Thursday, March 30, 2006

dangerous cigarette sellers

yesterday, after visiting my customer in sungei kadut:

*ring ring*
billy: hello?
moby: eh, you got the neighbourhood police post's number near your place in chua chu kang?
billy:, why?
moby: i need to report something.
billy: oh ok. i'll check for you.

*sms beep beep*
billy: police hotline: 1800-255-0000
moby: ok, thanks.

*ring ring*
police hotline operator (pho): police hotline.
moby: hi, my name is moby. i'd like to report something that i just witnessed.
pho: ok. continue, sir.
moby: i'm at a bus-stop along woodlands road, and i just saw a bunch of people selling contraband cigarettes to drivers along the road. they are just outside of the caltex petrol kiosk around stagmont ring road.
pho: how many of them are there, sir?
moby: there are about 7-8 of them. they're really harrassing the drivers by waving their plastic bags filled with illegal cigarettes and making the cars stop...and one of them almost caused an accident by running up to a taxi passing by.
pho: ok. i will inform the relevant division about this case asap.
moby: ok. thanks.
pho: thank you for the feedback, sir. what is your name again?
moby: moby sky
pho: thank you, sir. would you like to leave your number?
moby: sure. it's @#$^&#!@
pho: thank you, sir.

it was my first ever call to the men in blue, though i never heard from them after that...but i really hope that they caught those idiots. not only were the cigarette salesmen harrassing the drivers, they were picking fights with the people who didn't want to buy the cigarettes from them...especially the motorcyclists. very dangerous...which is why i decided not to be just a spectator.

besides, i would rather pay the $11 at 7-11 for a pack of ultra lights, than to be caught by the police for consuming illegal's really not worth it if you ask me...the consequences far outweigh the minimal benefits.

i think that i did some good yesterday...well kinda...if not for the would-be-buyers, then at least for the other drivers on the road...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gold digger chic

on the way to sungei kadut today for a site survey, i saw this hot chic.

she was happily digging for gold in the nasal region with one finger, while using the other hand to steer her toyota camry. when she took her eyes off the road to admire her mined gems, her car suddenly veered to the right against the side railing of the PIE. her attention immediately snapped back to the road after that.

i swear i could hear her screams from inside the cab i was in.

the scratch along the side of her car probably wasn't worth the weight of anything that she dug out (which was probably all smeared onto her steering wheel anyway)...but it sure was worth the two dollars i spent buying "4561" for tonight's draw. haha.

cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hint hint

i woke up in tears again last night.

i dreamt that someone dear to me left this world. i think that i'm crazy.

the other night, i woke up cuz i was talking to myself while shouting at someone in my sleep. i think i'm crazy.

if i ever see another fucking emoticon in my dream, i'm gonna stop using msn...hint, hint.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

hats & caps

meet moby's babies...

name: university of california @ berkeley (berkeley)
duration of use: 2 years
countries seen: usa, singapore, cambodia, thailand, indonesia
remarks: moby's sister bought this trucker hat for him when she went to berkeley for summer school a few junes ago. good ventilation for back of head.


name: slazenger
duration of use: 3 years
countries seen: singapore only
remarks: moby stole slazenger from bestfrentugk's room when he had a bad hair day a few years ago. he's been using this hat for tennis and golf ever since. he doesn't expect to have to return it any time soon.


name: nautica
duration of use: 3 years
countries seen: singapore only
remarks: moby bought nautica (a fitted cap) but found out that it wasn't as fitting as he thought. either that or he has an ever-expanding head.


name: ac milan
duration of use: 5 years
countries seen: italy, singapore
remarks: moby's ex-girlfriend, kat, bought milan for him when she went to italy on holiday a few years septembers ago. he used it more as a decorative showpiece in his old raffles hall room. moby wore it during last year's champions league final, which is why liverpool won.

ac milan

name: nike soccer
duration of use: 8 years
countries seen: usa, singapore
remarks: moby bought nike soccer when he played for the raffles hall football team. he wore it as a lucky charm before games.

nike soccer

name: nike black
duration of use: 8 years
countries seen: usa, singapore, thailand
remarks: moby bought nike black the same time he bought nike soccer when he was having a nike craze back in nus days. he used nike black for pre-basketball match good luck.

