Tuesday, January 08, 2008

tuesdays with morton's

tuesdays have always been kinda tough and stressful for me.

tuesday is the day after monday, which traditionally is the most favourite day of the week for people like me to take mc...($5 to the first person who correctly guesses the excuse i came up with at the doctor's office yesterday...)

and tuesday has also been labelled as "pms day" in my office...due to the uncanny coincidence of this being the specific day of the week when my boss chooses to unleash her fury on us at our sales meeting.

so, on this first tuesday of the new year...(technically new year's day doesn't count cuz it's a public holiday)...a couple of old raffles hall buddies and i decided to unwind at morton's (oriental hotel) for some happy hour fun. =)

and let me tell you this...an appletini ($10.95++) and a little portion (9 each for me and jason to be exact) of filet mignon steak sandwiches (free of charge!), can ease so much tension...

but then again, at the end of the day, it's always the company that's important...i mean, we could have been in freaking sengkang st. 74 having a cup of bitter gourd juice at the wet market for all we cared...ok, for all i cared at least. haha.

anyway, my point is probably best reflected in this quote from the book "tuesdays with morrie":

"we've had thirty-five years of friendship. you don't need speech or hearing to feel that."

so to nelle, jean, and jason who were at morton's today, and also to all my other great friends out there...i feel you. (aiyah, i know you know what i mean lah. haha.)

cheers. =)

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