Sunday, April 16, 2006

handball goal

i was flipping through and clearing some old files on my computer the other day when i came across this video of a goal that i scored in a handball match some years ago...

i decided to let blinkymummy edit the above cuz she's quite into this video thingy can see her version here.

i actually sprained my right wrist really bad after that much so that i had to take 5 days medical leave off from school, thereby UNINTENTIONALLY missing a quiz for fluid mechanics or something like that (which resulted in me retaking the whole module the following year, but that's another story altogether)...hehe.

in fact, my wrist still gets a bit sore when it rains...but all's well that ends well lah hor? we won the handball inter-hall games that year. haha. cheers. =)

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KoreanHouseWife said...

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