nike black

name: nike white
duration of use: 4 years
countries seen: singapore only
remarks: moby stole this from his sister's wardrobe cuz he was having a bad hair day a few years ago, when he couldn't find anything else at his parent's home to cover up with. his sister doesn't want it back.

nike white

name: blue
duration of use: 5 years
countries seen: usa, singapore, thailand
remarks: bestfrendarren bought blue for moby's birthday when they were still in the hall. bestfrendarren had the exact same design but in red colour. they looked gay when they went out wearing the caps, but they didn't care. moby stopped wearing it when the round thingy came off the top...which coincided with bestfrendarren's departure to hong kong.


name: university of nevada las vegas (unlv)
duration of use: 15 years
countries seen: usa, singapore, italy, england, taiwan, canada, korea, japan
remarks: moby's oldest headgear. unlv was bought in the summer of 1991, when moby went to summer school at northwestern university in chicago. unlv was a top college basketball team back then.


name: fisherman
duration of use: 6 years
countries seen: usa, singapore, cambodia, thailand, indonesia
remarks: moby bought fisherman when he was getting sick of wearing baseball caps. fisherman now functions as one of moby's main accessories on photographsky trips.


moby likes his hats. =)

family picture

cheers. =)

Friday, March 24, 2006

piss trafford

it's jason's birthday on sunday, so i wanted to organise a get-together with the guys...another national atomic bomberman tournament for that matter.

when i called steve (pilot by occupation) from my list of bomberman candidates, he didn't pick up the phone...instead, he smsed me back:

steve: hey bro, i'm at old trafford (manchester united's stadium) now. what's up?
moby: haha. ok. will you be back by sunday? we're celebrating jason's birthday.
steve: no...going to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday up in kl after my flight.
moby: oh ok. btw, what the fuck are you doing at old trafford you traitor?
steve: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. hahaha.
moby: hahaha. oh ok. take care. piss on manu's turf for all of us. thanks.
steve: will do. cheers.

so if wayne rooney keeps slipping on a weird yellow patch of grass somewhere in front of the posts, or if gary neville concedes a goal cuz there was a strong stench near the penalty spot, and in the highly unlikely event that manu fucks up against birmingham city this weekend...all you fellow liverpool fans know who to thank.

go reds. the real reds. cheers. =)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

brainless talk

my colleague asked me to go to balaclava a few days ago...he wanted to drink away his sorrows...and i guess the drinks kinda helped cuz he got picked up by this singapore airlines air stewardess who was sitting outside...

i promptly got dragged into the conversation...and after some brainless talk...the straw finally broke...

bimboish sq chic (bsc): so where do you work?
depressed colleague (dc): %$@^&
bsc: oh ok! cool...i bet your job is very secure...
moby: har har. *barely capable of containing his canned laughter*
dc: err...yeah...
bsc: eh, then do you guys know a russell??
dc: russell the causasian?
bsc: err...his name is russell ang lah...
dc: oh ok...don't think so lah...
moby: did you mean russell ang moh? hahaha.
dc: hahaha.
bsc: huh??? no lah, it's just russell ang.
moby: *disgusted look* eh, let's go back inside brain is killing me due to the lack of interaction lah...
dc: ok...yeah...likewise.
bsc: huh? so fast? oh ok...see you guys some other time then!

maybe being picked up isn't a good thing after all... =|

i'd rather drink alone if you ask me. haha. cheers. =)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

photographsky - mom's birthday

thanks for the recommendations people...from al dente's to sebastien's to crystal jade...i had a lot of possibilities to choose from last night for my mom's birthday dinner...

but alas, after all the deliberation, my mother had the last say, so we ended up at...

the original sin

which is right next to michelangelo's...we all just love holland too much...haha.

mom & moby

while i was handing the camera to the waiter who wanted to help us take a picture together, i accidentally pressed the shoot button...but i like this picture of my mom laughing. =)


the waiter wasn't very familiar with my this picture came out a bit fact, this was the third picture he took...which is why my dad was so amused. haha.

mom's birthday party

after an enormous dinner of:

1 x mezze plate starter (all)
1 x avocado salad (all)
1 x pita bread (all)
1 x vegetarian lasagna (dad)
1 x baked eggplant moussaka (mom)
1 x linguine strega (moby)
1 x tiramisu cake (all)

we decided to walk it off at the esplanade area...

mom & dad

call me sentimental or just mental...but i felt kinda weird while taking the above picture, cuz that was the exact place where me and adeline got together...

