Wednesday, January 23, 2008

impossible is nothing

i've been feeling a bit down as of late...partly cuz of work...partly cuz of the lack of sex...but mostly cuz this body of mine has been weighing me down. haha.

so i went and did some girly retail therapy shit with jay and jo sportslink. introducing the instrument that will keep me from being down...and being weighed down...

adidas adizero breeze wide

i have no idea what adiprene and adizero mean...but jo, being the sucker for, i mean, being the expert on marketing terms, insisted that they were good...and that it was worth the extra $20 on top of the normal, plain adidas shoes. the sportslink salesman agreed emphatically.

(having said that...i'm very disappointed with the nike designs...with or without their marketing ploys. they're just plain awful!!! nike just doesn't do it for me anymore. sigh. sad.)

anyway...i tried out the adidas adizero / adiprene stuff today after see if it's my route.

4.88km in about 30mins...not too bad for the first run of the year...

oh btw, speaking of firsts, did i mention that i'm training for my first ever marathon this year? =)

before you say anything...for your information, my new slogan for this year is "impossible is nothing".

cheers. =)


Blur Ting said...

I agree. I'm all for Adidas too!

Chelonia Munnster said...

no shit! you're doing Sundown too?
it'll be my first full 42km as well.... wanna train together or not? Slow slow one lah... same pace as you. Midway few of us signing up for the KL half marathon on 31March (i think). Use the distance as a benchmark lah...