Friday, April 14, 2006

detox lunch

when i said that i was going to detox it out today, i really meant it...check out my lunch:

half watermelon

half eaten half watermelon

buay tahan...

two quarter watermelons

mango & half eaten quarter watermelon

sliced mango & half eaten quarter watermelon

mango carcass

quarter watermelon carcass

moby's detox lunch

i is full. *burp*

cheers. =)


Lee Poh See said...

should slice up the watermelon mah.. dig it like that the juice won't drip all over the place meh!?!!

KoreanHouseWife said...

The last time I try to detox and got alot of fruits from the store at maxwell (pineapple, papaya, melon and water-melon), ended I got food poisoning. Maybe dirty and I was hospitalized at TTS and also LS:P for 5 days plus on drip! Even missed my sis weddin tea session in morning. But I sneak out and went for weddin dinner. Hehe

BS said...

heh.....conclusion is, the mango must have tasted must nicer than the water melon and the mango is nt exactly a good detox alternative!!! :p

yallo said...

I <3 watermelons!!!
You had me drooling at the pictures heh.
Kinda strange combination though. I thought watermelon is the 'cooling' type while mango is the 'heaty' type?

GUAGUAU said...