ANYWAY...i took some time to shoot some night shots...

bridge over troubled waters


coconut rows


under the bridge

the simple things in life... =)

holding hands

it's great spending time with people who really love you...when i grow up, i wanna be just like mom & dad.

happy birthday mom. cheers. =)

Monday, March 20, 2006

mommy's birthday

it's my mother's birthday tomorrow. =)

she just came back from taiwan today, much to my surprise...cuz i didn't expect her back till much later in the month...but it's a good thing i guess...though sincere apologies to alison for having to postpone our dinner appointment tomorrow night...

speaking of good things and food, does anyone have recommendations on where to go for a nice birthday dinner with mommy dearest? we've been frequenting michelangelo's in holland for the past few years...and i'm sure that she'd probably welcome a change in scenery by now.

i was actually thinking of cooking for my parents, but i've got a really long day at work tomorrow, so i guess that's out of the equation...

anywhere that's got good ambience and food, soft music (optional), and not-too-meaty kinda restaurant would be cool. let me know where the good stuff are. haha. cheers. =)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the butter factory

i went to this new place called "the butter factory" last night...but before you start grumbling about my fat face and all, let me just say that it's not a food joint, which is what i thought when my friend carol smsed me the invite.

carol: hey there...wanna go to the butter factory tonight?
moby: err...but i'm not hungry leh.
carol: it's a new hip hop place that my friend opened lah...
moby: hahaha. ok...let's get buttered tonight. (which apparently is their slogan)

"the butter factory is an imaginative, bold and ground-breaking party blend of hip hop, r&b, urban grooves and street art. that just means all "popular culture" in general, and also the good stuff in-between!"

- the butter factory website

i had loads of fun there...the music was cool...the chics were hot...the guys were kinda good looking...go check it out boys and girls. cheers. =)

Friday, March 17, 2006

revenge of the pesky salesmen

i went to the heeren today again cuz my friend marvin wanted to shop for some stuff...we eventually ended up at the shop with the pesky salesmen again...

and i wanted revenge...

pesky indian salesman (pis): hey there, brudder! everything on this rack is $30 only!
moby: oh ok...$30...WHAT?!?! i bought this same shirt for $40 like just two weeks ago!!!
marvin: hahahahaha...
pis: err...oh's on sale this time lah, brudder...
moby: that's what your colleague told me last time!!! some more he say he gave me "special price"!!!
irritating chinese salesman (ics): which guy sold it to you ah, sir?
moby: that one lah! *points to pesky store owner (pso)*
pso: hehe. hi. *sheepish smile*
moby: *growl*
marvin: hahahahaha...

pis: anyway...which shirt did you buy ah, brudder?
moby: this one... *takes out old shirt from rack*
pis: oh ok...good choice...but i think you would look better in this one... *takes out similar looking shirt in lighter shade*
marvin: yeah, i think this would bring out the colour in your skin better...the other one makes you look old lah...
moby: wtf...
ics: come come, go and try it on lah, sir...
moby: no thanks...i already know how it fits...i'll think about it...see if your boss will give me a discount loh... *glares at pso*
pso: hehe.
marvin: eh...what you think of this one ah? *pulls out not bad shirt*
moby: not bad.
pis: wow!!! that would really look great on you, brudder!!! try it on, try it on!
moby: here we go again...

*marvin tries on shirt in changing room...moby waits outside*

pis: how about some jeans for you, brudder?
moby: hmmm... *moby thinks about the torn up jeans that he's wearing now...yeah, the one with holes behind where his boxers can be seen*
pis: they're really cheap you know...$60 only lah, brudder...
moby: see how lah...maybe i'll try on the shirt just to be sure that it fits...

*moby enters changing room to try on shirt*

ics: hey, try this on lah sir... *throws a pair of jeans at moby...*
moby: err...ok loh...
ics: and make sure you wear your shoes when you come out...they really match those jeans lah, sir...
moby: wah lan eh...relak lah...

