Monday, April 03, 2006

to ewok

hey bro...

i got a call from mom just now while i was watching munich...heard that you've been kinda down. cheer up man, work is work...enjoy life a little. you're in fucking hong kong!!! you get to travel so much!!! you've seen so much more of the world than i have.

trust me, the grass is always greener on the other side...and shit wipe your ass, flush out the nonsense, and get on with life. you're young, reasonably rich, handsome...the world is at your feet...

you know that you can give me a call anytime if you wanna talk...just like the good old days...except now instead of catching crickets and grasshoppers, we'll be catching our dreams and aspirations.

see you soon bro. take care. cheers. =)



1 comment:

ene said...

Hm...why didn't you just drop your bro an email ? Your blog is turning into a message board of sorts !