. Thanks for the great pictures.

ewok said...

should have tried to capture the entire reflection of the girl...

did they eat the crayfish?

moby sky said...

anonymous, yallo, anonymous 2...thanks for reading / viewing. =)

ewok...yeah're the expert, bro...and no no, i didn't go home with them so i don't know if they ate the damn crustaceans. haha. cheers. =)

Alyssa T said...

the landscape pic of upper peirce is captured very nicely! =)

evelyn said...

you have really nice pics!!! i love them!

your entries are interesting too. =)