*moby steps out of changing room*

pis: fwah!!! lookin' good, brudder!!!
pso: yeah man! don't even need to alter already! no one's ever come in and had such a nice fit before...
ics: woo hoo! like that tomorrow can straightaway go out and get the charbos already! one full suit lah sir!!!
moby: knn...deja vu...

the second shirt

the jeans

another lesson in in numbers...i'm gonna bring my colleagues with me the next time i'm close to closing some big deal. hehe.

but i did manage to pull off one last stunt that my customers always use on me before i left the shop...

moby: discount or not?
pso: err...ok ok...let me see...i give you the jeans at $55...then the shirt i give you at $ that $83 ok?
moby: $80 flat.
pso: no lah...cannot lah...i'm down to my bare minimum already lah...
moby: ooi...i bought the other shirt from you last time for $40 leh...that's an extra $10 that i gave you previously hor...
pso: err...cannot lah...
moby: some more my friend is also buying the shirt from you...i know you can discount one loh...
pso: ok lah...for you only man...$80...
moby: cool. =)

i love going to the heeren. it's better than any sales training i've ever attended. haha.

cheers. =)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

wanted: jokers

i met up with the guys this afternoon...old buddies from secondary school who are like brothers to me...i tell them everything...

and they're the only people who can suan me without getting whacked or mouthed back at...most of the time at least...hehe.

billy: your face is damn round leh.
victor: hahahahaha.
moby: knn. really? *pinches cheek*
billy: yeah, everytime i see you, i keep getting shocked at how fucking fat your face has become.
moby: damn. how to lose weight on your face ah?
billy: it's the hardest part of the body to get rid of fats one loh. keep jogging loh.
victor: or you could put one of those osim massagers on your head...hahaha.
billy: hahaha...yeah, go buy the i-gallop and put your face on it...hahaha.
*guffaws all round*
moby: sigh. *pinches cheek even harder*

friend therapy is the best for cloudy weather. i think laughing helps to lose weight on the face too right? i need more jokers around me. haha.

cheers. =)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



- moby sky

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


i felt very empty this morning. something was missing when i woke up today. my life was in disarray from 730am (yes, i woke up that early) onwards. i was lost with no one to mind was blank...i couldn't remember any of my appointments...

then suddenly, my saviour hero in the form of wala's bar manager called to let me know that my life's gonna be back on track later this evening...apparently he found my organiser that i forgot to bring back last night. hehe. phew.

wala's again tonight. cheers. =)

Monday, March 13, 2006

weird dream

i had a weird dream last night.

i was at my client's place making sure that nothing cocked up for this really important assignment that i closed. i wanted so badly to make everything perfect that i was pretty edgy to say the least...i shouted at my employees, made them work for their keep...i basically kept them on their toes.

suddenly, towards the end, i started shouting really loudly at this particular chap who seemed oustandingly slack...i told him to "wake up your idea or else i'll make sure you're out after this..."

he then turned to me and told me..."you're gonna get it. i'm gonna make sure that your ceo hears about this...dr. subramaniam johnson doesn't take shit from his suppliers."

it was then that i realised dr. subramaniam johnson (don't ask me how this name came about...i told you it was a weird dream) was my client...i was so scared that i almost went up to him and apologised...but i'm me and i have my i just walked away and prayed that it was all a dream.

i woke up in cold sweat. =|

i think i'm a bit too harsh on my subordinates now that i think about it. i'm gonna lighten up a bit. i expect too much sometimes...can't make perfectionists out of everyone.

i can't believe i even think about work when i sleep. sheesh. it used to be better in my dreams...

enter sandman.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


on new year's eve last year, i lost the seiko kinetic that my ex-girlfriend gave me on valentine's day. i was at the loof with good friends and alcohol, when the watch strap gave way cuz the pin securing it came loose. and as mentioned before, since i was enjoying the company and my cabernet savignon, i didn't notice it when the seiko slipped from my wrist.

i nearly had a panic attack when i reached home and couldn't find my timepiece, but since it was quite late already, i could only call the loof the next morning. it was no where to be found by then...and i was distraught. but after that, i realised it was time to move on...pun intended.

i'm writing all this cuz i just bought 2 watches in the span of 2 leather-strapped guess steel (for casual outings) on wednesday, and another metallic-strapped pronto (for work and other formal occasions) on thursday. i is crazy. =)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

creepy brokeback moment

i took medical leave again today...i really wasn't feeling well. the 8:30am training in the office didn't help either. haha.

