Monday, July 18, 2005

joe's place

went to joseph's place today to have good food, fun and games. i went there early to play playstation 2 (knn, why didn't the stupid people at sony think about how stupid it sounds when you say / type that) with him. soon, some of the raffles-hall-my-batch-gang started to come in as well...(clockwise from bottom) joseph, me, jwoshi, melvin, and adrian (aka goon). jason was taking the picture.

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soon we decided that it was time to go and eat at our favourite haunt...but we stopped along the way to admire some fine art from joseph's next door SQ neighbour:

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so we drove all the way to joo chiat place from telok kurau lorong k (the 5 minutes of having 4 male adults in the backseat nearly killed my nissan sunny) in our search for tasty crustaceans.

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when we finally reached the place, it gave me such a retro feel that i HAD to take the picture in sepia. if not for the 2 freaking cars that were in my way, and if two trishaws had been in their place, i bet that this picture could go right into the singapore heritage museum.

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i noticed that they even had advertisements for their quality crabs:

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we had to wait for around 30 minutes in order to get a i told my gangstas that they would have to take some pictures for my blog. (joseph's on the left, jwoshi's on the right):

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when we finally got a seat, we found out that one of our other gangstas was at another table with a group of law girls. the quality of the girls he was with was so great that i decided that my site wasn't worthy of having their pictures being posted. so i decided that we should post the picture of him explaining to us why he was with 4 girls and why we were with none. but then again, like jason's the quality, not the quantity (to that effect lah...actually he mentioned something about garbage, which wasn't very nice, so i won't repeat it...). wayne wanted to introduce one of them to melvin btw. forgiveable, given that he WAS wearing a canadian t-shirt. haha. check out the typical i-can-explain-everything-lawyer-look.

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even though we were all kinda nauseous from looking at the group, it didn't affect our appetites all that much. 2 chili and 2 black pepper crabs came and was devoured in less than 30 minutes. i was so intensely concentrated and hungry for the crabs that i didn't even have time to take pictures of them when they arrived...but here're the spoils of the war...

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the aftermath 2 Posted by Picasa

buoyed by the sumptuous dinner, we headed back to joseph's place to commence the national singapore atomic bomberman championships. but due to the limited number of participants (we'd normally have 10 players compared with only 6 today), the press was not informed. and after many attempts to upheave and dislodge the perennial winners (jwoshi and yours truly) with false starts and restarts, the game was actually quite close. what a blast.

but as i was driving home, i thought a lot of the lost kid again. i hope he's ok.


Injenue said...

woohoo the pepper crab here is godlike! i used to stay right next door =) and i know the folks at the coffeeshop!! haha..

oh by the way, it's the first time i'm reading you and i think i'll link you!!


moby sky said...

thanks man...i've done the same. can i get discounts for the crabs now? haha. =)