Saturday, May 06, 2006

photographsky - roadtrip kl day 2

sorry people, i gave up with the day 2 videos for roadtrip's too shaky already...coupled with a massive wala wala's hangover...i don't know which one's making me nauseous right now...

anyway, here are some photos that i took on day 2...easier to stomach i suppose...haha.

more petronas towers

kl tower


many directions

giant prawn

josonsky kl

kl from kl tower

camel building

hotel chandelier

that's about it folks...

btw, plans are in the making for another roadtrip next weekend...hopefully i can get better shots then.

have a good weekend.


KoreanHouseWife said...


Remember I told U B4, I have a sis who is in media. I call her: Surfer babe. Her blog abt travel and photography is UP! Check it out if U are keen.


moby sky said...

khw...thanks for sending the link...she's got some pretty nice pictures! cool stuff...brave girl too! cheers. =)

KoreanHouseWife said...


Ya, I am damn proud of her. From her, I guess I realised in life, we need to be passionate abt SOMETHING. Its like when she discover hers (interest), she just went all the way. Its like she will also talk abt travellin to places, doing charity work (eg, helpin to build school for the needy at overseas), maybe holdin a photography exhibition soon if possible to help raise funds for the needy children. Tats her. I guess I can also help out in a diff manner. Being a graphic designer, I promise to help out with the A&P and design if possible. We are both berri diff kind of traveller cos I am the xiao jie kind who likes city like Melbourne. Me cannot eat bittergourd kind (lolx, means cannot eat hardship:P when it comes to travellin). Reason why I clip tis link for U cos I notice, the places U like to go, is similar to surfer babe, plus U also like photography, plus maybe yr age and hers are close,,,,she is 30 tis year. Old fart is 33 here:P Anyway, continue to live yr passion and also have faith tat U are gd. BTW, when next time we (me and surfer babe) wanna go Taipei, must ask tips from U can? Like I mentioned to U B4, we suppose to go during last July but two days B4 I fly, I landed in hospital cos of slipdisc. But me and here still hope to visit Taiwan soon!!!

Anonymous said...

KL at night... seen from Genting Highlands.