anyway, i ended up in nydc @ the heeren for dinner with bestfrentugk...

moby: would you ever brokeback mountain me if we were ever stuck camping together in the loneliest mountainous wilderness of wyoming with sheep being the only other animals around?
bestfrentugk: no. are you fucking crazy?
moby: ok. just checking.
bestfrentugk: my girlfriend's gay colleague said that there's a gay in every's just that he has to have sex with a man before it is released from within him.
moby: my lord. that's like the worse oxymoron anyone's ever said loh.
bestfrentugk: hmmm.
moby: women are too good to give up lah...

*notable silence while moby checks out cute chic strutting around outside and bestfrentugk checks out cute underaged nydc waitress named valerie*

bestfrentugk: why don't you post something about me on your blog tonight? say that you met me and all lah...
moby: huh? for what??
bestfrentugk: i just wanna be on your blog.
moby: i've wrote about you before what.
bestfrentugk: yeah, but i don't feel special.
moby: err...but you just told me that you didn't wanna brokeback mountain with me loh.
bestfrentugk: but i wanna be fucking special. hahaha.
moby: but you're a creep. hahaha.
bestfrentugk: and a weirdo? hahaha.
moby: i love bestfrentugk.

talking cock is our helps if there are cute chicks walking past as well. sigh. what would i do without bestfrens like tugk.

cheers. =)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

rest day

this is what i did today on my day off...medical leave day off i mean...hehe.


i spent a good 3 hours plus catching up on my reading with an iced mocha vanilla @ the coffee club in holland...while waiting for a friend to come.

meet rachel.

rachel 1

she was quite busy on the phone.

rachel 2

rachel 3

rachel 4

this is me.


afterwards, she had to meet her friends, and i had to meet blinkymummy, so we parted ways and that was that. relaxing day.

tomorrow's early morning appointment beckons. cheers. =)

oscar the cockroach

i was filling my water bottle today when i saw a cockroach in the kitchen sink. given my hatred for the wretched creatures (sherine can attest to this, except she'll claim that i'm actually scared of them...what nonsense), i decided to drown oscar the cockroach.

i turned the water on and let it flow until oscar became an exhibit at underwater world in my sink. 2 minutes later (the usual duration that it would take for an ugly speciman like oscar to drown), i turned off the tap, expecting to be able to throw the carcass away...when i noticed that oscar was still squirming around, fighting for his life.

that was when i suddenly realised that oscar was actually not much different from stick, my praying mantis ex-pet. i felt really bad, so i just took oscar out and threw him down the rubbish chute...hoping that he'd find better fortune in what must be heaven for him down there. karma, karma.

bye oscar, i hope you'll find a mate down there too. cheers. =)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


i've been feeling kinda blue recently. i need some blu therapy. =))

update you all later. cheers. =)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

idp pictures

sometimes work can bog us down so much that you just wanna go out after office hours and get sloshed, and not be able to blog properly for the past week.

but if you think you're being blogged down by stress, just think of the less fortunate amongst the internally displaced people of burma. as posted before, i have a friend working with a refugee camp in northern thailand for the above-mentioned people, and i'm kinda helping him garner some donations...on a personal basis for now...though it may grow into something bigger in the future...i'll let you all know.

anyway, i promised to post some pictures that he took there, which he sent to me a while ago...

youngsters working hard...

internally displaced people 1

they can't leave the camp, they can't look for work outside...

internally displaced people 2

but the children still go to school and get a basic education...which is why books (or any other reading material) would be a great friend is trying to start a library there...

internally displaced people 3

security is tight's not exactly a safe place...

internally displaced people 4

this could have been your childhood if you were born somewhere else...

internally displaced people 5

do try to help if you can. email me if you're interested:

note: i'd like to thank all you people who have made donations /'ve really made a difference. cheers. =)

Friday, March 03, 2006

world cup

i saw the fifa world cup trophy today...the real thing. all 18k gold of it. if you wanna check it out, please go to suntec convention hall 402 tomorrow (03/03/06).

i can't really exactly advertise for it cuz i'm not really working for the company promoting it, but i think it's worth a check-out...especially for all you football fans out there.

i'll be to me if you see me yah?! haha.

cheers. =)